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Ters are horseback riders If you re a non rider like me this may sound potentially difficult to read but the author makes verything The Family Plan easily understandable and interesting to read This is book 16 in the series and so far I ve read all of them These books are for a younger crowd but they do have a slightly older feel to them I would recommend them to 5th grade and up They are kind of young for me but they re adorable and very drama filled 3 words for thending Oh Mon Dieu as Lauren would say Oh Mon Dieu Best Book Yet I liked how Khlo is so supportive of LT My fave part had to be when Drew and LT shared that umbrella And the A Family Practice ending was So Surprising Cannot wait for Jealousy I love Jessica Burkhart s books I really do Thearly CCA books were awesome suspensefulfull of horses and plenty of character flaws The Lauren Towers books are NOT my favorite They are good and I will stick with it hoping for a better story but I have critiue I rated this book three stars because first Lauren Towers has absolutely NO real character flaws She s honest smart pretty organized a good rider and pretty much perfect Sasha had plenty she lied to her friends she didn t believe in herself she ruined all her relationships I would love to see some character flaws for LT Second Jessica Burkhart s writing still strikes me as a teenage dream Completely ntirely UNREAL All the characters are rich and privileged They ar. Auren doesn't know is that there's a special someone behind a mask just waiting to be revealed Will this mysterious guest make this masuerade magnifiue or will her perfect birthday bash become a bummer.

LTs Birthday is on Halloween and her friends are surprising her with a Masuerade Party All is going well until an Anounymous person shows up Laur thinks its Drew but is she wrong Masuerade is a great book it has a lot suspense and xcitement then some of the other books in the series I was totally hooked through the Celebrity Bachelor entire book and was on thedge of my seat This book has a lot of suspense action drama gossip and For Better and Worse excitement Injoyed reading this book and I recommend it to people who like horses gossip drama and action While I was reading through Sasha s books I found myself often annoyed with her and how she always ruins her friendships the drama with Jasmine and Julia was petty and stupid I loved the competitive drama regarding the horse riding teams and and competitions who was winning classes That stuff was interesting to me I was relieved when I finished Sasha s books and I was ready to move onto some new drama Yet here we are with Lauren and I don t really like the drama Cassidys Kids (Maitland Maternity, either She barely spends any time riding in the books at all there isn tven a horse on this cover I think she only went riding twice and it was just for lessons Also so much of Lauren s drama involves her old friends and people from her home life which is fine I guess and realistic but it s not as interesting when it could be with Canterwood Crest Riley was a super annoying girl but at least she made conflict Now. Canterwood Crest Academy cordially invites you to a costume party with a special sweetheart surpriseCanterwood is known for its fabulous parties and Halloween is no Rescuing the Texans Heart exception Lauren Towers isspeciall.

That she s gone and Lauren s gotten over her fear of competition I don t Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., even know what the conflict is There actually wasn t really conflict in this book because the whole thing is about Khloe planning Lauren s birthday party which is way too cool for how old they are Also Taylor s Dad is unreal Like I get the stereotype of controlling father s trying to force their son into the business but he s literally only twelve years old Let the boy live a little Thending def surprised me Can t wait for the next one I love these books so much They make me feel like I m actually there with them LOVED when D shared his umbrella w LT I really like this book It s intersting and makes me want to continue reading I LOVED THIS BOOK too It feels like I m actually at Canterwood Crest Academy and I would definitely want to be friends with all of the horses and Lauren and Khloe So far Lauren has her super awsome halloween and birthday on the same day Lauren is hopping that Drew is going to kiss her but someone unexpected shows up and makes her halloweenbirthday bash into a total sucessesdrama instead of Drew kissing Lauren her Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch ex boyfriend comes to canterwood because it was her birthday So taylorx kisses Lauren and says happy birthday Hi guys Here s the lowdown on this series if you ve never read them basically they re about middle schoolers who attend a prestigious boarding school Most of the charac. Y Un hros pour Rayne (Delta Force Heroes t. 1) excited for the big day Not only is it her favorite holiday it's also her birthday And this year she and her friends will celebrate in style by attending Canterwood's firstver masuerade ball What

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Twenty two year old Jessica Burkhart is a writer from New York City She’s crazy about horses lip gloss and all things pink and sparkly Jess was an euestrian before she started writing Now she writes the bi monthly Canterwood Crest series for Aladdin MIX