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A book with an outstanding attractive cover which screams BUY ME Kudos to the esign team for whipping up something so beautiful and festive perfect for Christmas Like Flames of the Dark Crystal duhFirst of all what I really like Scarlett s book is that she has a real genuine flair for words and her passion to write not many authors give me this feeling The way she writes with a significant flow allows me to understand that she enjoys writing as much as her readers enjoy reading Maybe it was my over analysing as I m a literature student but by reading Married By Christmas I know for one she loves to write and she loves ChristmasMarried By Christmas is about Anna Carter a perfectionist a crazed list maker who can t stand things not going her way What I loved about Anna is how organised the lady is Jeez making lists of listetermined to get things going her way And ta One Night at the Lake da her boyfriend proposes yay Only to unleash the bridezilla she is which was such a treat to read about Especially her custom made sparkly snowflake wedding gown Scarlett writes with such clear well observedetail even The Hero Next Door describes the minute intricate snowflakeesign of the wedding Ask Me No Questions dress capturing the beauty of it Many have tried writing in such a way only managed too half the jobI won t reveal what Anna The Gnadiges Fraulein. does whether sheoes a completely crazy out of the world attempt to save her wedding upon Unscrewed discovering her fianc s AWOL wife or cries her sorry heart out I ll leave it to you toiscover what Scarlett has cleverly written with careful plotting I admit I was caught up in the story that I American Musicians deprived sleep for a feways just to race to the ending but that was really tiring emanding school schedule classes and assignments and impending examinations However I got the chance to finish reading it last night at 2 to tell you what a wonderful book it is If you believe the magic of Christmas would sweep you along and you be so caught up by Anna s complicated predicamentHonestly if I want to I Toyota Management System d gush endlessly about how I loved the setting and the characters and the hunt for a particular someone all to save her one and only Christmas wedding Buto not take this story lightly The Perfect Indulgence don t think of it as a light fun and fluffy chick lit which you could easily read and feel happy about it because Married by Christmas is really reallyeep In the fa ade you might think it s about an control freak perfectionist turning into a bridezilla to walk Stonebrook Cottage (Carriage House, down on the aisle in her Christmas inspiredress and live happily ever after No it A Seductive Revenge deals with loss crushed hopes and believing yourself and opening up to new things you never thought you want toAll in all if I have to pick the best Christmas read this year Married by Christmas would be the top contender to bag the title I really enjoyed reading Scarlett s orchestra of words bringing beautiful harmony to the Christmas spirit and the plot was really what you California Living d want to read about to light up the feeling ofull wintry snowy ays Although it oesn t snow here in Malaysia but I could literally feel the heartwarming atmosphere Christmas could offerRating 55 Scarlett Bailey is back again this Christmas with her second release and after she swiped first place last year with The Night Before Christmas I was really looking forward to this bookThe countdown to her winter wedding has begun Anna Carter wants the perfect Christmas Eve wedding It s been on her to Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty do list since she was a little girl stuck living in a children s home andreaming of a far happier family life than she Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book d ever experienced Now she s found the perfect Georgian country manor as a venue to which she will be taken in a reindeerrawn sleigh She s got a show. BshellOnly nothing’s going to stop Anna’s plans – not even the pesky inconvenience of iscovering her groom already has a wife.

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DNF around 20% My first book that caused me to create a DNF shelf I on t mind chick lit They kind of rely on you ignoring real world things and I am a sucker for a good story And if this was about a woman freaking out because her fianc was previously married and Letting it Go didn t realize it that s one thing But freaking out because she couldn t have a wedding on Christmas Day Eve I can t tellGuess what honey YOU CAN HAVE THE A uick read entertaining occasionally funny chick lit romance fiction The premise is not original but the story has good elements and the cast of characters is likeable and easy to relate to For such novels there are usually no surprises or suspense and you read it to see how the characters arrive at their happy ending by the end of the Anna the girl left by her mother at age nine is a perfect characterization of an excessive compulsive person with her list organization and excessive planning of everyetail of her life Not an easy person to live with but under all the excessive behavior is a nice person wanting out of her self imposed obsessions She started planning her perfect wedding as a child and goes to the other side of the Atlantic to reach her goal of the perfect Christmas wedding and goal of being Married By ChristmasThe big problem with all her plans is she has the wrong bridegroom who is already married The future rock star enters the crazy trip to New York City and the fun begins as Anna unravels forgets her lists and feels free for the first timeThe twist at the actual wedding made way for the happy ending for all in this funny story about a perfect Christmas wedding Loved this wonderful story but never could bring myself to feel sympathetic to Anna She was just to whiny and self absorbed for me to like her So what if she had issues as a childalot of kids have had issues and come out just fine and not used their pasts as a crutch to try to make the world bow at their feet and just give them everything they want because they have to have to have to stick to a life s planned listNow her best friend Liv I have all the compassion for because she constantly put up with Anna s crap even to the extent of giving up her own happiness to basically hand over her own crush and Anna was either to The One Who Stays (Summer Island, dumb or to self obsorbed to realize itDon t even get me started on TomI just think he should go home to his mommy I had a sort of loveloathe relationship going on with himRead it It was a great story Yes I couldn t stand Anna but that sometimes makes a good story for me when it has those people in it that you can t helpisliking LOL After reading the first few chapters I was confused and Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, disenchanted with the story than I was interested in what would happen I mean really Female A gets engages to Male A Female B best friend of Female A admits to the reader 1 star why would anyone want tom when he really has no redeeming ualitiesspoilersummmwhy would you marry a man as crappy as Tom 1 heoesn t tell his fiance that he s still married from a person he married in Vegas that he used to love2 he oesn t go chase after Anna when she flies to NY to find his ex to sign the annulment papers3 he leads Liz on when he s with Anna and uite frankly Liz is kind of a shite friend when they are in NY instead of trying to find Anna she tries to get tom s mind off Anna and professes that she likesloves him has feelings for him4 tom jilts Anna at the alter in front of the congregation tells them he s in love with Liz and hooks up with Liz he idn t have the ecency to tell Anna he s changed his mind BEFORE she was at the alter5 Anna just let s it happen all breezyyeah what makes a book gre. All she wants is a perfect Christmas Eve weddingIt’s been on Anna’s wish list since she was a little girl reaming of a far happ.

At is likeable characters if the writing isn t that great but the characters are likeable then it s a little palatable than Unlikeabke shallow characters I truly had a lovehate relationship with this book There were times I really enjoyed it and times I put it away and started Ultralearning doing laundry The primary source of my irritation was the main character Anna She grated on my nerves with her OCD to have the perfect wedding on the perfectay and Lord help anyone foolish enough to want to change anything Except she The Ring Of The Dove discovers something that might ruin it all her soon to be husband is already married So sheoes what any pscho bride would The Lost Literature of Medieval England do She heads to NY to trackown Tom s first wife and force an annulment out of her Why A Curse of Kings does Anna go and not Tom Because Tom had no spine He was Irritation 2 for me I really had to struggle to get through the first half of this book By the second half itid improve enter Miles my favorite character It had some funny lines and tender moments But I still found myself holding a grudge against Anna for the making me suffer through the beginning Don t even get me started on Anna making a choice between having a really great life or a really great wedding The ending was predictable but good and came just in time to save me from Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, deleting this book from my Nook This is the time of the year when good things are meant to happen I finished this book last night and when I was starting on my review a few minutes ago Iidn t feel uite like it But after Im a Narwhal documenting some uotable uotes and I was given a bit of a glimpse of how the story went again I kind of fell in love with it again I m not sure though if I would feel the same if I read it in electronic format There is always something much to reading when you re holding an actual bookMarried By Christmas is about Anna sream of having a Christmas Wedding But two weeks before her big Madame Timide day she learns that her fianc has a wife already And so she travels to New York on an impulse to look for this wife and get her to sign theivorce papers so she can get married as originally plannedI like Anna s character I kind of see myself with her character Not the boobs Never the boobs hay Haha She s this freaky organizer who seem to have a list of anything even a list of lists And I love reading about her She s OC but not unreasonable She s great and real Yes I m really justifying her HahahaThe romance was not wow but it s okay It has enough scenes to make me feel like having butterflies in my stomach DUnlike the earlier book of Scarlett Bailey where I love the friendship between the characters in the book I like the takeaways that of knowing who you are and how to take on life It s uite a little like a personal Girl, Woman, Other discovery and that is why I find myself enjoying it much than I initially thoughtI like Scarlett Bailey Now I need to read of Rowan Coleman Review originally on I Heart Chick LitwwwchicklitkevinxxblogspotcomI never got the chance to read Scarlett Bailey sebut novel The Night Before Christmas but I envied the reviewers who got to read it last year and saying how good it was so I A South African Night decided to try and see if I could get a copy and thankfully the author agreed Since Scarlett s books so far two of them are mainly about Christmas secretly I think she s Lady Santa she s only active and out and abouturing the festive season I thought it was fabulous warm what Christmas should be but in a form of a sparkly RED bookBefore I go into Bismillah Soup discussing about what a lovely book it is can we take a minute to appreciate the gorgeous Christmassy cover of the book I know it s wrong to judge a book by its cover but come on who wouldn t pick up. Ier family life than she’d ever experiencedBut now – only two weeks before her bigay – her perfect husband to be rops a bom.

A lover of Christmas romance and old movies Scarlett wrote her first Christmas romance 'The Night Before Christmas' in 2011 Her second novel 'Married by Christmas' and a digital novella 'Santa Maybe' are out now