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O enrolled in the umm script person and the cooking one And Horace is going to come in and help to save them all I was so happy this book wasn t boring I mean a five year gap is really big I mean he s finally a full silver Ranger Yay Will But I really did think it was going to boring him catching petty thievesstopping crime like a no action book But noooo Joh In this sueal to the Rangers Apprentice Will comes back to save the day once again After the battle at Skandia will had is own fief to protect But that did not last long until there was trouble in the North Lord Syron master of the Castle in the North became seriously ill There were rumors of sorcery and black magic going on in the North so Will and Alyss go undercover to find out what really is happening All is going well until they find out who they really are and Alyss gets captured and is held prisoner Will now has to find out how to get back into the castle and her back I gave this book a 55 because i really. N Australian writer John Flanagan This appealing and original work illustrates the great adventure of 15 year old orphan boy Will of Castle.

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Got into this story and there was never a boring part to it There was action throughout the whole book The style of writing that is used really eeps the story interesting You can also really understand what the characters are thinking or feeling The author does a great job making me understand what the characters are doing I think the theme of the book is not everything is what is appears to be I think that it is this because everyone thinks one guy is behind all of the evil but it turns out that he was on the good side and the guy everyone thought was good turned out to be bad This was found in the woods that there wasn t any black magic just a bunch of illusions to De Brandende Brug (De Grijze Jager, keep people away When they found the black sorcerer they found that he just wanted people to leave him alone so he created illusions toeep people away People then started to start rumors that he was behind the illness the Lord Syron They then realized that he wasn t be hide any of it Love this series. Redmont who always wanted to be a night but became a ranger Translated by Park Jung Seo Book 9 In Korean Distributed by Tsai Fong Books Inc.

How can Will save a diplomat while trying to find a sorcerer The Sorcerer of the North is about Will trying to find a Sorcerer while trying to eep a diplomat safe When will first get the fief of Macindaw he discovers that a castle lord suddenly died without explanation The Ranger s Apprentice books have ept me reading These books are so good I will be disappointed when I finish the series The sorcerer in the north was one of the best books in the series I like the part where Will is pretending to be a jongleur It was cool how he was able to make some money while doing this The other part that I liked was where Will climbs up the tower to save Alyss If I were him the only thing that I would be scared of was that I would have to carry the poison It was so mean when and how they ended the book Alyss stuck and needed to be saved I cant wait for the next one OH YES WILL AND ALYSS WORKING TOGETHER I m still wondering what s happening with Will s older friends the one wh. Korean edition of the New York Times bestselling fantasy series THE RANGER'S APPRENTICE Book 9 English The sorcerer of the North Book 5 by

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