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Ren The final main character is Vera Edward s mistressAlthough it sounds like a cast of thousands they are all well described and easy to eep track ofThe story unravells along the lines of a family saga although we only cover the time from the marriage of Alice s parents until their deathsI d class this as chick lit set in the 1940 s good to pass the time but sadly not a must read Probably a 45 uite old fashioned difficult to believe it was set in the 50s Death in the Stocks (Inspector Hannasyde, kept imagining the 30s. Aw No onenows why But as a new generation begins to grow up the past scandals begin to emerge.

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Too repetetiveThis is one of those books that had uite a lot going for it but would have benefitted from being 150 pages shorterThe characters were well described and the action was just about believable but my main frustration was the constant repetition of events that I was uite capable of remembering The worst offender was the number of times we were told that Alice Fishwick had been abandonded to marriage to her husband because her parents had lost interest in her as she beca. Wealthy mill owner Edward Shawcross had been a penniless young man until he married the daughte.

Me a frumpy teenager and how they only had eyes for each other This statement must have been reiterated in every one of the 20 chaptersThe action centres around the Fishwick family Alice her parents her husband Edward and her two children Gilbert and Connie They are well to do but not uite as moneyed as the Templetons who live furthur up the hillEdward runs the Fishwick mill in the absence of Alice s parents and employs Sadie Martindale who lives hand to mouth with her three child. R of the Fishwick family The Fishwicks went to live abroad leaving everything to their son in

Ruth Hamilton is one of North West England's most popular writers She is the bestselling author of twenty five novels including Spinning Jenny The Bells of Scotland Road Mulligan's Yard Mersey View and That Liverpool Girl She was born in Bolton which is the setting for many of her novels and has spent most of her life in Lancashire She now lives in Liverpoolsource