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Ers to be presented with continuity and kindness There is certainly enough material here to make than ne series Having been a fan f the series Heartbeat I was surprised to find ut it was based Pioneer Jews: A New Life in the Far West on real life stories from Nicholas Rhea a North Yorkshire policeman There are 2 books here for the pricef 1 Being a fan Eating Thin for Life: Food Secrets Recipes from People Who Have Lost Weight Kept It Off of the series somef the characters were well known to me such as Claude Greengrass who is always getting involved in money making schemes which usually get thwarted by the police Sergeant Blaketon is a tough nut and does not give Nick an easy time A Russian spy roams the Yorkshire countryside and a few dubious drivers are among some f the stories in the collection For me the funniest story is about the thieving dog that is insured for both damaging items he steals but also for getting any females pregnantEach book has 9 long chapters usually a few anecdotes n the same theme It is set in a gentler time when there were police We, the People on the beat and people were trustingf strangers Anyone who has been to Yorkshire can picture the rural villages even if they never saw Heartbeat A very enjoyable book to forget about the stresses Single of modern livingI was given a free copyf the book for an honest review Like a number f reviewers here I got this double bill f Nicholas Rhea books from Crime Classics Advance Readers Club the plan being to read and review by the end f MarchI was aware f these books and had seen a number f episodes f Heartbeat based upon the books and as good as it may have been it was not really my thing So I was not relishing the pportunity to read this titleAs it happens I was actually uite taken with the stories The author is writing from a position f knowledge Showa, 1939-1944: A History of Japan of his subject and the location where the stories are set which gives the reader a real sensef place Also he writes with a genuine good nature an interest in people and with a knack for storytelling and even comic timing Unfortunately my timing was such that I didn t get both titles in this single publication finished so in fairness my review is actually for Constable Around the VillageEach The Book Of The Superiority Of Dogs Over Many Of Those Who Wear Clothes of the 18 stories in the book 9 in each title are short enough and light enough to read just before lightsut without leading to nightmares r reuiring reading into the wee small hours To be honest this is perfect bedtime readingJust wish I had started this sooner uite looking forward to the next ne now My thanks to Crime Classics Advanced Readers Club for a digital copy Rescuing a Werewolf of this double book in return for an honest review First published in the sixties as two separate books think All Creatures Great and Small in termsf law enforcement in ru. Cing a canine crisis Farmer Lowe’s verworked sheepdog is feigning deafness and without the dog the cows cannot be milked bringing his farming business to a screeching halt Meanwhile five sheep turn up dead and Sidney Chapman’s dog is accused f the crime much to his dismay Can Rhea salvage Aidensfield’s farming future not to mention the reputations GloomCookie of two dogs while juggling histher cases Constable Across the Moors PC Rhea has come to know and love the host characters who live and work n the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors The.

Crimes miscreants and roguesthe life f a counter copper in Yorkshire characters The Jesuit one and all And then there s the local villagers and farmers Very enjoyable A very sweet and enjoyable book fullf memories and great descriptionI really enjoyed the stories and both the style With Bound Hands of writing and the charactersI strongly recommend itMany thanks to Netgalley and Ipso Books A good look at life in Yorkshire Villages in the previous century This is written from the perspectivef the Constable and what his life is like in small villages Entertaining Enjoyable readI received an Advance Reader Copy from Crime Classics Review Club This was a fun read I think I rated it less because I thought it was a mystery I wouldn t really classify it as a mystery r crime novel although it is about the life f a local Constable I liked the second book Constable across the Moors better than the first Constable Around the Village The stories take place in small villages in the southern part You Can Beat the Odds of North Yorkshire P C Rhea is newly assigned to this region The first story is about a North Yorkshire New Year s tradition called First Foot Rhea is asked to act in that capacity by several people and at each house he is given a drink Rhea patrols his large regionn a motor bike and spends a lot f time meeting people and taking care f little crimes trying to settle disagreements without having to go to court The first book has two Stripes of All Types or short tales in each chapter He helpsut when something goes missing and when someone tries to start a taxi to take clients from the bus The second book seems to have involved stories In the first chapter f the second book Rhea must go into a woods in a big snowstorm where he falls ff his cycle n a steep hill supposedly searching for a Russian Spy He ends up almost catching the spy and later finds ut it was a training exercise I think my favorite story was the last Baltimore Catechism No. 2 one where a local lass runs away and marries a soldier during WWI Many years later her husband is bringing her ashes to her home and suitcases get mixed upn the train I m surprised that I like this book so much It is really a collection Mic manual de campanie electorală of anecdotes loosely connected around themes and written in the voicef the young policeman supposedly represented by the pseudonym Nicholas Rhea The anecdotes are amusing sad and entertaining Although episodic they present a strong sense The Big Book of Maker Skills: Tools Techniques for Building Great Tech Projects of life in Yorkshire villages last century It s a very different reading experience than that provided by detective fiction even in the era It has in common with the storiesf Lake WoebegoneMaking a television series from the stories puts them to good use Television enables the charact. This uniue mnibus edition features two f PC Nick Rhea’s charming adventures in the Yorkshire village One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones of Aidensfield Constable Around the Village Nick Rhea is busy settling into his role as a Police Constable in Aidensfield getting to grips with rural life and his new colleagues and neighbours PC Rhea maintains his charismatic approach through the villages many incidents whether it’s the historic traditionf the First Footing Just Joking on New Year’s Eve the scandalf an un dug grave r a case f a missing child Rhea soon finds himself fa.

Ral Yorkshire Even the same location It was a pleasure to read something well written in terms Times of Trouble (A Time Travel Anthology) of many modernfferingsIt deals with the happenings much BENAAMI of it triviaf rural life f fifty plus years agoand formed the basis for the hit TV series Heart Beat How I wish now that I had watched that This writing is the exact antithesis f fast paced high body count modern crime novels It s a warm cosy ffering that restores your faith in human natureWritten in the first tense it s the anecdotes f a young 26 year The Real Bluebeard: The Life of Gilles de Rais old constable Nick Rhea manning his village station house where he lives with his wife and four young children He gets around his patchn his trusty Francis Barnett police motor bike He gets to know all the residents Stay on Your Toes, Maggie Adams! of his far flung rural domain either villagerr remote farmers and is usually invited in for tea and cake wherever he goes He communicates with his sergeant by calling from phone boxes Common sense scores ver bureaucracy and paper work although the dreaded words targets and reorganisation have begun to creep in But there was still a respect for the local bobby It seems an altogether simpler time but it would be easy to get emotional and nostalgic and ignore the down sides There are many instances f a potentially incorrect attitude by today s standards towards women In the light Night Train To Cherbourg: A Joszef Kiraly: Gentleman, Vampire Mystery of current controversy it s good to see how far we have come If I hadn t needed to write a review I would probably have deferred reading the second book for a monthr so and returned to my usual faster paced reading thus spreading Disowned out the joyf this slow paced world Each chapter takes a different theme such as money Comptia Security+ Sy0-301 Exam Cram or religion and recounts amusing andften telling anecdotes from P C Rhea s country beat Several Marco Polo: A Photographer's Journey of the tales made me produce an audible chuckle totally unknown This double book finally ended with a lovely emotional tale Do enjoy If you enjoyed the booksf James Herriot you will enjoy Nicholas Rhea s Constable series Set in Yorkshire as we As the title suggests this volume contains instalments 3 and 4 The Cosmic Internet: Explanations from the Other Side of the popular series namely Constable Around the Village and Constable Across the MoorsThe anecdotesf life as policemen in rural North Yorkshire are amusing and the telling Marketing Aesthetics of them is as leisurely and amiable as the pace and stylef life at the time The crimes are mostly low key and easily solved There are plenty f interesting eccentric and canny Yorkshirefolk populating the pagesConstable Nick is an endearing character and the book is good to dip into with a strong cup tea and a fat rascal to handThank you to Ipso Books for the digital review copy which came via the Crime Classics Advance Readers Club. Amiable constable handles every encounter with his characteristic humour and professionalism whether he’s investigating a plot to scare away a troublesome suitor r helping a neighbour return his late wife’s ashes to her beloved moors But when Ted Williamson’s sheep start disappearing can Rhea find the culprit without making enemies f the farmers f Yorkshire Nicholas Rhea’s delightful Constable tales paint an endearing and hilarious picture f police work in a rural district and was the inspiration for the Heartbeat TV series.

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