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Ed along at a steamy pace Both characters were portrayed really well their inner thoughts hopes dreams and passion all there or the reader to devour I Alan Ford (Superstrip Alan Ford Trobroj felt like I knew them both Jane was great she was a woman who loved with every inch of her being and she wanted to express that Matthew who I have to admit was one of the roughest and most sensitive heroes I have come across in a long time was great His inner monologue both wild and heart wrenching I wanted to be on the receiving end of his attentions at times and others I was glad it was Jane coping with him Needless to say it madeor a great read and luckily Jane the Literature Circle Role Sheets feisty minx lapped up everything Matthew had to offer justRavish Me is one hot read if you enjoy rough playorced seduction and passion let loose The hero and heroine really were made Maines Visible Black History for one another and traveling on their journey ofantasy role play that proved to be so much than a bit of Jane Does Return fun made meeel uite voyeuristic It was beautifully written the subject matter which could have been a major turn off in an erotic romance was handled sensitively and maturely and ended with a positive spin Grab yourself a copy of Ravish Me if you want a page turner that will leave you breathless It may even be one of those books that plays on your mind after the last page I know it will mine Jane and Matthew are both damaged but sex is a therapy the right kind of sex that isJane was raised by repressive conservative parents sex is only Die Geschichte der Indianer Nordamerikas for reproduction anything else is shameful Herirst real boyfriend helped her igure out that non consensual role play allowed her to enjoy sex Matthew was raped at 15 and responds by being as nice as he possibly can all the time killing his irst marriage Beyond the Mist for lack of emotionJaneinally is able to tell Matthew what she needs sexually and they begin a journey to see if they can Phemes Regret fit each other in bed as well as they do outside of it Real growth occurs and you get to see them both open up to each other about their pastsAll in all an exellent book Ravish me is a definite must reador those that enjoy Pocket Guide to Scottish Words fantasy ravishmentrape play in their stories But the story goes even deeper then just the need to beorced sexuallyVery well done author Cindy Jacks Worth buying directly Chimerica from ellora because didn t have it listed yet. Ent guidance heinds he enjoys the role of aggressor Perhaps than he's comfortable with The role play stirs up a host of memories he'd rather orget leaving Matthew to wonder which is his true self the sweet romantic loveror the ravisher.

He reason behind Jane s desire to be sexually dominated made a lot of sense Matthew s transformation rom gentle gentleman to dark dominator was uite believable and his initial aversion to this Ο ελληνικός εμφύλιος πόλεμος, 1943-1950 form of role play was understood The love scenes in this book were hot hot hot It was just a really good read My one complaint was the author s use of the word suealed Suealed is not aavorite word of mine It makes me think of a pig in painAll in all Ravish Me is a great read and not too long I read this highly recommended hot The Probability Pad fantasy in one evening Originally Reviewedor Risue Reviews Very good book different Somewhat similar to Willing Victim but without the dirty talk I love the cover as it shows a real woman not a twig and matches my expectation of Jane in the story I also liked that this was set in DC I thought it particularly appropriate that Matthew lived in NoMa Those of you who are active in BDSM and live in the DC area will understand why that might have been appropriate I love local settings near me as I get a thrill everytime an area is mentioned I know and so on It connects me to the story in a Calendula far greater way than if I ve never been I guess it gives me anchors and makes it real This is role play non con rapeantasy but without hard edges Smooth writing well edited I enjoyed both characters though I liked Matthew Markham Hall Series Bundle (Markham Hall, far as he really is the one who evolves and changes Jane is pretty static and one dimensional in most places Both Originally posted at you thoughtantasies were a shallow bit of Megaman Battle Network 3 White and Blue Official Strategy Guide fun be prepared to think againJane is not a vanilla girl she likes it rough hot and hard Trouble is boyfriend Matthew is just too damn nice not just nice he s romantic sweet gentle and considerate Tough luck it seems he might be the one because while he s everything she wants out of the bedroom he s just not hitting the spot literally when they get between the sheets So there s only one thingor Jane to do and that s to bare open her soul and confess her dark sordid desires The expression can of worms springs to mind or after a ropey start things spiral to dizzyingly ecstatic heights but then rocket higher and scarier than either of them could ever have imaginedThere were many layers to this story and I adored the act that I couldn t predict it as it romp. Nfides in him introducing him to the world of non con role play Matthew has always believed no means no but in ravishment antasy no means yes yes yes He's reticent to open the door to the darker side of his sexuality but with Jane's pati.

When I initially read the blurb or Ravish Me by Cindy Jacks I was intrigued by the words ravishment Tacar Dánta/Selected Poems fantasy Having read and enjoyed several bookseaturing non consensual and light bondage themes I was curious as to how ravishment Sybil fantasy differed I now know and can say that this is a sub genre of erotica that I will be adding to the list of themes that I enjoy Don t judge me I have been to enough message boards and discussionorums to know that the subject of A Womans Guide to Fasting forced seduction is a controversial subject matter to many readers I have always enjoyed this theme ever since I read myirst historical romance The Flame and The Flower by Kathleen E Woodiwiss and refuse to Hermann Zapf and His Design Philosophy feel guiltyor it because it s not politically correct Most romances written during the 80 s I Know Who You Are featured this theme and were very successful As Ravish Me has shown there is a genreor everyone My best Spring Girl friend happens to enjoy erotic novels thateature were animals mating with humans If I m not mistaken she said that some of these encounters took place while the were creature was still in animal Menerjang Batas form I happen to have trouble differentiating thisrom bestiality I enjoy reading the occasional vampire novel another Chosen Vessels friend will only do so if the vampire is not of the undead variety as she views this as necrophilia And I recently learned that there were novelseaturing such themes as MM GLBT M nage another theme I enjoy partner swapping etc My point is There is something No Apology Necessary for everyone and we should all be allowed thereedom to read what we want without being made to The Secret World of Fluffy Ratbag feel abnormalor it stepping off soap boxWhen I came across the term vanilla lover in the blurb I thought this might be an interracial romance This was not the case A uick Google search revealed that to refer to someone as a vanilla lover is another way of saying the person is very conventional in their sexual practices or as I like to say bland boring and routine I continue to learn something new as I broaden my reading choices I also learned a new word I had never heard of nor come across before tchotchkes You ll have to look it up as I did and then try to pronounce itI really enjoyed Ravish Me by Cindy Jacks The author does an excellent job of introducing the idea of Awakening (The Guardians Heart Series Book 1) fantasy rape into the story and easing the reader into it Jane's boyfriend Matthew is perfect in all ways but one in the bedroom Sure their sex life is sweet and romantic but therein lies the problem Jane harbors secret desires that she's afraid will turn off her vanilla lover Butinally she co.

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Prior to becoming a writer of romantic and erotic fiction Cindy went to college at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and graduated with a BFA in Art After a brief attempt at an art career she decided the 'starving artist' life wasn't for her She worked for ten years in the corporate arena but now spends her days as a full time authorHer first published work was inspired by a collection of sh