Stephen Venables: A Slender Thread Escaping Disaster in the Himalaya

Another great book about the Paunch Chuli range in northern India Gives a good feel for expedition living and some of the thrills and draws of climbing I went to a lecture by mr Venables and found him very enthralling his writing mimics his personality completely Very fun reading I am a fan of climbing writing generally and have read of some of Venables exploits via other writers previously This climbing narrative manages to incorporate so many other facets without loosing coherence Economics geography history politics flora to mention but a few The disaster aspect reads well and the rescue helicopter pilots performed a remarkable feat However the book is satisfying overall not just the rescue I m going to look at another climbing book by Venables While starting I was a bit hesitant In fact the book was kept aside in my book shelf as sual Initially I could Together with Chris Bonington and other distinguished British climbers Stephen Venables was high on the nclimbed and sacred mountain of Panch Chuli when at 1am.

Ot find this that good However the book gradually took p the course Written on an expedition on Mount Panch Chuli V range of the great Himalayas in Kumaoon Nepal border this is one of the classics of mountain tales at least that I have read The book narrates the expedition chronicles other expeditions and the disaster that strike while descending after successful summit attempt The disaster the climbers the men their courage and ambition are merged together and results in fight All are merged in a slender thread that separates success and failure life and death on the high mountains A story of survival as well as deep determination Included the human aspect with emotions Lots of technical climbing words which may mean to a climber rather than a book reader Photos and maps added to the reality of the harsh conditions I am surprised that Stephen Venables is abl. On a dark Himalayan night his abseil failed and he fell catastrophically somersaulting from rock to rock and landing seriously wounded at the end of a rope suspe.

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E to make a living as a moutaineerwriter if A Slender Thread Escaping disaster in the Himalaya is a good example of his work I just really didn t like his writing style which made what should be a compelling and interesting story terribly boring I couldn t get through this book so maybe it improved by the time it got to the latter halfVenables book is mostly about a giant fall he took while climbing in the Himalaya I just put this book down a few hours ago and I honestly can t even remember where this fall took place Panch Chuli maybe He talks about a gazillion other climbs along the way and is a huge name dropper this is a book that will appeal to someone who dwells in climbing circles I think but not to an arm chair adventurerI ve read a lot of excellent books by mountaineers who also happened to be talented writers and this book just really paled in compariso. Nded above a 50 degree icefield This is the story of his arduous and almost miraculous survival and of the brilliant committed teamwork which brought him to safe.

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