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Their inexperienced women Nothing However the HEA was believable if we re talking happy marriage rather than love There have been plenty happy marriages in history without romantic love involved This was one of them I really didn t eel any love Che Guevara from either MCsAnd I neveround myself to respect the hero He didn t practice what he preached He thought he d be trusted without uestion but he could treat his wife like a whore Not Cool If you want respect and trust you need earn it by your actions and by giving it to the other party He Fire Blood (A Targaryen History, failed the heroine I thought this was going to be a completely different storyline It popped up when I was doing an Overdrive searchor a Clare Connelly book silly reeder Kindle Unlimited books aren t available via Overdrive and when I read the description I just knew this was going to be a book about a sophisticated alpha male who decided he was entitled to a pure wife and thought he was getting one in the small town girl he targeted as his bride but then discovered on their wedding night that she was gasp not a virgin And then there would be the reuisite slut shaming before he came to terms with his own hypocrisy and discovered that he loved this woman not her hymen But no That wasn t it at all I 21st Century Corporate Citizenship feel like I can tairly rate the actual story because I prefer the one I made up Sweet and pleasantEnhancing the homespun vibe was the sweet and old De Koersk - De dodelijke reis van een kernonderzeeër fashioned heroine Emma whose killer homemaker skills would probably make Martha Stewart proud And wow neighbors who apparently had nothing better to do than gossip because boredom SMHAnyway I liked how besotted and protective Jason turned out to be Emma in turn definitely kept Jason on his toesor the whole book I wasn t a Sweet Bags fan on how long it took her to make a critical decision though but there d be no story without conflict view spoilerEmma was not completely over her exianc when Jason proposed and continued to carry this torch into their marriage Her ex later returned to steal Emma England in America, 1580-1652 from Jason Before that Jason s exianc also returned to plant doubt in Emma s mind and heart about Jason hide spoiler He is a doctor who escapes Battle Scars: A Story of War and All That Follows from the rat race and settles into a sleepy small town She is a small town girl who never got over her exianceeI wasnt too crazy about how everything was black and white in the book The HH are good the exes are bad people who try to break them up Lots of misunderstandings ensueLee doesn t usually write such a sanctimonious hero I guess she was trying or something different. Im her answer The thought of making love to his virgin wife on their wedding night appealed to a part of him he'd never known exist.

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D jealousy doesn t ollow rationale but Emma called him out on his double standards without any empathy and kids gloves rightly so yet he decided not to practice what he preachedHe almost raped her The century old tradition of men punishing women when they know they have been rightfully defeated and it was their own damn Comparative Contract Law, Second Edition fault and they have nothing going on theiravourNow why haven t I shelved this as a sexual abuse Because desperate to mend her marriage Emma didn t let him Breakfast with Anglo fulfil his violent thoughts towards her She gave consent physically But if she didn t what would have happened is anyone s guess Neither the author nor the hero has any way of proving he wouldn t have raped her Because we were given his inner thoughts His intent was rape or sexual punishmentAfter this incident he kept using her as sexual outlet not as a wifeHe broke his wedding vows if you ask me because he wasn t with her in bad times And he sure as hell broke his promises of ALWAYS making her happy and respecting herWhy the three stars Heroine actually addressed each and every one of my concerns above sans the near rape no author ever admitted their heroes being rapist exceptor a couple rare situations and told him in no uncertain terms that this was unacceptable and he s a cruel abusive ass We also saw his cruel streak with his ex he once again crossed the boundaries She may have been a mercenary cow but so was he until his priorities changed He ENJOYED what she had to offer and just because his attention now shifted toward a submissive woman rather than a dominant one didn t give him any right to be cruel If he was cruel to her because he was making a pass at someone who was taken I d understand it but it was VERY clear he was cruel because he One Big Damn Puzzler found her not so appealing any Once again that s his problem not hers He probably would have taken up on her offer of uickie if it was two months ago which he had done in the past So nothing changed exceptor him and he can t be cruel to people because they don t Landscapes of Communism fit HIS mould So she walks out on him with strong indications that it ll have to be him who d have to compromise his ego long enough to discuss things maturely and prove that he can inact respect her and make her happy like he promisedThat s what somewhat saved the bookI didn t believe his love A man in love doesn t treat his wife with disrespect as he had claimed of the OM She was his possession His virgin wife It was a primitive possessiveness that I NORJAK felt which most experienced meneels towards. New who he wanted as his wife Though Emma Churchill hesitated when Jason proposed he was prepared to wait a month before she gave

How cute The entire story is told rom hero s POV I only had that happen to me once before this with Charlotte Lamb s An Excellent Wife Why don t Harleuin authors do that often It s really sweet view spoiler Disillusioned with the bright lights of the big city doctor hero leaves lucrative practice and Keeping Up With The Joneses lifestyle to settle down in a cute sleepy Australian small town where everybody knows everyone else s business and takes bets on the outcome to bootSoon he alls The Outside for the local virginal Mary Sue a sweetshop owner no less who is still nursing a broken heart over her exiance the local bad boy Casanova who cheated on her then hightailed it out to take his manwhoring game to national and probably international levelThe two agree to a marriage of convenience that heats up REAL UICK and turns their honeymoon as ar rom convenient as it can get and closer to a volcanic eruption combined with Fourth of July Bedford Square (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, fireworksBefore they can realize howast they have I See Rude People fallen in love both their slimy exes combine theirorces to destroy their HVAC Design Sourcebook fragile relationship These two villains were EPICALLY evil but in a superun way and it was lovely to see how the h and H managed to defeat themA very sweet story despite all the OWOM drama It put a smile on my Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing face and I was 100% convinced about their HEA hide spoiler It was cute then it wasn tHero was respectful then he wasn tHe was also VERY dishonest to himselfHe expected heroine to trust him on his words saying a marriage is nothing withoutaith when the evidences were very much against him but he The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, failed to show her the same courtesyHe didn t deserve to beorgiven Ormen i Essex for his callous treatment to his wife Despite my not liking her lack of decision making skillsBecause she WAS honest He KNEW about the OM and his hold on the heroine because heroine never pretended anythingHe on the other handerociously claimed he was over the OW but lied to the heroine about her and heroine had every right to react the way she did and not trust himHe had NO right His thinking he can deal with an imaginary OM but unable to deal with the real one was NOT heroine s shortcoming but his own HE SHOULD have thought about it because Emma sure as hell mentioned it endless timeHe overstepped a boundary when he decided to punish Emma Bare It All (Love Undercover, for HIS OWN shortcomings All respect wereorever lost And once I lose my respect I can never orgive that character no matter what He never managed to earn my respect back either Because he did nothing matureI understan. He wantedan innocent brideWhen handsome bachelor Dr Jason Steel took up residence in the small Australian town of Tindley he soon

Miranda Lee was born at Port Macuarie a popular seaside town on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales Australia and is the youngest of four children Her father was a country school teacher and brilliant sportsman Her mother was a talented dressmaker When Miranda was ten her father was transferred to Gosford another coastal town in the countryside much closer to Sydney After leaving her