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Ond Or it could have been his heartless attitude toward their child Either way I was left with a mildly unsatisfied feeling at how asily Bay was able to forgive Adam and accept him as her mate throughout his callous treatment of her So it was with some trepidation that I The Magic Rolling Pin embarked on another journey to the Redwood pack I was not sure what toxpect Has Adam really changed all that much Is he still the same volatile Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, enforcer that I grew to both hate and love in the previous book I couldn t have been surprised at the noticeable changes in Adam and his relationship with Bay Gone was the morose shifter who put his mate down because he was having trouble dealing with a past she had nothing to do with Instead Ryan introduces us to a stronger loving Adam We finally get a glimpse of the real Adam and I couldn t be happier Together with the help of Reed Bay and Adam must uncover the truth behind a lost locket and the woman it once belonged to Along the way Adam and Bay learn the meaning of forgiveness Most importantly Adam shows personal growth and realizes that toarn true forgiveness he must first learn to forgive himself I must commend Ryan for redeeming Adam yet keeping his character true to himself And I ll admit to having a soft spot for the tragic hero turned jerk turned husband and father Well done Ms Ryan If you have not had the pleasure of meeting the Redwood Pack I would seriously recommend doing so You ll laugh you ll cry you ll sit at the Not Without a Fight edge of your seat in anticipation Basically the Redwood Pack will have you running the gambit ofmotions and loving Garden Bouquets and Beyond every minute of it. Meaning of forgivenessAuthor’s Note This is a novella set between books 4 and 5 to give you a taste of Bay and Adam It is best that you have already immersed yourselves in the Redwood Pack world howeverven new readers will njoy a glimpse of one of the Redwood’s favorite coupl.

I really njoyed reading about Bay and Adam I also just loved the side story with the locket and I m hoping for at least a mention somewhere later in the series A Wise ThemeIn this novella we have a chance to see Bay s gift in action What a wonderful gift it is This story does a phenomenal job of showing just how healing forgiveness is Being able to also see just how committed Adam is to Bay and Micah The Management Bible endears his character to meven Forgiveness is a wonderful theme for a novella in this series Zu schnell especially as the Redwoods are at war with the Centrals and need tonsure nothing can be used against them internally as family Adams my favourite character I really liked the story and how Adam and Bay have made their relationship work I really like that book 4 was all about them struggling to Sleepless (Bird of Stone, even get to knowach other and live in same house Where this book is about them celebrating and making a life together making plan tc Lovely but sad story about the locket Would be nice for a short story about Emeline meeting another mate and having HEA of her own Can t wait for Maddox and Ellie story 3 Adam and Bay Another uick read from the series the interesting part here is that this is a likeable Adam Well he did receive one hell of a wakeup call Next is Maddox and Ellie I love this series Thanks for all the wonderful characters and the overarching plot is interesting as well with all the twists turns Another piece of the story lineThis was a short story but a good story It helps you meet a few new characters that will down the line play a bigger part Overview Bay Jameson has a gift. Adam Jamenson’s courtship of his mate wasn’t the most conventional In fact it didn’t xist Though he knows Bay loves him with very ounce of her soul he needs to prove to her that he’s worth it Not only for her but for himself While they move on and learn to be the Enforcer.

Of seeing visions from objects When sh Did I just read a story where I liked Adam I think I did and color me surprisedI made no secret of my dislike for the study nforcer in his book He spent most of it acting like captain a hole and treating poor Bay very badlySome time has passed and has he mended his ways Why yes he has I am so happy to see him treating his mate right What a good boy pat his wolfie headThis was a nice little visit with the pair and a very Invisible (The Curse of Avalon enjoyable story It was the perfect thing to get whet my appetite for the next Redwood book A nice steam factor here It definitely warmed up my night Was GoodOkay so this is not my favorite book but I liked itnough I know that it is needed for a story down the road I just feel that it was a little to much A likeable Adam what a surpriseWOW Adam actually becomes likeable in this story In his own book Enforcers Redemption he didn t redeem himself at all In fact he was a totally unlikeable and mean person to his mate BayIn this he does seem to have become the mate Bay needs and deservesMy previous reviews of the original shorter version are all missing and this book has since been Yummy Supper expanded from my original copy I will not pay twice for a book no matter how much I love the author so I have borrowed thextended version from the library As much as I njoyed the interaction between the Jameson siblings and their chosen mates there was just something about Adam that rubbed me the wrong way Maybe it was the hot and cold treatment of his mate in Enforcer s Redemption Maybe it was how asy it was for him to dismiss their mate Mated pair Bay will find herself on a path that leads her to a history beyond just her and Adam’s mating When she finds a locket rich in history and memories she’ll do all in her power to see those involved found and remembered With Adam by her side they’ll both find the true.

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