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I enjoyed this WW2 story that inspired the 1957 movie The story follows two plots that come to a point in the end like the movie Colonel Nicholson and the POW construction crew building the bridge The other being the demolitionssabotage team conducting a special operations warfare style mission to blow up the bridge Colonel Nicholson was prideful a hard line disciplinarian and snob of the officer corps Colonel Saito was the strict Japanese camp commandant under pressure from the Japanese High Command to build the bridge at any cost Major Shears was the commando leading a small team into the jungle to demolition the bridge These three characters created tension and overlapping dynamic that made a good book in my opinion I liked this book because Pierre Boulle does a good job at telling the story The use of description in the writing added uality to the plot I eually enjoyed the book and the movie Thanks I decided to finally ead this classic after a trip to Bangkok late last year My colleague and I took a day trip to and indeed walked across the Bridge Over the River Kwai and visited the nearby military cemetery which is attractive well organized and maintained and well moving and the extremely informative museum OK we ode elephants too but that s not elevant Of course all of this merely einforces that this popular book is a work of FICTION. 1942 Boldly advancing through Asia the Japanese need a train oute from Burma going north In a prison camp British POWs are forced into labor The bridge they build will becom.

As was the movie One of the eal highlights of the museum is the video interviews with a number of survivors both Japanese and POW s Some of the interviews highlight the inaccuracies of the movie etc But again it was one of the best most engaging small museums I ve seen anywhere As for the book it s a great story and it s very nicely written or accurately in my case translated The descriptions and the vocabulary are vivid the story proceeds at a nice pace and the characters merit your interest Topical supplement If this topic interests you I strongly Indistractable recommend Richard Flanagan s Booker Prize winning Narrow Road to the True North 25 Rounded upI have not seen the film that is based on the book though I can imagine that the film might bring out some of the personalities better especially given the cast Boulle s idea for the book is certainly intriguing but until the last few pages it lacks drama For such a short bookeally almost a novella I thought Boulle Jacques Prevert repeated himself particularly about how great western engineering was and how the British soldier was This is a book where I will fully admit that my modern perspective is a huge part of why I couldn t stand it Studied as an historical text with extensive contextualization beforeeading it might come off different but from a 2016 perspective this is a deeply insistently even ardently acist E a symbol of service and survival to one prisoner Colonel Nicholson a proud perfectionist Pitted against the warden Colonel Saito Nicholson will nevertheless out of a distor.

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Ook about supreme stupidity to be honest in the guise of honorIt s the acism that bugs me the most honestly I know when this book was written and I know that the Japanese Army was esponsible for truly heinous war crimes during World War Two and I know that people in this time very likely would have been this acist and yet none of that makes it any easier to ignore The Japanese people and their culture are denigrated at almost every turn in this book by the characters but also by the narrative prose They e eferred to as children savages incompetent at every turn incapable of accomplishing the feats of construction that the British can or of unning a well organized c I ead this book the first time as an assignment for World History class in high school I ead the book and then later saw the movie To me the book was a thousand times better than the movie Pierre Boulle s writing was excellent and the best thing here is the great character study of these men Since the book is based on his own experiences during World War II it is a great look into what life was like for these soldiersIt is a book that you can t ead with 21st Century glasses on You definitely have to emember this is a picture of what life was like during and after World War II when these feelings were still aw For the love of history inside of me I will always love this boo. Ted sense of duty aid his enemy While on the outside as the Allies ace to destroy the bridge Nicholson must decide which will be the first casualty his patriotism or his pri.

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this namePierre Boulle 20 February 1912 – 30 January 1994 was a French novelist best known for two works The Bridge over the River Kwai 1952 and Planet of the Apes 1963 that were both made into award winning filmsBoulle was an engineer serving as a secret agent with the Free French in Singapore when he was captu