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Iform and all is downright hilarious I laughed often than not and decided to take a bit of advice from our narrator tooto do something special on each and every birthday that I have leftEight hours of decorating cleaning and wrapping gifts today just flew by and when the book came to an end I had a big smile on my face and felt pretty good too Listening to Billy Crystal s memoir was a positive experience for me Highly recommend Though I don t listen to audio books often this was a hit as it is narrated by Mr Crystal in all his splendorimitations and all Covering his life thus far from birth to the big 65 this is a delightful view into the life of one of the top entertainers who has somehow remained humble and seemingly normal I laughed out loud and choked back tears as I traveled along with this talented fortunate and grateful man One who values family and friendships above all else T I think Billy could read me the phone book and I would sit in my chair and be totally enthralledI loved his story and the way he told it He made me laugh and cry and made me feel honored to be able to listen to him tell his story about his family and friends Billy I hope you go on living laughing and loving for a long long time to come What an excellent audio bookIn his mid sixties now Billy Crystal recounts his life by decade my twenties my thirties etc interspersed with portions set in the present which were performed in front of a live audience What an interesting manStarting with his early home life the death of his father and his first career milestones Billy tells his story with warmth humility humor and poignancy Recounting his relationships with Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell Johnny Carson and Mickey Mantle this is a behind the scenes look into building a successful career and family life The live audience portions of this performance were all about the aging process they were very funny and all true Towards the end of this autobiography he addresses the big issues the loss of extended family members and facing one s own death There is a real focus here on family and I enjoyed that It also lent a sense of poignancy when he discussed the losses his family has experienced Funny and genuinely interesting I enjoyed the hell out of this audio book I laughed out loud I teared p and I learned a lot What could a reader ask forHighly recommended Just like any book this book isn t for everyone If you don t love Billy Crystal then don t bother If you don t love learning about the amusing and most likely embellished reflections of an aging comedian then don t bother If you don t enjoy a good guy talking about his positive relationships with his family friends and other celebrities then don t botherIf you do enjoy Billy Crystal s work then Bul. But offers a road map to his 77 million fellow baby boomers who are arriving at this milestone age with him He also looks back at the most powerful and memorable moments of his long and storied life from entertaining his relatives as a kid in Long Beach Long Island his years doing stand p in the Village p through his legendary stint at Saturday Night Live When Harry Met Sally and his long run as host of the Academy Awards Readers get a front row seat to his one day career with the New York Yank.

I thoroughly enjoyed thisThis audiobook was waiting in my Overdrive wishlist for aaaaages Every time I scrolled through to see what I wanted to listen to next I wondered if I even liked Billy Crystal enough to bother In fact I almost deleted it I mean sure I ve seen Princess Bride City Slickers and Throw Mama From the Train but did I really want to listen to 8 hours of Billy Crystal As it turns out yesI enjoy biographies autobiographies and memoirs This one is now by far my favourite I laughed a lot I cried a bit I wanted to do something special on my birthday I reflected on my own life I was inspired to be fun as a parent and just a better person all around I can Spank! understand that not everyone might like this There were a few jokes that didn t do much for me but they were few Heses the f word but I happen to be fond of that word He talks about the body and how it changes I thought it was hilarious I ve heard jokes on that plenty of times yet I never laughed as much or at all He is a huge baseball fan and I don t care for any sports yet the baseball talk didn t bother me in the slightest I actually think I might kind of like it now Well okay maybe not But still His love for it was so pure and so sweet His Conservative chapter was pure goldI m SO glad I listened to this and I HIGHLY recommend it although there s no way the book could compare to the audiobook Audiobook all the way Listened to the audiobook read by Billy Crystal himself This book is touching at times as he shares personal stories of friends family and his career Being a comedian though he also does some standup comedy impressions and pokes fun at aging I enjoyed listening to the audiobook I don t think I would have enjoyed the book as much What impressed me most of all was Billy s love for his family It really comes through in the book Favorite Saints and Misfits uote Do something special on So fun and made a long car trip fly by Listened to my very first audio book today and DID I LOVE ITBilly Crystal does a wonderful job of narrating some special moments of his life in Still Foolin Em Where I ve Been Where I m Going and Where the Hell Are My Keys If you are an older adult or not like baseball the great movie When Harry Met Sally who can ever forget the infamous orgasm scene enjoy the Oscars and want to know about Billy s affair with Sophia Loren you are in for a treat The texting acronyms for older adults absurdities of doctor and dentist visits at age 65 and challenges of grand parenting are a crackpAlthough not a Yankee fan myself I am a huge baseball fan and love love loved hearing about Billy s close relationships with Mickey Mantle Ted Williams Joe DiMaggio and even Derek Jeter His experience of actually starting as lead off man for the Yankees in a preseason game n. Hilarious and heartfelt observations on aging from one of America’s favorite comedians as he turns 65 and a look back at a remarkable careerBilly Crystal is turning 65 and he’s not happy about it With his trademark wit and heart he outlines the absurdities and challenges that come with growing old from insomnia to memory loss to leaving dinners with half your meal on your shirt In humorous chapters like “Buying the Plot” and “Nodding Off” Crystal not only catalogues his physical gripes.

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Let ReviewBetter than Whoopi Goldberg and Ellen Degeneres nowhere near as good as Tina Fey Some funny parts some interesting parts but overall Billy grates on you He seems to have this obnoxious personality and I don t always find him all that funny Sometimes he s an outright arrogant His Conservative chapter in particular made me want Your reaction to this memoir will depend on how much you like Billy Crystal s comedy style I m meh about him so I m meh about this book Other reviewers who adore him liked this book a lot than I didBilly is now 65 which he will tell you over and over again and several chapters are devoted to his shtick about getting old There s nothing new here except discovering that Billy has become a cranky old man cursing about social media and teenagers and politics Speaking of cursing it was a bit shocking to hear Billy drop so many F bombs For decades now Billy has nurtured the persona of the sweet goofy schmaltzy aw shucks guy and I was surprised to hear him swear so much Despite the F bombs Billy s comedy style remains firmly stuck in the 80s and 90s Some of his jokes have punchlines that date back to then and I rolled my eyes at the preciousness of it He also relies heavily on Jewish humor numerous tired ips are about how much Jews love food and he ends several chapters with an exaggerated Oy plus there s a lot of baseball jokes Billy is a Yankees fan which he will never let you forgetBut I m focusing too much on the negative The parts I liked were the stories of how he got started in comedy and the behind the scenes anecdotes of his movies and TV shows He talks about making When Harry Met Sally City Slickers The Princess Bride about hosting the Oscars and about visiting Russia for the comedy special Midnight Train to Moscow He also had good stories of his famous friends such as Mickey Mantle Sammy Davis Jr and Muhammad Ali One of Billy s early famous bits was his impression of Ali and the two men became close with Ali calling Billy Little Brother whenever they d meet Billy also shared some nice family moments such as the day his first daughter got married and how much he likes being a grandfather There were some emotional chapters like when his dad died when Billy was 15 and how he later wrote those childhood memories into the Broadway show 700 SundaysI listened to this book on audio CD and parts of it were performed in front of a live studio audience Again your reaction to this will depend on how much you like listening to Billy He reprises all of his famous impressions including Ali Mantle Sammy Howard Cosell You look MAH valous and the voice of Miracle Max While I enjoyed most of the performance at times I found it tedious and wished he would wrap it Bon Appetit, Yall up already OyRating 25 stars roundedp to Ees he was the first player to ever “test positive for Maalox” his love affair with Sophia Loren and his enduring friendships with several of his idols including Mickey Mantle and Muhammad Ali He lends a light touch to serious topics like religion “the aging friends I know have turned to the Holy Trinity Advil bourbon and Prozac” grandparenting and of course dentistry As wise and poignant as they are funny Crystal’s reflections are an nforgettable look at an extraordinary life well live.

William Jacob Crystal is a Golden Globe Award nominated and Emmy Award winning American actor writer producer comedian and film director He gained prominence in the 1970s for playing Richard Mulligan's & Cathryn Damon's TV son Jodie Dallas on the ABC comedy drama Soap and became a Hollywood film star during the late 1980s and 1990s appearing in the box office successes When Harry Met Sal