Lisa Zunshine: Getting Inside Your Head

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E are not all sister drones descended from a ueen of the hive but ack hunting mammals like wolves who have extended our social skills in the last 10000 years since the Neolithic revolution to get hive sized social units but with mammalian euipment our large brains One module of this social repertoire and focus E tries to conceal his anger Tyler Durden as he lectures a stranger at gunpoint in Fight Club and Ingrid Bergman as she fakes interest in horse races in NotoriousThis engaging book exemplifies the new interdisciplinary field of cognitive cultural studies demonstrating that collaboration between cognitive science and cultural studies is both exciting and roductive.

Summary Getting Inside Your Head

This is a fun book but the title is a little misleading when it says it talks about cognitive science and opular culture the book focuses on high culture just as often as op culture Maybe it didn t want to scare readers away by seeming to focus on classical lit which is also featured The book focuses on our co. We live in other eople's heads avidly reluctantly consciously unaware mistakenly and inescapably Our social life is a constant negotiation among what we think we know about each other's thoughts and feelings what we want each other to think we know and what we would dearly love to know but don'tCognitive scientists have a special term for the evolved cognitive ad.

Gnitive social abilities which are remarkable We are intensely social creatures which means we have to understand how other s minds operate to function socially Some biologists say human beings are a super organism like bees or ants Our route to super organism is very different It is through mammalian sociality Aptation that makes us attribute mental states to other eople through observation of their body language; they call it theory of mind Getting Inside Your Head uses research in theory of mind to look at movies musicals novels classic Chinese opera stand up comedy mock documentaries hotography and reality television It follows Pride and Prejudice’s Mr Darcy as

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