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Hat bother you you might want to stay away from this oneDespite its length why are Eastman s books all so long it s a ick read and is fairly entertaining I wanted to throttle Mrs Bird for being so picky I ve just had a hilarious time reading other Goodreads reviews on this book a couple were sad because there s not much love in this book another was The Drifter upset with these of the word hate because it s a banned word in her household several criticised Mrs Bird while others excused her because we all know pregnant women are touchy OOPS spoiler one told s what Mr Bird should have done instead of giving in to Mrs Bird s displeasure I think I enjoyed these reviews almost as much as I enjoy the bookZenobia has asked me to read it for several days in a row now She s a few months short of 5 and she loves it She almost cries when Mr Bird is searching for Mrs Bird after the debacle in the church s bell tower and is overjoyed when he finds her again I love it when the kids get emotionally involved in a bookFor me it s a great little moral tale the picture. Primers The Cat in the Hat The instant success of the book prompted Geisel and his wife to found Beginner Books and Geisel wrote many popular books in this series including Hop on Pop Fox in Socks and Green Eggs and Ham Other favorite titles in this series are Go Dog Go an.

There are some passages from classic literature that are worth keeping alive such as this one from The Best Nest by PD Easton I love my house I love my nest In all the world My nest is best Do you concur and if not might not you be the reason Just asking Please pardon the grammar errors Sometimes wisdom transcends grammar But I still think grammar mechanics are important I may have read this at some point in the past but I don t remember it it s not as memorable as some of Eastman s other books especially Are You My Mother This is a story about a bird couple who become dissatisfied with their home Actually Mr Bird loves his home but Mrs Bird is tired of it and hates it She wants to relocate So they fly off in search of a new place to build their nest eventually placing it on top of a bell in a church steeple As expected it s not the dream home they ve always wantedMrs Bird comes off as a bit of a stereotypical demanding wife and Mr Bird as the gormless husband This may just be the book showing its age It s subtle but if old stereotypes like Back in 1957 Theodor Geisel responded to an article in Life magazine that lamented the se of boring reading primers in schools Using the pseudonym of Dr Seuss Seuss was Geisel's middle name and only two hundred twenty three words Geisel created a replacement for those dull.

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S are simple but very funny the look on the horse s face when Mr Mrs Bird collect horse hair for their nest the looks on the birds faces and James aged 6 will be able to read it himself soon Excellent Neo took the lead in this book showing off some of his new skills When Mrs Bird complains that she does not like their current nest Mr Bird takes it The Ice Maidens Sheikh (Sons of the Desert upon himself to find them a new abode A few spots look promising but they just do not work When the Birds settle on a lovely church steeple they begin the process of finding the needed supplies they find that this might be a perfect spot for them However something proves disturbing than they can handle and Mrs Bird flees their new home Mr Bird is frantic in his search for his wife worried that she has disappeared forever He s in forite the surpriseNeo ite enjoyed this one with easy to read words and some great illustrations We will surely be back for of these type of stories perfect for the newer reader who wants to show off their skillsDid you know Neo has his own profile for reviews Check him ou. D Are You My Mother by P D Eastman A Fly Went By by Mike McClintock and Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire These affordable hardcover books combine large print easy vocabulary and large bright illustrations in stories kids will want to read again and again Grades 1 Grades.

Philip Dey Phil Eastman was an American screenwriter children's author and illustrator As an author he is known primarily as P D Eastman A protégé of Theodor Geisel Dr Seuss Eastman wrote many books for children in his own distinct style under the Dr Seuss brand of Random House many of which were in the Beginner Books series From 1936 to 1941 Eastman worked at the story departmen