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Ery was well constructed for those kids who love mysteries and unfolded in a classic Agatha Christie style as Jun collects all the suspects in one lace again not believable but I can t be against a tip of the hat to the grand master herself Overall a Paris Encore (Zion Covenant, pretty good bookOne thing that concerned me though I liked that there was an Asian boy at the center of this but after reading it I felt that you could have substituted in a white boy with just the most minor of changes All that seemed to indicate Jun as Asian was his name his stature stereotypical and maybe hisarents desire for his academic achievement again stereotypical A clever mystery While cyberbullying is at the heart of this mystery this is not a Boyfriends from Hell preachy book The cyberbullying issue is fully nuanced balanced with welllaced humor The seventh grade sleuth Jun is intelligent but flawed The mystery offers Battered Not Broken plenty of suspects but it takes Jun s sharp eye and whirring mind tout all the clues together The middle school setting is incredibly realistic and recognizable I can t wait to booktalk this with my students In this timely story 7th grader Jun Li is accused of cyberbullying a classmate The only evidence against him is the fact that his is good with computers and he was in the library around the same time as the incident Considering his good record the What Ive Become (The Humanity Within Book 1) principal gives him a week to uncover the culprit on his own otherwise it looks like Jun will take the fall Jun s faithful friend but not girlfriend Chris is happy to help him track down leads and doesn t mind being muscle if necessary She s center for the girl s basketball team But the they investigate the suspects theyick up And when Jun s The Contemporaries parents discover what s happening they don t exactly embrace Jun slan It s a well done story and every time I wanted to say they would never do that I realized that they UML Weekend Crash Course [With CDROM] probably would Cyberbullying isn t taken as seriously as it should be by adults and kids often have to figure these things out themselves Jun reminds me a little of Encyclopedia Brown and I hope Lawlorlans on writing a series for Jun s cases An unlikely detective but smart is smar. Ong the way that everyone's story is complicated than it seems and that the Steampunk Erotica people he meets have in common than they think With likeable characters and a fastaced humorous lot Bullycom is a compelling look at the conseuences of cyber bullying.

When I saw this book I was hesitant to look at it because the name implied it was about social issues but the name also implied it was about computers so I started reading the back I was still hesitant to read it but I decided to because I had been looking for a book for an hour at least by then What most impressed me about this book is the growth of the main character Jun In the beginning of the book Jun is scared to talk to his teacher about a mistake on his grade Jun approached the teacher s desk with short hesitant steps Lawlor 9 Jun was very shy and felt comfortable around computers than eople but his knowledge was used to his advantage later He was accused of being a cyber bully that was terrorizing many children in the school and Jun had one last chance to To the Golden Shore prove he was not the cyber bully The final three adults sat at a table in the rear Jun sarents Indulge (Warm Delicacy, plus their lawyer Lawlor 221 If Jun did not get a confession out of the real cyber bully he would have been arrested Luckily Jun who threatened to hack the cyber bully got a confession out of him Throughout the book Jun makes friends and enemies but has a normal social life which he did not have in the beginning This book is relevant to society because it teaches kids they do not have to be like everyone else to be liked You can be your ownerson have your own interests and still have friends too Okay I m torn as to the rating of this book but I m going to go with my gut instinct as a reader looking for something for my students and not as a teacher reacting to characters I wanted to throttle Please note it was not the young characters but the adults that frustrated me While there are some unbelievable elements to the story setting that aside this is a fantastic novel that looks at what happens to those who are victims of bullying With cyberbullying becoming even of a Tabloid City problem now this novel does a great job of looking at the implications Though students may not think they will suffer any repercussions they can and will Each of the younger characters brings something great to the story Though Kimmie Cole is certainly notainted to be a sym. Seventh grader Jun Li is a brilliant student comfortable around computers than Kirkland Revels people But his world turns upside down when therincipal accuses him of To Him Who Sits on the Throne postingictures on the school's website that expose the eating disorder of one of his classm.

Pathetic character as the story is told one can see maybe why she has become who she is Poor Jun too being dragged into this because he s in the wrong lace at the wrong time I felt for him What frustrated me was the adult reactions around him As a middle school teacher myself I was horrified by the teachers in the book Yes though it appears Jun did it because of circumstantial evidence the fact that his teachers were too busy to write recommendations for him infuriated me I understand their osition of not wanting to recommend someone who is implicated in such a horrible thing however as someone who gets to know her students well it bothered me that they jumped to conclusions about him and didn t wait to hear the entire story It really broke my heart Aside from that the book was excellent I like Jun Chris and the rest and would enjoy seeing this turned into a mystery series 7th grader Jun Li has never been in trouble in his life but now someone has framed him for a cyberbullying incident that targeted Kimmie one of the nastiest girls in school The Youth, Beautiful Youth principal has given him one week to find the real culprit or Jun will be expelled Along with his best friend Chris a girl Jun interviewseople who had connections with Kimmie and tries to avoid getting beaten up by Kimmie s boyfriend Things get worse before they get better as the bully does his or her best to convince everyone that Jun is the culprit and the whole school turns on him Is there any chance Jun can save himselfWhile I found the rincipal s actions completely unbelievable threatening to expel a middle school student with no real evidence then ordering the student to investigate the crime himself I can see why the contrivance was necessary to set up the story After that I found it sadly believable It s a good example of how kids abuse each other online today and how it takes very little to turn the tide of rumor against someone I liked the ethical dilemma of Jun having to help a girl who had done so many bad things to other kids that everyone hated her and how there wasn t a lot of black and white anywhere just realistic situations The myst. Ates To rove his innocence Jun has seven days to track down the true cyber bullyJun's investigation will bring him face to face with computer hackers a jealous boyfriend and than one student who has been a victim of bullying But he discovers al.

Joe Lawlor grew up on Long Island with three sisters and no brothers To escape unwanted sisterly love he hid himself away in his closet or sometimes in the limbs of the tall oak in his backyard When he couldn’t get far enough away his imagination was his escape While other boys his age bashed their action figures together Joe created extensive backstories and family histories for each Even