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Yeti MasterWow Jonah Aka Sir Tal is a bad ass At his game layers camp a Yeti drops in Jonah and the girls decide to go where it leads them It turns out not to be a good lace This was a fun exciting little story Jonah is so brave for some of the stuff he has been through He s a hero I loved this book This was a short story that I read so I could say I d completed the series A boy rescues magical creatures from a mad scientistAlso reviewed atBLBSWPLIMEBOFB Disappointed DamselI had to wait for this book to be Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl purchased at my library the wait was not worth it I really liked the first two books I thought they were funny energetic and really imaginative But this little novella was very disappointing It s from the brothersoint of view instead of the sisters and very short with not even a realistic uality at all There wasn t even really time to sort out a Film on the Left plot and there wasn t a real ending because you don t know what happens to the creatures or the badeople This belongs on a child s shelf not with the other two books Bring back Kate Great short story Jonah really makes the right decision to have the creatures go off into the woods so no one beyond crazy dude and the buyers really know about them so they were safe Yep Good book As much as I love Kate Grable and her zombie and Public Policy Making possibly werewolf fighting ways I adore her younger brother Jonah He s just the right mix of enthusiasm and geeky charm and he rightfully get s his own novella in BAD YETI to explore that mixture As chivalrous anderhaps as bold as his alter ego Sir Talatien Maguirier JonahTal discovers creatures that his sister would never believe in and tries to help them in whatever way he can It s a lighthearted romp through a list of awesome mythological creatures and the adorable hormone struck boy that encounters them I loved this Jonah rocks This isn t as science focused as the first book in the series instead it focuses on Jonah s interests gaming and larping Live Action Role Playing If you liked the logical realistic based science of the first book you won t really find that here This is of a geek male The Artists Way Morning Pages Journal play. Jonah Grable hasn’t minded living in the shadow of his older zombie fighting sister Kate but this weekend he’s definitely raising hisrofile A weekend of epic epicness waving swords and flirting with girls in elf ears at his LARP club event is totally up Jonah’s alley But when his al.

S hero and finds a whole bunch of mythical creatures story And it s good Just different that what you may expect There were scientific explanations but they re not explored in any detail beyond being mentioned This was definitely funnier than the first book Jonah is a hilarious character He understands the difference between fact and fiction he just likes living in his fantasy world better So when he finds a yeti well whether or not it is a yeti isn t the The Mob point theoint is that he gets to go on a yeti hunting adventure Duh I loved the girls in this I loved seeing three strong female role models They are badass and Jonah knows it view spoiler I love that they take care of their own escape and Jonah isn t surprised just impressed at their cunning Gentlemen Prefer Curves (Perfect Fit, plan I really enjoyed that in a way Jonah was the damsel in distress in this It was a nice change from the typical female damsel in distress scenarios usually explored hide spoiler Yeah I read this Well first I wrote it and then I wondered what might be wrong with me and then I read it and decided I might as well embrace the insanity This was a cute little side trip into Jonah s life after zombiehood zombiedom It was fanciful fun and as expected funny I was happy to revisit Ms Harris world again for a bit of lighthearted adventure I find that the characters are strangely reminiscent of Scooby Doo except those meddling kids find out the monsters are real I d like to start off by saying before this book I did not truly understand what the term LOL If you haven t ever lol d when reading something you will when you read this book This was a light easy fun read It was short so you could bring it with you anywhere but it was funny So unless you wanteople to give you a Are You Insane look when you randomly burst out laughing I wouldn t suggest taking this to a Who Killed Blanche DuBois? publiclaceWe finally finally get to learn about Jonah Grable Jonah just like Kate was hilarious I don t think Carrie is capable of writing a character that isn t hilarious Props for that She totally captured the erfect fifteen year old guy in a totally relatable wayOddly Amethys. Ter ego Sir Talatien Maguirier Nightdark Clanlord comes face to face with a real live Yeti Jonah or rather Tal has to take matters into his own hands  So he sets off with gamer goddess Lady Amethyst  brown eyed Europa and Calamity a braid wearing barbarian in fur into the great unknown on.

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T Europa and Calamity totally reminded me of my sisters and I when we were growing up It was really funny to see some of the things they did that had me thinking Yup Done that beforeLike always Carrie delivers a very realistic setting for her books She describes everything very nicely without boring you to hysterical tears You can easily icture the O Jogo do Acaso people thelace and everything that it is happening while keeping you on the edge of your seatWhen I first heard that her first book BAD TASTE IN BOYS was about zombies I totally did the whole Scoff That is so LAME thing Read the book Eating my words It never ceases to amaze me how Carrie can take some of the lamest things and turn them into the most awesome things ever It s a skill for sureOver all it was awesome A total 11 on the Awesome Scale of 1 to 10 Or as Carrie would say an Eleventy Seven Buy this book if are in a bad mood or if you live on The Wedding Day planet Earth You won t regret it Trust meAnd Jonah You re right Girl s really do like the hero From the Kozy KornerKimberlyKimberlysKozyKornerblogspotcom Rating 45This short story centers around Jonah Kate s little brother Jonah is about to venture into the LARP world This is Live Action Role Playing whereeople dress in real life as game or book characters and role Firefight (The Reckoners, play cosplay comes to my mind everytime I hear about LARP Anyway during his LARP camp trip he sees a Yeti actually the Yeti lands on his tent With the help of three girls that he kind of has feeling for he will follow the Yeti and uncover a whole operation of creating and selling mythological creatures This story was very entertaining I used to be a gamer still am sometimes But the whole LARPing thing seems so awesome to me I wish there was something like that when I was a kid Jonah is such a great main character He is a true teenage boy He likes every girl around him and he tries to act like the leader even when it s obvious he is far from it We didn t get to see much of him on Bad Taste in Boys but now we saw how adorable he really is But also it made me realise how glad I am I don t have a little brother it d be aain. A search for yeti related awesomeness Set in the world of BAD TASTE IN BOYS and BAD HAIR DAY this original digital story is the erfect introduction into the funny high school world of  CARRIE HARRIS where humor meets horror and sometimes zombies werewolves yetis and yes even unicorns  .

Carrie Harris is a geek of all trades and proud of it Brains are her specialty; she used to work at a lab where they were delivered daily via FedEx After that it seemed only natural to write a zombie book Now she lives in Utah with her ninja doctor husband and three zombie obsessed children