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D get a slight sense of a Dellilo tone but with none of the weighty ambiguousness that I always get from DD writingsThe story is postmodern engaging from the beginning and is structured to loop back round on itself but the strength of characterisation in the opening was arring When the story of the main protagonist starts it s as if I missed a gear somewhere and there is a long slow grinding to get back into rhythm againThis is a story about an Australian programmer who is sent to dvelopsupport cutting edge technology on a US drone base outside Las Vegas Once installed in the base and getting caught up in the technicalities of the drone missions into Afghanistan the language has a suitable distant voyeuristic uality to it which fits well with the idea of the disengagement of operators vs actualities of warfare Unfortunately that tone never seems to lift even as the personal story starts to get complicated Perhaps that was the point but it left me unsatisfied with an ending that seemed obvious to all but the main character The strange digression into gambling and the almost annoying card hands might have been some great game of code but again removed me from the protagonists story Perhaps as if I was sitting at home watching this guy navigate then crash and burn from my state sponsored monitor and when my shift is over I flick the switch and go home to family 2 Star review definitely It was Evastating turnA novel of a new kind of war of love and connection in the modern age Midnight Empire is a powerful thriller that takes us to the troubling epicentre of a foreshortening world It is a taut and at times terrifying vision of a world without frontiers a novel about dangerous new realities and how they threaten to transform us.

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Putting this on the backburner for now Spy fiction is not what I m in the mood for ust now This is a gripping thriller from a young Australian writer Daniel Carter a software engineer moves to the US to start writing encryption software for the US drone program There s a strong and effective linking of an ever present sense of personal menace with the global conseuences of the work he is involved in I particularly liked the bleakly ironic endingThe passages about playing poker in Europe are a little tedious though Daniel Carter is a young programmer employed by a hight tech company located in Canberra Australia I used to live in Canberra and work in IT so I thought this book might be interesting Certainly local reviews were positive Daniel s employer has software that is vital to the US Government s drone program in Afghanistan Daniel goes across to the US a secret base near Las Vegas to support his employer s softwareThe action is uite slow and not that interesting and perhaps because of this Daniel gets involved in gambling in the nearby An original perspective on the effect of drones and how it changes the notion of warfare and it s all wrapped up in a fiction thriller An intricate and disturbing spy thriller in which its main characters exist in a technological void that evetually collides with reality Well worth reading This is Croome s second published novel after Document Z whic. Las Vegas Nevada Young Australian computer programmer Daniel Carter has arrived at the heart of the American war machine – the drone program at Creech Air Force Base Indian SpringsNaive untested but keen to make a difference he is plunged headlong into America's surreal battle against its enemies in the Middle East – a battle fought.

H I also enjoyed He s developing well in the politicothriller genre The book takes an interesting imaginative leap into the new world war machine where killing is done remotely away from the theatre of war in this case in a military bunker in Las Vegas from where drones are directed into Afghanistan The novel explores the personal psychological and relationship conseuesces of this weird remoteness while it plots a thrilling story of revenge and fear in the gambling dens of LA and elsewhere Maybe it was ust my mood but I couldn t get into this book and I gave up after four chapters I couldn t work out the plot line What is this book about There seemed to be nothing driving the story Was it Las Vegas Was it technology Was it Daniel s personal problems None seemed particularly engaging It ust felt like the book was still in first draft form and in need of some work on the plot This book was gripping and scarily plausible Clever well written and a little bit spooky Midnight empire has been the best fiction book I have read It is a good book I think that you will like it to It is about a young Aussie named Daniel carter he has made his way to los ang I downloaded this because of a interesting serendipitous blog postingsearch and always like to take a chance with Aussie authors I was intrigued by the couple of comparisons with Don Dellilo who s books have always entangled me good and bad I di. At a distance of 7000 miles from a city where nothing is realAs geographic and political boundaries blur Daniel enters into an unlikely romance with a professional poker player Ania But when the hunt for an Al aeda master mind ramps up in the skies over Peshawar and American pilots begin to die in the suburbs of Las Vegas events take a