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At the injustice when things took a turn for worse I must confess that I only skimmed the villain 19s POV sections because I generally hate those but they 19re short and few and add to the complexity of the situation The most important part of any story is its plausibility This one is totally believable at every turn which is one of the things that keeps you riveted from the first page to the very lastOverall A Man to Trust is an emotional rollercoaster ride with a great balance of action heat and just plain tenderness I doubt any romantic suspense fan will be disappointed The story line for this book was fantastic It is a great romance and mysterythriller I can recommend this book easily due to it readability likable characters and resolved ending The story is pretty straightforward and thankfully the romance is not sappy There are some portions that deal with marital abuse that are difficult to read I like the fact that the details of Angela s past come out in little spurts throughout the book and I was pleased with how well the author handled this writing techniue I also loved the fact that the author has a sense of humor because so many authors in this day and age don tI would have given this book a five star rating but there were two reasons I had to mark it down I hated to even point these things out but there are times that these kinds of issues do get in the way of the enjoyment of a book The profanity did not begin too badly but nfortunately as the book went on the f word became the standard I grew so tired of that word cropping Tender Love up in places it did not even make sense The bedroom scenes began as simple and not too detailed Now don t get me wrong Cheryl Yeko writes hot bedroom scenes and if you are looking for that you can certainly get your fill of it in this book Some of the scenes were no problematic because. Ndsome detective who believes she’s a criminal too Tasked with Angela’s safety after she’s targeted by annknown enemy Jake discovers the beautiful widow is not what she.

234 pagesI m not going to regurgitate what s already been said but it kept me reading that s for sure even if I found a couple of things a bit too silly to believe Like some of Angela s actions persistently placing herself in danger when she knew there was a hit out on her and at one point when she did the silliest thing of all forcing Alex to go all gung ho and chase after her to her captives lair without thought to the conseuences of leaving his son an orphan particularly after the way they lost a mother and wife I found his behaviour a bit odd after his frantic reaction to his son s almost kidnapping The thought didn t once cross his mind Still I liked it it had that nice blend of romance intrigue heat and interaction between the two main characters bolstered by a believable supporting cast and a secondary romance The author draws on the sexual tension for much of the book that naturally culminates in some pretty explicit sex scenes near the end and what a relief Profanities exist but not over the top in my view I ve read worse much worse Right off the bottom line is I loved this story The dynamics between everyone involved in the case the family dynamics between Jake and his brother and their kids and the friendship dynamics between Angela and her best friend were so natural and multilayered The case itself has depth and stays active throughout the plot The characters themselves were all very compelling Other than the villains there is no one that I did not like in fact I generally only wanted Angela 19s dark past with her late husband makes her so endearing I cried for her as I read about the things she remembered and as she found goodness in her life Jake is so noble and protective it 19s hard not to fall for him I stayed completely invested in their outcome but I was absolutely bound to Angela and wanted to scream. The battered survivor of an abusive marriage Angela doesn’t mourn her husband’s death in a drug deal gone bad But she’s not sure she can survive losing her heart to the ha.

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Angela had some bedroom baggage left from her first marriage But as the scenes became freuent and extremely intricate I have to admit that my enjoyment level waned I guess I am one of those readers who doesn t mind and occasional bedroom scene but when it takes A Regency Captains Prize up good portions of chapters I grow tired of themOn the other hand you can see that my enjoyment level wasn t too affected by either of these That is because Cheryl Yeko is an awesome author who honestly doesn t need these superfluous things top her score The story is full of just the right amount of detail action and romance to make it incredibly engaging I would certainly read other books by this author in the futureI was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I was not financially compensated and all opinions are 100 percent mine Good riveting suspenseA good read that will keep your interest Always knowing the hero will win the day Will he get the girl Angela Angel has survived an abusive marriage gaining freedom when her husband is killed but it seems that the peace she wants won t be coming anytime soon someone seems keen to dispose of her and she finds herself The Bridal Bed under police suspicion Angela is at risk of loosing her heart to the handsome detective that seems determined to find out what she is hiding widowed single dad JakeFor me this book didn t have the emotional potency I like in a read which has such a plotline and there were moments where Jake needed a little kick I also think that the way in which domestic violence and its conseuences were depicted could have been far better Nevertheless a nice light and easy one time read this was just what I needed in order to wash away the memories of the last few dud readsPotential Triggersview spoiler Domestic violence rape kidnapping and physical assault are components of this story hide spoile. Seems He soon realizes that trusting her goes hand in hand with desiring her and passion and duty collide Now it’sp to Jake to keep Angela and their chance at happiness aliv.

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