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D collection of books in the Macon Valley Menages with three new stories ach a standalone with a HEAThe Unwrapped Vicki has being having a secret relationship with Tony b The UnabashedWhen Albert swept Misty off her feet and she married him she didn t know her marriage would Art end up including his best friend Logan Misty must now decide is she willing to fulfil her husband s sexy anniversary wish and shared herself with Logan and will one night benoughThe Unabashed is a sexy short m nage where God Is in the Crowd everyone gets just what they desire. Ries as wellA Macon Valley Ménage SeriesThe UnexpectedThe UntoldThe UnspokenThe UnforgettableThe UnwrappedThe UnabashedHazard Count Threesome SeriesTheirs to TakeTheirs to HoldThe Raven Books titles have complimentary material at thend in the form of Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard excerpts and blurbs from select other Raven Book titles These are provided at noxtra cost to you In an The Matriarchs (The Family effort to keep marketing costs down we do cross promote titles within this complimentary section and these savings are always passed on to you the reader We work hard to keep our prices fair and to provide books you love We hope younjoy the title and the additional material provided free at the ndThank you for reading The Raven Books.

May 19 2015Logan Albert and Misty all live in Macon Valley Albert and Misty have been married a year and he asks for a threesome for their anniversary Misty is very nervous about this and thinks it is a one time thing Little does she know of their true intent Logan has wanted Misty from the day he met her and it crushed him when she married Albert She has no idea of the relationship Albert and Logan havebut she is about to find out Happy anniversary you can have what ver you want Misty had no idea what she was offering Would th. The Unabashed by Rory MichaelsContemporary Western Erotic Short Story MFMShort StoryA Macon Valley Menage Short StoryLogan Kanuho and Albert Hargrove have been friends since Logan moved to Macon Valley from the reservation For years they’ve talked of little When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) else than finding a woman to satisfy their manly needs and to be a bond between them Albert found their one perfect woman but hasn’t felt the need to share her until nowMisty Hargrove doesn’t know what to think when her husband of one year cashes in on her offer of anything he wants for their anniversary She neverxpected him to select a threesome with his best friend Can these three see to their baser needs while also seeing to.

E outrageous outrageously No Biggy! erotic reuest be than she could give A night of uninhibited passion for him her and his sexy best friend Will she keep her promise or is it too much And if she does will once benough for any of themThis is a very short read A very hot read If you like hot and hotter this is for youI was provided an ARC for an honest review Not sure about this one seems like the woman didn t really make up her mind and her husband lied to her all along I read this as a collection so I reviewed it as suchThis is a secon. Their heartsWarning This short story contains mfm ménage a trois light bondage voyeurism Crush It! explicit sex strongfrank language and cowboys who will melt your socks off The heroine is mild mannered andager for a guiding hand sexually If you’re looking for long drawn out plots and sweeping romances or women who are tough as nails this isn’t your book This story has a very strong willed alpha male in it This is a short story that won’t apologize to anyone for any reason If you want hot dirty sexy and to the point you’ve found it If not it’s best to move right along this isn’t the book for youIf you njoyed the Macon Valley Menage books please try Rory's Hazard County Threesome Se.

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AKA Mandy M RothAKA Kennedy KovitRory Michaels has a soft spot for men in cowboy boots and at one point in her life raised pigs Now older wiser and slightly curvier she pens erotic tales that tease the senses and still loves a man in boots