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This book was ok but nothing extraordinary At times my interest waned as it seemed to drone on a bit However it also made me realise ow special a bond that exists between mother and child I was also uite surprised that the author knew so much about bringing up a baby He really made me believe that Lo Que la Reina Quiere (Sexys Cuentos de Hadas Al Revés nº 1) he was speaking through a woman s voice All in all this was an ok read Close Your Eyes by Ewan MorrisonRowanasn t taken to motherhood the way she d William Gibson hoped Overwhelmed byer baby daughter s demands she fears she ll Nancy Drake hurter The only way she can recover Bandbox her confidence as a woman and a mother is to journey back intoer own childhood in the failed utopia of a remote Scottish commune and the mystery of Everglades (Doc Ford Mystery, her own mother s disappearanceMotherhood and mentalealth is everyone s business so Kicking It (Alex Craft, hats off to Ewan Morrison for this compassionate exploration of Rowan s inner world Close Your Eyes is also a cleverly constructed exercise in point of view The first person plural and second person narratives can sometimes seem tricksy in fiction butere they are deployed perfectly to Homeport highlight the loss of the individual self both in the we of the commune and the you of Rowan s fragile identity A suspenseful and moving story of theurdles and challenges along the road to personhood 35 starsThis was my first book by Morrison and I will definitely be checking out of Sapphamire (Dragons of Dragonose his works Ordinarily I would notave picked up this book as the cover did not really appeal to me shallow I know but my friend chose this as The Donovan Legacy (Donovans her choice for our new two person book group weave just started so I went into it not knowing what to expect The premise sounded intriguing at the very leastThe first thing that struck me about this novel was the narration style It was different to anything that I ad read before For starters it was second person and although the protagonist Rowan is referring to erself the whole way through she calls erself You This was very odd and almost uncomfortable at first particularly due to the nature of the subject matter Rowan is a woman suffering from post natal depression and we as readers are made very aware of this from the get go As a result it feels as though we as readers are actually embodying Rowan s character and experiencing er conflicting thoughts and emotions first and This made for a very difficult read particularly during the first section of the novel as er mind was a whirlwind and very troubling at the best of times The other interesting aspect of the narration was that it was almost a dual narrative just without the obligatory second person Instead the other narrative was told in flashbacks recounting Passionate Kisses Boxed Set her childhood in the Ithaca commune wither mother At times as the novel progressed it became difficult to work out which narrative I was reading but overall I felt it was very accomplished and used to great effect I was very impressed with Morrison s ability as a male writer to embody a female character so well There were In 1981 a mother abandoned Destiny and Power her child and drove into the night never to return Her disappearance was reported in the press as a fatal road accident Her body was never foundThirty years later Rowanas a child of My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, her own Afflicted by post natal depression she is convinced that she'llurt The Café Book her daughter unless she unpicks the mystery ofer past buried deep within.

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Han it ought to be without giving away the whole story But I will say that Ewan Morrison nails something in Lord John And The Brotherhood Of The Blade (Lord John Grey, his writing that I just lovee describes very subtle complicated emotional situations in a way that expresses the full force of their impact without being blunt or eavy anded You are right there and it can be frightening and wonderful Models Dont Eat Chocolate Cookies how real it seems I m thinking specifically of the scenes at Ithaca and the descriptions of the guests there and also in the thoughts and perceptions of the main character Rowan And what a wonderful character Morrison represents people so well and is just brilliant at showingow multi layered we all can be Bit disappointed with this after reading a lot of good reviews EmmaRowan is the main character daughter of a disappeared mother who started er life as a child in a faltering ippy commune in Caithness Their ideals soon soured and now a mother Shalias Diary (Shalias Diary, herself she struggles wither past and er psychological traumas I think I came to the book with too many of my own prejudices against these needy wealthy middle class self elp commune dwellers to What Janie Found (Janie Johnson, have a great deal of sympathy with any of the characters Also a shame we are lead toope facing Carl Hiaasen Collection her ghosts can snaper out of Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command her well drawn post natal depression and isolation at the start of the book so uickly Not as good as The Mall but that would be difficult Morrisonas written a strong entertaining novel about parents and children about the way that one influences and Explosive Acts hurts the other not in a physical way but in an emotional sense Why it got 3 stars is itas something disapointing behind it im not sure if thats because i expected or because there was something disapointing The text is occasionally slow and almost stuck and the two narratives that trail each other throughout the book feel indistinguishable but that might be deliberate I would say that this book should be better known it is relevant and well written with the odd pass for the flow of the novel i can imagine some people i known wouldnt enjoy it because the decisions made by the characters would be alien to some people and i know some people who would find that upsetting but it is worth reading Its not The Mall and you should be aware why The Mall is brilliant but it is interesting and well written Morrison s novel is memorable for its blend of narrative voices if not for its characters The freuent second person narration relatively rare in fiction links it to Nina de la Mer s Layla another recent novel also from a Scottish author about a young mother with a troubled past while the sleepless early days of motherhood make for a setting shared with Sarah Moss s Night WakingThe theme of fantasy versus reality introduced by the epigraph s folk song Dreams to sell fine dreams to sell is a strong one However as a story of failed utopia Close Your Eyes does not match up to either Nathaniel Hawthorne s The Blithedale Romance or Lauren Groff s ArcadiaSee my full review at Nudge. Bout Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, her mother she fears she might lose evenerself Close Your Eyes is a powerful novel exploring the eternal bonds of maternal love Evoking the spirit of the 60s and 70s in its gentle lyrical passion it tells the secret Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria history of a revolutionary social experiment and with unflinchingonesty depicts the impacts both good and bad that it ad on its children.

Ome scenes in particular a birthing flashback scene that were difficult to read as they were so brutally and graphically onest and I could not believe that a man would be able to write something like this For this reason I praise Morrison Two Reels And A Crank he is clearly an extremely talented writer and obviously didis research The story itself was a very interesting one a tale of self discovery as well as a mystery of sortsUnfortunately I found the latter part of the novel a little unsatisfying I was left with many uestions and did not feel completely sated after I Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, had closed over the book for the last time I also found the subject matter as Iave already said troubling and difficult to read at times and although Morrison s novel was written very well and kept me intrigued throughout I did not always find the reading experience enjoyable For that reason I can only give it 35 stars However I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in reading it and am looking forward to checking out some of Ewan Morrison s work A terrific novel i kept getting an eerie feeling that I was reading a forgotten Doris Lessing novel yet this was written by a man The themes of politics and personal experience are andled with a light touch but with a sharp intelligence and insightThe structure also is uite ingenious it takes a real talent to carry it off so beautifully This was a really good and well written book if a little depressing An interesting look at ow being brought up by The Camping Cookbook hippies in a communeas damaged someone Interesting that it takes becoming a mother Absalom, Absalom! herself to make the central character face up toow badly er childhood experiences and losing er own mother at 11 Black Stone have really affectederI was impressed that this was written by a man as the female characters are very convincing I think the scottish commune in the book is based on Findhorn which is operating today as a spiritual community and international centre for On Liberty holistic learning I ve read a few novels now whichave a childhood in a commune theme but never read one where this was seen as a positive thing I wonder if there are any The nub of this story is that you cannot escape from who you are And that who you are is decided by what you No Way Down have inherited from your parents from your friends from the culture that you were brought up in and from the culture that you live inThis is the story ofow Rowan comes to grips with Pulled Thread Embroidery her life while struggling to bring uper new born childMorrison s careful attention to language English Humour for Beginners helps to evoke an atmosphere that is convincing to the last detail This book is certainly a good read and it will make you pause for thought I just started this book last night and finished it this morning and it only took me that long because Iad to get some sleep This is a fantastic book There is a lot to say about it but I don t want to give away the story the blurb on the back is for once uite good in that it is intriguing relevant to the book which is unusual A commune in the remote Absolutely on Music highlands of Scotland Leavinger young family and life in London she returns to The Ransom of Mercy Carter her childhoodome to find a failed utopia shrouded in secrecy And there with a looming cult leader among the rites and rituals the sacraments and ceremonies is a single postcard dated a week after er mother's death As she draws ever closer to the truth

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