Thomas DePrima: Citizen X AGU Border Patrol #1

Ant to end up with a space romance I also recommend these books to youI also recommendOn Silver Wings Warrior s Wings Book OneThe Hour of Dust and AshesMutineer Kris LongknifeMech 1 The Parent Imperium SeriesPeacekeeper A Major Ariane Kedros Novel 2 stars because I finished it I m not sure it really deserves the second starI managed to keep my interest going partially because if I finished this one I d have to find something else to read I also kept thinking that things would get interesting and they never really did This managed to make space battle scenes boring Basically you start reading and there s nothing going on and you keep expecting excitement Excitement never happens The excitement it would seem is happening a long way away and possibly in another book where a war is being foughtAdd on the fact that the writing is pedestrian at best and that the title doesn t really have much to do with the book and I think I could only recommend this to someone who really loves DePrima s other books Maybe I should ve started with the Carver stories but I don t think I ll be going there after thi. Sending her to a 'backwater' command where terminal boredom would appear to be the greatest enemy Perhaps things aren't destined to remain uiet for long.

Was a really good read thoroughly enjoyed this new edition to the uniue universe created by Thomas Deprima Original and uniue with that style that provokes a shiver of excitement at key moments in the novel I like the plot twists and new direction the author is following in developing a new story arc for a new series character in their own story line Many people who don t read science fiction usually say it s either A Cheesy or B Too Involved Thomas DePrima balances those things very well to create a very entertaining space opera I would not suggest that hard core sci fi readers read Citizen X or the Galaxy Unknown series unless they are prepared to turn off their nerd set the idea of realism aside and ust enjoy The lead characters almost can do no wrong and everything always seems to work out but that s kind of what makes the books fun There are some interesting tech ideas and some deep sci fi concepts that are introduced and thought about but they aren t engrossed on so it makes it a thinker b Yes Sydnee hate that spelling is turning into another Jenetta Carver but with of a sense of Sydnee Marcola's greatest desire was to oin the command of Admiral Jenetta Carver in Region Two and in pursuit of that goal she achieved top grades whil.

Citizen X AGU Border Patrol #1 ☆ READ AUTHOR Thomas DePrima – chernov–


Umor and not uite as amazing or lucky Still a fun space opera romp SciFi At Its BestI hurried to by this book as soon as soon as it was released The story was exactly what I was looking for high entertainment and pure unadulterated fun For those familiar with the Jenetta Carver series this new series also takes place in the Galaxy Unknown universeThe character development and creative world building were continually engrossing I ust could not put this book down I greedily gobbled up every morsel of the story but was disappointed once I reached the last page solely because the story was so enjoyable I wished this book would never endThere was a perfect symmetry between action and adventure over the battle tactics were interesting and clever The protagonist was very likeable and all around brilliantI highly recommend this book and the Jenetta Carver series to fellow SF readers and I can t for the next book in this series in addition I also look forward to the next Jenetta Carver book due out December 2012To fellow dark urban fantasy readers who are looking for a good space opera but do not E at the Academy and then again in advanced studies at the Warship Command Institute So why have the powers that be chosen to 'waste' a valuable asset by.