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Nder why it took so long for me to try er stories Probably Arise has to do with my reluctance to read anything resembling full on fantasy regency oristorical Well I m glad that I finally give Archies Americana, Vol. 1 her a chanceThis free story is another aww worthy piece from Megan Derr I m a bit surprised when in the beginning Huey the peasant is punished by the King becausee beaten the royal cook The Book Thief half to death ande doesn t feel sorry at all Violent thoughts are not common from those Megan Derr s stories I ve read However in Talk to Me her wonderful writing style Megan Derr tells us the reason why Huey is so angry and what makesim do that Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, horrible thingThen there s the licking dragon OMG so cute I don t read many stories with dragon that seems so fond of lickingumans lol There is a wonderful twist in the end and well it leaves me with a uge smile on my faceThanks for the recommendation Cleon. ’s royal cook a baker is ordered to make Dragon Stew or else.

Cuteuite like the keeping 35 Stars Soooo cuteThere was so much potential ere and I understand that this was a short just written for fun but I really wish the author would reconsider expanding on this story I loved the characters and would enjoy seeing where this could go The set up is there already just build on itpretty please I could see myself getting lost in this world The author s got skills Behold a dragon fetish beginsYoung Huey went on a rampage on the King s cook In a rage the King ordered Huey to be whipped after Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock his answer to whye beat up the cook was Because The Character Of An Upright Man he deserved it Derr teases why the cook was so deserving of such brutal punishment I actually cared How is this my first time reading this authorThe passages continued to drip with talent and awe as Huey faced a great challenge After receiving the aforementioned whips Huey was told thate Author's NoteA silly fairytale type story I wrote for a friend.

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Ust make the cook s dragon stew to the King s tastes or face death This was a tall order Huey who Mr. Malcolms List had experience in the kitchen as the son of a deceased baker and owner of a small bakeryad no clue what the fuck dragon stew wasThe rest of the kitchen staff were in the dark too since the unpleasant egg shaped cook was very reticent to share such information Huey works GURPS Conspiracy X hard to make sure thate at least gets everything else right even cooking for the King on the nights before the night of the dragon stewHe gets an unlikely ally in the king s advisor Cass who was Just One Golden Kiss handsome charming mischievous and so obviously Huey s romantic interest view spoilerand the dragon who provides the fire to make the damn dragon stew That s what makes it dragon stew Fire from a dragon and all the other ingredientside spoiler Megan Derr is one of my most treasured findings this year I wo. Based on a child’s story In punishment for arming the King.

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