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Be able to immediately read this one after reading An Affair to Dismember the first book in the series I went into this book with extremely high expectations and am happy to say that not only did Ms Sax meet them she exceeded themMatchpoint starts about a month after the end of An Affair to Dismember Gladie is sitting in Bird Gonzalez s beauticians chair getting talked into having the Ecuadoran Erect applied to her hair to straighten it Once this is done Gladie looks like a whole different person So much so that most people don t recognize her at all Gladie has made only 1 other match since the one in the last book But things are looking p since she has had a customer specifically ask for her Belinda is the receptionist at Bliss Dental and though Gladie has a pathological fear of any medical personnel she heads to Bliss Dental office to meet with Belinda On her way to her appointment with Belinda Gladie comes across a group of people wearing backpacks and t shirts about being taken by aliens Little does she know how strange these strangers to their little town are going to getWhen Gladie gets to the dentist office and meets Belinda Gladie realizes that this match may be a little harder than she anticipated Especially after she faints from the sight of a drill wakes Captivated by the Millionaire up in the dentist chair and is warned she has some serious cavities that need to be taken care of And then while she isnder the gas to get her teeth filled someone kills the dentist Belinda becomes a prime suspect and now not only does she want Gladie to match her A Mighty Big Wish up but to prove she is innocent I don t know how the author plans on topping this book but I Hair she prays only for relief No such luck Emerging from an anesthetic haze Gladie awakes to find that not only is her tooth still throbbing but her dentist is dead and the lead suspect in the murder office receptionist Belinda just so happens to be Gladie’s first real client Now it’sp to Gladie to find Belinda a man and keep her from being locked p behind bars As if.

I would have to say that this is easily the most spastic book I have personally EVER read It s here it s there and at the end I was left dazed and confused reeling and wondering what just happened here Highlights include a dentist being murdered his face cut off yes you read that correctly and left in his own chair Then he falls onto our heroine who is bloodied subjected to police car sex by crazy people and peed on by neighborhood boys All in all I just have to PASS Matchpoint by Elise Sax is the second book in her Matchmaker Series Gladie Burger is back and the continuing story just keeps getting better The story picks less than a mother after An Affair to Dismember ended and brings back all your favorite characters from the first book adding and laughs Thankfully we still get to hear about Cannes California s sexy police chief Spencer who just can t seem to stay away from Gladie and Holden her even sexier neighbor who can t keep his hands off of herGladie is on to her second paying client wanting to be matched with the perfect mate While visiting her client an office receptionist to a dentist Gladie ends p entwined in another murder mystery Add to that the madcap happenings in and around Gladie and you get a story that is reminiscent of Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum and her love triangle and crazy happeningsElise Sax wrote a laugh out loud hysterically funny and yet sweet story that will keep you coming back wanting to hear about Gladie s adventures which continue in Match and Release scheduled to be release in February of 2014 This is the second book in the Matchmaker Series by Elise Sax I was lucky enough to. Lovably troublesome Gladie Burger runs into sizzling danger and a fiery love triangle in the second installment of Elise Sax’s hilarious and sexy Matchmaker romance series Since joining the family matchmaking business run by her eccentric Grandma Zelda Gladie is always looking for love But when an nbearable toothache knocks her out of commission and into the dentist’s

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An t wait to find out This book kept me giggling and gasping out loud All the characters from the first book are accounted for and just as ncontrollable as before There is of the love triangle between Gladie Spencer and Holden and things start to heat The Greek Tycoons Mistress up This was a fantastic seuel and well worth another 5 stars This is a kooky town filled with kooky characters Gladie gets tricked into seeing the dentist and whilender he is killed Gladie is trying to find a match for the receptionist who also wants her to help clear her with the police dealing with the handsome mysterious neighbor Holden and the police chief who is hiding from half the ladies in townIt is similar to Stephanie Plum but without the explosions and this grandmother never leaves the house But she has plenty of friends around to help her get into trouble Gladie Burger is a match maker in training Some call her family witches but her family believes they just have an extra sensory ability In her eccentric ways Grandma Zelda tries to help guide Gladie down the right path to the perfect matchesTrouble is never in short supply in Gladie s home town and it seems Gladie finds her way into the center of it all The town has been over run with an alien worshipping cult creating havoc and alarming the towns folk The sheriff has gotten himself into some Facebook relationship trouble and is hiding out from his knife wielding lovers in Gladie s bedroom sexually harassingtormenting her the whole time Her hunky boyfriend Holden is being distant and aloof and somehow knows the cult leader Maybe the biggest problem is when Gladie wakes p from her dental anesthesia to fin. That weren’t enough distraction two gorgeous men are vying for Gladie’s attention Spencer the playboy chief of police and Holden Gladie’s secretive gorgeously muscled neighbor Still Gladie’s not complaining about having a helping hand or two when the case leads her to a dangerously bizarre cult She may have met her match and if she’s not careful it could be her la.

Elise Sax worked as a journalist for fifteen years mostly in Paris France She took a detour from journalism and became a private investigator before trying her hand at writing fiction She lives in Southern California with her two sons An Affair to Dismember is her first novel