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Not as ood as the first book It didn t draw me in This book was so much promising than the Silent Partner Lee Goldberg really showed his skills and talent in this book I love his books I am moving on to the 3rd book and I am very excited the death merchant is a page turner from page 1 I highly recommend this book for all mystery book lovers Diagnosis Murder 2 The Death Merchant by Lee GoldbergI just finished reading the first book in the series The Silent Partner In Diagnosis Murder 2 a dream vacation in Hawaii turns into a nightmare for Dr Mark Sloan and his son Steve when a man they ve befriended falls victim to a shark attack But when Mark discovers evidence indicating the victim was murdered prior to becoming shark food he and Steve have their hands fullFive years ago four of Roger Standiford s employees kidnapped his daughter Connie and buried her alivethinking that she would be okay until her dad paid the ransom and was told where to find his daughterBut her dad ot there too late and she was deadRoger Standiford was approached by a hi. A dream vacation in Hawaii turns into a nightmare for Dr Mark Sloan and his son Steve when a man they'v.

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Nted to relax on his vacation not work The mystery didn t disappoint and I m lad I can still experience the series through new to me books Colour me surprised but I didn t expect thisOn my way to a week in Punta Cana I searched out an array of books that would be light as light can be I vaguely recollected watching Diagnosis Murder a few times so picked this up at a discount store expecting little And maybe because it begins by sending Doctor Mark Sloan to a beach in HawaiiThe Death Merchant is a tight dark and well written thriller featuring a complex antagonist and a brilliant relentless doctor hunting him down The story begins with an exceptionally disturbing murder and move from there on down the rabbit hole Writer and screenwriter Lee Goldberg deserves full credit for penning this credible thriller His sense of character and pacing make for a can t put down experience While the book includes an array of minor characters in the end only Sloan and the killer matter It ranks with some of the best Highly recommended with rum punch on the beac. Murdered prior to becoming shark food he and Steve comb the beaches to find a different kind of predato.

Tman to The Price Of Blood (Phil Broker, get the job done Now Dr Mark Sloane and his son Steve try to solve the puzzleI enjoyed reading this book Anotherreat book by Mr Goldberg Well done Enjoyed it immensely While Steve and Mark vacation in Hawaii Mark meets a local who is then killed by a shark Except Mark doesn t think it was a real shark attack when he Russian Winter gets aood look at the body Can they stop the killer from striking again The plot is brilliant and the characters are spot on My only complaint is that Amanda and Jesse become minor charactersRead my full review at Carstairs Considers It kept me up and wanting the murderer to come clean I miss this show I really do I realize that I m not in the expected demographic for Diagnosis Murder viewers but they re always such ood mysteries And who doesn t love Dick Van DykeThis particular mystery takes us to Hawaii where Dr Sloan is supposed to be on vacation But he can t take a vacation he continues to work and solve mysteries I like the new locale and the opportunity for bickering between Steve and Mark Unlike Mark Steve wa. E befriended falls victim to a shark attack But when Mark discovers evidence indicating the victim was.

#1 New York Times Bestselling author Lee Goldberg is a two time Edgar Award and two time Shamus Award nominee whose many TV writing andor producing credits include Martial Law Seauest Diagnosis MurderHunter Spenser For Hire Nero Wolfe Missing Monk and The Glades He's also the co author of the Fox & O'Hare series with Janet Evanovich The Heist The Chase The Job The