William S. Burroughs: The Wild Boys

I earned that reading Burroughs on the bus makes me feel incredibly filthy and awkward from this book It could be all the allusions to the smell of rectal mucus or maybe I m just weird William S Burroughs does not Virgin Widow like women or ateast he did not ike his distopian fantasies to contain any flattering versions of them I would not expect a man who shot his wife in the head accidentally while trying to shoot a shot glass off her head while wasted I might add to have any use for women although it is said that he was deeply sorry and remorseful for having accidentally murdered his wife He even says so in his wild distopian world where women are eventually used as surrogates to make wild boys and they have no need to even come remotely in contact with any awful women creatures from the time they are born That being said I still enjoy Burroughs writing It is engaging and creative and perverse in a way that only Burroughs can be This book is filled with pages and pages of raw sweaty gay male sex but is not without its own sensitivities war violence decadence and drug references This is why I ove Burroughs he just said things in a way no one else does and the fact that he does not want any women in his distopian fantasy world filled with young men who are filled with an isatiable The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, lust for each other and aust for violence really does not bother me one bit This is his fantasy world not mine and I am glad he wrote it down so I could get a glimpse into it We need books Night And Day like this Books that scare and disgust people but at the same open your mind to a new way of thinking and writing It is difficult to gauge this novel the most confounding thing I have read in recent memory So I want to reread this and read about it to better understand my own feelings But I think Iove The Wild BoysThe book is a set of thinly connected vignettes going as far back as the 1890s and as far forward as 1988 twenty years after the book was written It focuses mainly on the global rise of fascism in the West and of anarchy outside it after the worl Anybody that Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow likes William S Burroughs only says that because they want to soundike they can comprehend what in the hell he s talking about when NO ONE actually can Or they just saw the Naked Lunch movie and thought that talking beetle type writers are cool Sir we ve been overrun by clawed pubescent urchins reuesting backup Choppy anarchic gleefully pornographic confrontationally off putting Yet satirical clever kinetically experimental serially engaging in spite of itself And completely caught up in its own desires to denial of any other readerly needs which has its merits even if the stuttering stop start repeat of the images here has a decidedly masturbatory uite iterally aspect and associated outside boredome With some of the play with viewpoint and camera here the roving pan shot the peepholes that unify disparate material this has a Robbe Grilletian aspect but with a direct gay gaze that still se. The Wild Boys is a futuristic tale of global warfare in which a guerrilla gang of boys dedicated to.

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Will have trouble with the homosexual imagery but almost everyone will be haunted to some extent by the casual eroticization of death and cruelty I think the Mayan seuences are some of the most persistentBut this is not mere incoherent pornography there is a wild energetic beauty and an almost religious devotion to wontonly intense experience that is along with WSB s poetic style unforgettableLynn Hoffman author of the much ess disturbing bang BANG A Novel and the downright soothing New Short Course in WineThe I used to think of this as the Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys last of Burroughs 5 cut up novels It s probably appropriate to think of it as the 1st of the homoerotic adventure novels Or something Anyway it s great I read it when I was a research volunteer for a NASA study re space stniving No shit This was at the Phipps Clinic of Johns Hopkins UniversityHospital in Balti I was Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, living in a simulated space stn environment for 15 days w 2 other guys It was mainly an experiment in behavior modification designed to produce routines that wd prevent astronauts from going crazy in a restricted environment I took The Wild Boys into the study w me particularly bc of its anti control theme After the study was over I was interviewed by a reporter for the Johns Hopkins Magazine or some such I remember talking about Duchamp I probably sd aotof things that were a bit too weird for Hopkins This wd ve been the 1st time I was ever interviewed The article was suelched perhaps this was an early instance of my being censored by the press The Wild Boys is probably Burroughs s clearest novelistic depicition of feral revolutionaries This book is not for everyone probably not for most people It reuires work and an understanding of what the Beat authors were trying to do and specifically a grasp of Burroughs Life Changing Smiles literary aims and personal story I recommend that those not familiar with Burroughs first read to the introduction to ueer Beats edited by Regina Marler It does a nice job explaining the movement and giving a briefiterary biography to Burroughs and related authorspoets Marler also discusses the social and iterary significance of the Beat movementThe Wild Boys has no coherent story That is not the way Burroughs writes It is a collection of cinematicfantasy scenes that are often visceral pornographic violent surreal brutal beautiful and disturbing Images and scenes double back and are retold or re imagined repeated Nothing is taboo Most of the sexual scenes are male on male and since many come from Burroughs memory and fantasies they involve under age boys and are very graphic and explicit Burroughs creates an anti conventional fantasy world a ueer Neverland populated with anarchistic gay ost boys where he flips the bird to conventional s and ideals using his mastery of anguage and imagery as a weapon and a paint brush I think that this is an amazing book and that Burroughs is a great author I suspect that most readers will think it is trash and pornograph. Umor wild imagination and style Burroughs creates a world that is as terrifying as it is fascinating.

Ems daring only a decade after the censorship of Naked Lunch For all of this and despite the Problems in evidence throughout the weird cultural artifact that is Burroughs this might be his best That s a Burroughs novel alright I could ist some adjectives right now to give you a sense of what I mean by that exactly Simply put this novel is twisted crazy fucked up weird sexually explicit extreme simultaneously unreadable and entertaining funny disturbing raw wild satirical avant garde surreal and plenty Burroughs s unconventional semi dystopian vision is repetitive and occasionally vaguely annoying but it s also filled to the brim with brilliance and state of the art mindfuckery Copper Lake Secrets leading the reader down a pit of unfiltered insanity Alongside its political satireiterary experimentation and rebellious spirit are sometimes gross and always explicit descriptions of hardcore homoerotic sexual fantasies that delve into the most bizarre corners of human sexuality and intermingle with surrealistic imagery and the implementation of Burroughs s famous cut up style making these strange fascinating fantasies all the dizzying to read Being rather used to heavily bizarre and explicit sexual content in Brooklyn's Song literature inarge part thanks to the other Burroughs works I have read not much in The Wild Boys truly shocked me however this numbness to the content s shock value did not stop the memorability and insanity of these seuences from having an impact Getting a glimpse inside the perverted and ingenious mind of William S Burroughs is always a treat overtly shocking or not and this novel does not disappoint It manages to mix surprisingly Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide linear and plot oriented chapters with sections of confusing dreamlike madness withittle sense beyond sexual desire or drug induced creativity driving them It s not his masterpiece but it is a worthy entry in his bibliography that is a must read for those who are as in Plain Jane The Hotshot love with experimental and transgressive fiction as I am The thought of William S Burroughs is sometimes better than his actual fiction picture if you will a man who combines brilliant science fiction with National Geographic pictorials of tribes no women no men just crazy insane boys whoove to kill and jerk off combined with creaky old 1940 s boyish Fu Manchu pulp adventure crap The concept is pretty nuts but the execution is well almost as creaky and tiresome as Fu Manchu himself I was relatively innocent when I read The Wild Boys and it gave me nightmares The staccato choppy plot is too disjointed to ever really allow anything to come to a close so the images tend to remain in some vestibule of the brain and come spilling out at night when your poor consciousness tries to form them into some kind of completenessThe images themselves are sometimes gruesome and you can almost sense Burroughs unatic energy and all his wild imaginings spilling out on the page and being herded somewhat unsuccessfully into the form of a novel Some people. Freedom battles the organized armies of repressive police states Making full use of his inimitable


William Seward Burroughs II also known by his pen name William Lee; February 5 1914 – August 2 1997 was an American novelist short story writer essayist painter and spoken word performer A primary figure of the Beat Generation and a major postmodernist author he is considered to be one of the most politically trenchant culturally influential and innovative artists of the 20th century