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It to a shrink I think a satisfying nding would be Asia not taking Kyla back Other than that I thought it was a good story although at times it felt a bit rushed Also the sex scenes were lacking but the one at the Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., end was good If she writes another book with these characters I wouldn t be surprised if the author has Sam s new woman beingither Angie or possibly Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, even Deidra I guess I ll just have to wait and see. Hexcitement she craves but not in the right place Angie her x turned longtime friend is single again and she’s ready and willing to fill the void Kyla feels Will Kyla trade the stability she has with Asia for the passion she’s been missing.

AWESOME READ What a great book so well written The thoughts the actions the result of their actions all played out and put down on paper so louently in this book You really get inside the head of Kyla and Asia as they hit relationship meltdownYou get both sides of the story per chapter what they are thinking what the other will think how friends react to the news reading this book is like being a fly on the wal. Can xes be friends The answer to this uestion is tested and revealed in The EXchange the third installment in the story of Kyla When readers first met Kyla she was a confused young woman struggling with her sexuality By the time we met her again.

L as their lives fall apartNikki has such a firm grasp on human psychology and how we react to things and how people behave and how destructive that can be and positive too at times but mostly destructiveIf you are in a relationship and you feel it s on the wain my advice read this book before you do ANYTHING it will certainly give you pause for thought I highly recommend this book it is much beneficial than a vis. She was a loose philanderer bed hopping in her search for love She found it with the beautiful no nonsense Asia After nine years of solid commitment Kyla is bored with the monotony and simplicity of their day to day relationship She soon finds

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