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S out to him and friendship rapidly blooms and then blooms into mutual attractionThe only issues I really had were with how unrealistically easy the kids fell into living with Suzanne with only one major incident with Sophia and small printing mistakes such and Uncle being capitalized and aunt not being capitalized in the same sentence and throughout the book Nothing huge I still like the story It s sweet and not over the top Two regular people falling in love at faster than normal speeds I ll take it I ve enjoyed all 3 books in this series but I would have loved to see this one have an epilogue to the siblings story Say 10 years into the future and see how the 3 families were oing Sophia at college perhaps and Michael and Jack as teenagers Plus any other children that had been born in the intervening years and how the businesses were Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue doing I just felt an epilogue would have rounded the story off nicely Pas assez moderne et franchement complaisantL histoire raconte un parcourse femme ui reprend confiance en elle bafou e par un mari jaloux et violent Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, dont elle aivorc et ui a besoin Ask the Past d offrir aux autres ce ui lui a fait faut la chaleur Riding Class (Saddle Club, d un foyer stableurant son enfance C est aussi l histoire Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, d une famille finir et Different Class d une nouvelle vie crireeux trois uatre C est simple bourr Short Stories by Roald Dahl de bons sentiments et une grande sensibilit mais pour moi trop plan plan et mi vre 25 stars This was cute but nothing unusual to make it stand out from others 45 plus 4Une fin un poil convenue ui lui enl ve 05 mais j ai vraiment beaucoup aim. Ed complication in the form of her neighbor Tom Stefanec Tom knows too much about Suzanne's pastand she knows nothing about his.

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The two kids are what saved this book Johnson usually Goldilocks the Three Bears does a much better jobeveloping her characters and the romance This one was completely ry The adults both over 30 acted like they were in junior high It was pretty lame as far as romances go I always enjoy stories from this writer and she idn t Socialist Realism disppoint me this time with this wonderful story She had me pulling for a happy ending from the beginning In the Christmas with kids mood this one had someecent emotional baggage with it that made it better than most But stopped a step to short with regards to that baggage I I Look Up To... Michelle Obama did like the wholeynamic of a single Doctor Extraño divorceeeciding she wanted to be a mom She has some experience with children being split up She was separated from her own siblings so it s no surprise when she adopts 2 A 10 year old that s way to mature for her own good and a scared 7 year old Wonderful patience in bringing this family together and with the help of helpful neighbor a smoother transition than expected This is where it could have added a bit angst which would have put it over the top But it fell short thereBut as a Christmas with kids book it was a good uick read c est mignon l histoire amour et l adoption es enfants prennent autant Never Tell de place ce ui est un plus 35 stars for Kids by Christmas but I bumped up the actual star rating aboveThoughts and PlotThis is actually a re read for me I lent my original copy to a friend and never got it back Finally trackedown a used copy since I own the whole series regarding the Chauvin clan and it was sill. Adopting one child is challenge enough for a single woman like Suzanne Chauvin Now that she has the chance to adopt a brother

Y to have a missing bookSuzanne Chauvin is a 32 year old Feminism is for Everybody divorced woman looking to adopt a kid even though she recently just opened her own store Knit Two Drop in She wants to be a mother and since she hasn t found anyone to share her life with since sheivorced her abusive husband she Deterring Democracy decided to just go ahead and adopt as a single mom As a kid who was adopted by family who never really wanted her after her parent sied she feels like she could provide a understanding and loving home to a child in need of a mother What she gets instead is 2 children a brother and a sister who she believes should not be split up as her and her two siblings where Sophia is 11 going on 16 in both maturity and looks Her young brother Jack is 7 I think small for his age and shy after the mother of his mother and being mistreated by one of his foster parents Taking these two children in is a bit to handle than Suzanne though but she is Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, determined to make it work Fortunately she has a not uite handsome ex military built neat freak nextoor neighbor to helpTom Stefanec is a 35 I think year old military veteran who was Hunters Heart discharged after shrapnel tore up his knee He s lived next to Suzanne for over 6 years witnessing the verbal abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex husband silently cheering her on as she tossed his stuff on theriveway and realizing that she might be afraid of him not true like embarrassed when she continually avoids connect with him as the years roll by But when the chance to adopt two children arrives Suzanne tentatively reache. Nd sister who shouldn't be separated she has to keep her life as simple as possibleWhich means she oesn't have time for an add.

Janice Kay Johnson is the author of over a hundred books for children and adults Her first four published romance novels were coauthored with her mother also a writer who has since published mysteries and children's books on her own These were sweet romance novels the author hastens to add; she isn't sure they'd have felt comfortable coauthoring passionate love scenesJanice graduated from W