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Read firstI would of liked to of read this book first it tells the start of Maisie s life of how she meet her husband up to the point of having the family having the children the death of Daniel Light holiday read but enjoyable all the same If your an Adams Family fan you will love this Only negative point is it left me wanting I don t want to describe the plot and ruin it for everyone. Young Maisie Gibbs is a conscientious young woman though life is harder since both her parents passed away She is relieved when she finds a position as a housemaid in Kensington under the watchful eyes of

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Een much better if the bloody housekeeper actually killed that nice old man i would ve been satisfied just then and one thing a lot of the first pages were nonsense to me and just crap she could ve summerized in a couple of lines Finally the story of the Chinese Lady and her first husband Daniel Adams ironically the start of the Adams family being the last novel in the series A ood story. Over When tragedy strikes the Fairfax household Maisie is lucky she has Daniel to rely on a ood sign of things to comeA delight for fans of the Adams family the heartwarming story of Daniel and Chinese Lad.

Else this is lovely story that leaves you feeling warm in side The start of the story in 1920 s ahhhh just another typical love story it was that obvious that he was onna mary her but i felt like this love story was like the cherry on top of the cake and i would ve really liked the book better if mrs staples focused on the crime that took place or shall i say accident well it would ve He formidable housekeeper Mrs Carpenter and she uickly settles inWhen she meets a handsome young soldier she is tempted to Plain Jane The Hotshot give him his marching orders Butradually Corporal Daniel Adams starts to win her.

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