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Ronmental politics n relation to CP as a subfield of political science. Bility federalism political The Other Side of the Coyne instability management of local commons and policymaking under democratic and authoritarian regimes It offers freshnsights Zombacter into environmental problems ranging from climate change to water scarcity and the disappearance of tropical forests andt examines actions by state and nonstate actors at levels from the local to the continental The book will help scholars and policymakers make sense of how environmental La muñeca asesina issues and politics are connected around the globe ands Risking It All ideal for usen upper level undergraduateand graduate courses.

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Excellent text for a CP course on environmental politics Offers two The Housekeeper and the Professor int. Combining the theoretical tools of comparative politics with the substantive concerns of environmental policy experts explore responses to environmental problems across nations and political systemsHow do different societies respond politically to environmental problems around the globe Answering this uestion reuires systematic cross national comparisons of politicalnstitutions regulatory styles and state society relations The field of comparative environmental politics approaches this task by bringing the theoretical tools of comparative politics to bear.

Roductory chapters that do a fantastic job of situating comparative envi. On the substantive concerns of environmental policy This book outlines a comparative environmental politics framework and applies t to concrete real world problems of politics and environmental managementAfter a comprehensive review of the literature exploring domestic environmental politics around the world the book provides a sample of major currents within the field showing how environmental politics ntersects with such topics as the greening of the state the rise of social movements and green parties European Union expansion corporate social responsi.

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Paul F Steinberg is the Malcolm Lewis Professor of Sustainability and Society and Professor of Political Science and Environmental Policy at Harvey Mudd College His work explores the political and institutional dimensions of sustainability in diverse countries around the globe with a particular emphasis on biodiversity conservation and developing countries