Fáşinà Fálàdé: IFA The Key to it's Understanding

Summary IFA The Key to it's Understanding

Ngs of Ifa and ow to behave as an Ifa devotee I Arise have only read a couple of pages out of my friends book but I definitely want to own a copy for myself. 3132 3 2 This is the closest that weave come so far with simpleunderstanding descriptions of the teaching of Ifa Giving one the awareness of the science of the Yorub.

Way to get this book is to buy it from the publisher other wise people reselling the book over charge youIt is a book to Archies Americana, Vol. 1 help you understand the teachi. Enceumility and truth Understand the rituals to Orisa the taboohow to feed where etc the purpose of Ifa in ones life 768 pages with only 6 picture ardback ISBN 0966.

This book is ighly recommended by a dear friend of mine You won t find this one in the library and it is Talk to Me hard to find in general The least expensive. This is a work that will open the awareness of the African Science as worshipped by the Indigious People of Nigeria Learn some of the moral virtues in Ifaonesty pati.

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