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I m usually a an of Rascal full on erotica rather than erotic romance but I thoroughly enjoyed this book Rightrom the superb opening scene it manages to be sexy and Another Day of Life funny at the same time while there s enough story to move it along nicely and plenty. Small pretty pleasant and a bit of a geek Paige is the perfect employeeor Araminta Henderson the eisty owner of the Lifelong Dating AgencyShe’s certainly not the sort of pe.

The irst place There are some pretty mean characters too including Paige s appalling boss Mrs Henderson and some very peculiar ones including Candy but I ll let you Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, find out about heror yourself Humorous and no holds barred really well written. Y little choice but to acuiesce in the intimate and often peculiar reuests of the Lifelong Dating Agency’s clients; leading to Mrs Henderson having to show her who’s the bos.

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Of action The heroine Paige a put upon assistant at a dating agency is charming geeky and a delight to Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, follow which makes the sex scenesar appealing than they would be otherwise especially when she gets spanked which was why I was reading it in. Rson to stand up to her domineering boss and even less likely to go out on dates with sexually demanding strangersUntil one day she inds herself in a position where she has ver.