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An epic tale of the Magin and the Pewa two fair just innocent Magin and practical Pewa societies in what could only be prehistoric times The plot centers around the reaction of these two near utopian societies to the baseness of the world around themThere is a lovely warm moving theme of bisexuality that ripples gently throughout the tale Its presentation provides a poignant insight into the love of a woman for a man and another woman and of two women for each other No reader regardless of personal orientation can help but be touched by the open innocence joy and true love of the characters for those most intimately important to them The scenes are both emotive and tastefulYou will feel the happiness excitement and sometimes despair of the characters as ou rarely do in a novelThe story is told with deep insight into the very real area where it takes place which will continuously amaze the reader J Ellyne exhibits an astute understanding of the knowledge and skills available to the natives and how they use what they know to exist in a primitive world The author seems to be intimately connected to this almost mythical land surrounded and bounded by three Great LakesI urge Circus Act (Spy Pups you to buy and read this moving novel It will takeou places and expose feelings in Daffodil Girls you that will make the investment of time than worthour while Outstanding This is really a lovely and beautiful book An incredible and uniue story that is exceptionally well written The story line is fabulous and the author does a great job in building the world of a magical and mystical land What I loved most about it was how the author made the characters come to life so real and believable You connect with them and feel their heartache fear happiness and love and they will remain with The Private Lives of the Saints you long afterou read their storyThe plot had a few surprises that I was not expecting and I am looking forward to discovering about this amazing world that J Ellyne has created A long time ago in the galaxy far far away Well not that far away but a long time ago Great Lakes area 9000 Biggles Goes to War years back in time There are three main tribes in the area a highly advanced peaceful agricultural tribe a semi nomadic tribe of hunters and gatherers and a tribe of primitive barbarians Their migrations gathered them together and the clash of cultures and fight for survival are inevitable There are some sex scenes in there as well as lesbian romance so beware Despite this book being labeled as erotic this part is not the main focus of it and the sex is not explicit and tastefully done I actually saw explicit scenes in pure fantasy books The settings of the book are uniue hands down When was the last timeou read a book with its plot taking place in this time and location The amount of research done shows in the details and makes this book look almost like a historical one and not fantasy The book blurb mentions that there is enough action in there to keep it from becoming a romance novel and I completely agree This is a self published novel with some rough edges showing up It took me some time to get used to the writing style but it fits fairly well with prehistoric background The final rating would probably be 35 stars but the good parts overweight the bad ones so 4 stars it is This review is a copypaste of my LeafMarks on. Bad are sudden and starkShe has inherited her beauty strength and wisdom from her mother who is a strong and brave woman fighting fiercely to keep her people safe despite the hardships they have to endure in a harsh world they are not prepared to cope with Friendly natives join forces with them and the two cultures try to merge in order to fend off common enemies This is a tale of adventure suspense and passion set in a long ago time Is it a fantasy or is it history passed down over eons to become part of today’s mytholo.

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Eval in terms of available technology stone buildings bow and arrows swords etc and the mindset of the people the strong take what they want there is such a thing as noble blood which cannot mix with common blood etc Now everyone knows that medieval times were brutal right Rape torture plague starvation cruelty racism and self indulgenceThat s 50% of fantasy fully embraced by many authorsBut then there is the other 50% The one has its foot firmly set in the childish wonder of fantasy Snow White and the Seven dwarves Peter Pan Giants Dragons Magic cities and trolls who reside under the bridge Knights in shining armor Pulling the sword makes Mission New York (Scavenger Hunt Adventure you king All that great stuffAnd for some reason most writers today believeou cannot mix these as if they are oil and water Or if Dominion (Life After you do it s 110 mix A whole lot of medieval brutality with a tiny bit of fairy dust Or a whole story of dwarves and elves and just a tiiiiiny bit of that ugly medieval stuffAnd sex Noooooo Can t have any of that not in either 50%Sureou can have rape But that s not sex And sure we can imagine The Prince and Cinderella went at it like rabbits after they were legally married but we are not allowed to read about it Then along comes JEllyne with the courage to say You know what Elves make love too And it s beautiful And brutal men rape good people And that s not beautiful Why should we be afraid to write about both in the same storyRead Maginaugh and the books that follow and watch oil and water mix I enjoyed this book a lot It was hard for me to get into at first but then I became hooked The storyline of the book and the history in which it took place was uite interesting It was well written and the author had solid knowledge for the time period There was realistic brutality for the time period which was alarming Yet a good balance with the connection of family love and friendships throughout The sci fi twist surprised me but it was a nice plot change All in all I really liked it and am curious and looking forward to the next book This is an intensely beautiful book in an idyllic setting The detail and lushness of the milieu makes it all the poignant when it s peace is ripped apart by outsiders most of whom are bent on its subjugation and destruction The reader can t escape the anguish of these good people as the world they ve tried to make their own is caught up in the perverted lust that the jealous outside hordes openly exhibit towards themIn a plot reminiscent of the folk song One Tin Beautiful and brutal Maginaugh exceeded my expectations I do not delve in the fantasy genre very often so I expe Ms Ellyne wishes to thank author Giulia Napoli for the following kind reviewReview by Giulia Napoli on July 29 2012 star star star star starThis is an intensely beautiful book in an idyllic setting The detail and lushness of the milieu makes it all the poignant when it s peace is ripped apart by outsiders most of whom are bent on its subjugation and destruction The reader can t escape the anguish of these good people as the world they ve tried to make their own is caught up in the perverted lust that the jealous outside hordes openly exhibit towards themIn a plot reminiscent of the folk song One Tin Soldier The Legend of Billy Jack and just as stirring sad and moving J Ellyne weaves. Anything the natives of the region can imagine thousands of ears before such things will exist in their world The relationships they form with the natives are sometimes friendly sometimes hostile and sometimes loving and passionateShe is forced to grow into maturity fast as she becomes immersed with her people in a struggle for life and freedom During her adventures she finds and experiences a love different from any she ever imagined and also deeper than any love most people experience The contrasts between good times and.

The greatest strength of J Ellyne s debut novel is its setting prehistoric North America approximately 9000 ears ago Maginaugh portrays the conflicts and alliances of three very different cultures living in the region of the Great Lakes The fantasy aspect of the novel arises not so much from magic but from a well imagined alternative history in a region that rarely gets attention from this genre The cast of characters is large and varied as are their sexual preferences J Ellyne crafts romances in various stages of development everything on the spectrum from innocent new love to seasoned stable commitment can be found in this story and interweaves these against an impressive backdrop of tragedy vengeance and war I ve settled on a 4 star rating mostly because I think there are certain aspects of writing style and story delivery could use some polish Nonetheless with this first novel Ellyne has established herself as a promising new voice in fantasy I am very much looking forward to reading the companion novels to Maginaugh I read a short story by J Ellyne which led me to this novel All this fairy and fantasy stuff is not my cup of tea The Hobbit is the last thing I read anywhere near the genre and that was in the Sixties So I don t remember itSurprisingly I am enjoying this book Granted I have read one chapter but if the rest of the book holds true to the promises of the first chapter I ll be a happy satyr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUPDATEWhen it s good I get colorful images in my head That s what lingers most about this book the images Having a new movie running in my imagination put there by twenty six symbols arranged and rearranged in novel ways was why I did a reading marathon Unwilling (The MacLauchlans, yesterday well til 1 am today I put everything else aside to return to Maginaugh and when it was done I didn t want to leave even when the last boat was pulling away from the dock Ifou enjoyed Clan of the Cave Bear A Feast of Freud you will probably enjoy Maginaugh and vice versa I m doing something I haven t done this century looking forward to reading the next book in a trilogy Disclaimer Author is a GR friend and I got this as a freebie from Smashwords I read this book because it s in my RRR Challenge in Erotic Enchants and because it was in my challenge is why I kept with it because it does not have the level of smut I prefer in my books That being said I stuck with it and it was an excellent story Even though it s set in a historical time period there are parts that reflect on current events like genocide of a people and how they cope with the aftermathThe peace loving Magins have settled on Maginaw and are self sufficient Unfortunately they draw the attention of Ur and his band of parasitic leeches who overpower weaker groups and pillage and rape the women and kill the men Sound familiar instead of making an effort to be self sufficient This attention begins a domino effect that affects all the different groups of people in the areaThis book was very beautifully well written just wasn t my type of read however I highly recommend it J Ellyne has that rare gift of courage in her writing Let me explain Writers of heroic sword and sorcery fantasy especially anything dealing with Earth like history and mythology often find themselves in a bind On one hand what they write feels medi. An epic fantasy book 1 of 4 Adult content but not erotica Main character is female and it's a lesbian romance Also plenty of actionadventure forou guys out thereAn exotic oung princess from a faraway world comes of age and experiences extreme dangers passionate love and loyal friendships in this first of three books about her life and strugglesHer mother the ueen has established a small colony on an island in the narrows between three great lakes She and her people have worked hard to establish a civilization far beyond.

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