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Riley is this Pink Girl She s a smart blond weird huh she over thinks everything plans a lot and is full of energy and words She also sketch a lotSam is this Native hot and strong guy that is a gentleman mysterious and very nice also adorableThey both get to know each other in a Leadership event when they get paired for a scavenger hunt At the beginning they hated each other because Sam hates Riley s brother and is being rude to her so Riley is angry at him for being rude Riley is kind of blinded by anger and does something really stupid she falls from a tree to a side rock that excels a mountain and she can t climb back because she s really hurt Then Sam goes down with her and stays with her taking care of her and everything They become really close friends and share a deep secret The next day they re rescued and Riley is decided to help him win the heart of the girl he loves And that s when everything startsI loved that How they hated each other and then they became so close I wanted all the story to take place in that cliff or whatever it was probably my favorite partI didn t like Riley so much she s a dumb blond but smart I mean she s really smart according to this book but she acts super stupidly almost all the bookSam on the other hand is really smart and nice he s a uiet guy with a lot going on I loved him I could relate with his attitudeI liked Drew Riley s best friend but unfortunately she isn t in a lot of scenes of the bookAnd Ryan and Fred Ryan didn t convinced me I liked him but meh And Fred is an amazing girl at least that s how it sounds I want to read about these two in HookedThe book is kind of fatty it s long and with a bunch of scenes and I liked thatIt s narrated by both Riley and Sam I didn t like much Riley s parts she thinks in a weird very girly way I loved Sam s parts he s so harsh with himself but at the same time so adorableI liked Sam s friends a lot Well just Trevor and Martin I want to know a bit about those twoThe ending was perfect I really liked it A bit before the ending in their adventure everything seemed a bit predictable and forced but then it became better an easier to readAnd I think that s it it isn t a very original topic but it has really nice parts I liked it This review and on So BookaliciousPlayed is about a lot of things wrong first impressions white lies misunderstandings first love and friendship Riley has always been the good girl She got stellar grades never breaks curfew and doesn t cause her parents any trouble after she has an older bro Originally posted at Geeky ChiuitasIt is when a book hits so close to home that I find it the most difficult to write a review and make sense of how I feel about the story Played is unexpectedly one of those books and I ve spent days trying to decipher my thoughts into words Nevertheless I shall attempt Played tells the story of Riley and Sam two people with completely different backgrounds whose paths one day cross on a leadership camp for intelligent and outstanding students They instantly hate each other Sam thinking of Riley as a spoiled bossy white girl while Riley thinking of Sam as this rude moody and arrogant guy But when they are paired up to work together Riley finds herself in danger with only Sam there to save her After spending a whole day together stranded at the bottom of a cliff they form an unlikely friendship Riley then decides to repay Sam by helping him get together with her brother s girlfriend who is Sam s crush Told in the alternating POVs of Sam and Riley Played is about how two different people fall in love At first I found this premise uite shallow and unoriginal considering there have been several stories made about a boy and a girl who hate each other but eventually fall in love andor a girl who helps the boy get together with someone else but they unexpectedly fall in love and end up together in the end anyway The story of Played is a mesh of these two tropes and I wasn t as enthusiastic about it at first However Played drew me in the moment I got a glimpse into Sam and Riley s thoughts I found both these characters very interesting not necessarily likable but very compelling and I wouldn t want to admit but also relatable Riley seemingly has the perfect life especially in Sam s eyes Her family is rich her grades are high what could she ask for But throughout the book ou see how much she struggles to meet her parent s expectations to excel beyond what she is capable of Though Riley is presumed to be a good girl the obedient one who never drinks and always gets straight As we get to see Riley get in touch with her rebellious side the side that we honestly all have but try the hardest to not unleash Throughout the book Riley does a bunch of stupid and selfish things but through all of these Riley is able to break out of her shell and mature into a person who can distinguish between right and wrong and also one who does not just follow blindlySam is different Being one of the few Native Americans in their school he tries hard to fit in It was interesting to see how Sam juggled with his life home in the Rez and his life outside of it how these two opposite ends would meet Sam s struggle to be recognized by his father comprised a major part of his story and I liked how it worked out in the end Both of them have their own problems to deal with problems that are not unfamiliar to teenagers today These are problems that concern family life societal expectation acceptance and es even race There is a part in the book where the characters ponder over what the politically correct term for Native American is something that has possibly crossed the minds of any teenager in today s generation At the beginning Riley experiments with Botox with her best friend and here we see a girl who has for a long time obediently followed her parents expectations and now realizing that maybe just maybe she does not want to anyThere is also a diverse group of secondary characters Fred and Ryan the two main characters in the first novel Hooked contributed a big part to the story and I loved how they fit into it I loved how they were a big key to Riley and Sam s realization and journey to acceptance of themselves Everyone else was also very interesting and well rounded characters Trevor Fred s brother who helps Sam by selling him his bike Jay the misogynistic jerk Drew Riley s best friend who s always there for her Martin who gives the best advice to Sam Riley s parents who just really want the best for her Sam s parents who struggle to understand him and last but not the least Sam s grandmother who I found so likeable and so genuinely niceThe romance between Sam and Riley was well paced as well I absolutely abhor insta love so I liked how they started by not exactly liking each other I loved seeing how they evolve from strangers to friends and finally into something The dream basket which Sam s grandmother gives to Riley is an important component of their love story and I found if to be a sweet but simple way to wrap things up The best part of the book is the probably the last 15% of it I loved how the story was concluded and the ending was just perfectly wondrous It gave me this good suirmy feeling like I wanted to hug these two people and pat them in the back for a job well done Originally posted on Confessions of an Opinionated Book GeekThis is a story about wrong first impressions misconceptions white lies and misunderstandings It s also about a good girl who is suddenly trouble and a uiet boy who finds himself suddenly a hero I loved it Riley has always done everything right She s got great grades is always home by curfew and never gives her parents any problems She s also a nobody at high school well not completely a nobody she is Ryan Berenger s little sister That s her identity that and the fact that she wears lots of pink That s until she gets stranded in the woods overnight with a boy named Sam and is put on the high school map Suddenly all the girls want to talk to her and all the boys want to know her Sam has two things on. This Game Is Getting All Too RealHe said I like to keep under the radar and mostly hang out with my friends from the rez But when.

Haracters I liked them but there were issues and they were a clear impediment on my reading I feel like the character development in this series is kind of poor Just sayingWould I Recommend ItIf ou read the first book then definitely read this book because it s worth the read If ou haven t read either book then ou could pass on the series I knew that I would like this book better because I really liked Sam in the first book so I wanted to see how things would work out for him Read it if American Poetry you were in the same boat as me it s worth itRating35 stars rounded down to 3 stars I definitely liked this book than I liked the first book but I still had issues with this book I guess they re different issues though which is good in a way This isn t one of my favorite contemporary series but I m glad I gave this book and Hooked a chance I was so happy I learned that I was a part of the Played blog tour and I was so excited when I received my copy from Netgalley I wanted to read it immediately but figured it d be best if I waited until my tour stop date got closer before reading itBefore I read Played I was in a slight reading slump I read but a book couldn t hold my attention for than 15 minutes thus me reading four books all at once I knew I had to finish Played soon so that s what I concentrated on mostly At first I was bored but when I got to the middle I got intrigued and the story held of my attention Riley and Sam both went to the Leadership Conference and got teamed up in the scavenger hunt to find some leaves and stuff through the forest Sam and Riley took a path different from all the scavenger hunters but because of Riley s stubbornness she falls off the Mogollon Rim Then it starts to rain forcing Riley and Sam to spend the night in the forest fighting for survivalWhen Riley and Sam gets rescued Riley is beyond thankful that Sam helped her stay alive As a means of repaying Sam for this act Riley promises Sam that she would help him win the love of his life And so begins their adventureWhen I started reading Played I didn t like it that much I felt pretty bored while reading the first half of the book but it just got better and better at the second part During the first half I was really annoyed by the main character s naive crush on Jay and also she s trying to break up her brother and his girlfriend She lied and became this crazy girl and I was annoyed I read on though and at the second half I became happy with the bookThings started to get exciting as Riley and Sam spent and time with each other Slowly their feelings for each other developed and there certainly were a lot of amazing feels It started to hold my attention and I wasn t able to put it down any I loved loved loved the last twenty or so percent of the book It was heart clenching and gripping and everything was coming together amazingly Apologies were made and the characters made amends It was amazing how everything wrapped up and I felt glad to have read this bookOverall I rate this book 35 stars Yes I am all praise on the second half of the book especially the last twenty percent but I cannot forget how annoyed I was at the first half I recommend people to try this one but I think it depends on personal taste whetherou like it or not But I can promise Every Good Girl you that the last half is just absolutely amazing What a fun surprise Played by Liz Fichera was Two teens from different worlds collide at a school sponsored Leadership Conference Like oil and water Riley and Sam clash until they are forced to work together as a team on a scavenger hunt in the forest and hills surround the conference One wrong turn one huge misstep finds Riley and Sam trapped until morning huddled together for warmth and to stay dry Sam sees Riley as a rich little princess Riley sees Sam as an arrogant teen with a chip on his shoulder The events of that night change everything for these two as Riley vows to re pay Sam for saving her by finding a way to get the girl he has been crushing since childhood to notice him Too bad the object of his affection is Riley s brother s girlfriendWhat happens when misguided good intentions backfireRiley has it good accept for the fact that her older brother seems to be everyone s favorite at home while she seems to never be good enough no matter how her grades are no matter what she does In Sam Riley finds someone to lean on and confide in while Sam learns to trust her enough to knock some of those chips on his shoulders off a he learns there is a wonderful warm person under all that pink she wearsOften comical sometimes just plain true teen and definitely a moving story of two teens who discover they are not only good friends but could become so much Not only is this a coming of age story but a story of change and the struggle to be understood or at least to be noticed as part of the family for Riley Sam learns to let go of manufactured dreams and assumptions and to learn to try to fit in both worlds he lives in Liz Fichura takes us back to high school the cliues the bullies the entire scene as she highlights two teens caught up in the struggle of pre adulthood Ms Fichura has done a marvelous job of portraying the dual life of a Native American one steeped in an ancient culture and one trying to blend into the melting pot of this country A uick read that seems wonderful forounger teens on upI received the ARC edition from Harleuin Teen in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date May 27 2014Publisher Harleuin TeenISBN 9780373210947Genre TeenYA FictionNumber of Pages 352Available From Barnes Noble I read and enjoyed Hooked a A Sixpenny Christmas year ago so of course I was ecstatic when I was approved to read and review PlayedNow I m very conflicted about my thoughts on Played A few minutes after reading it I decided that it was just an okay book not bad not great After giving it a few hours of thought I realized that there were much things that were bad than good to my dismay I really wanted to love this book since the premise was something I enjoyed reading aboutSo I thought the synopsis meant that the guy had a crush on a popular girl he ll never have since I totally forgot the events that went on in book one Imagine my surprise when I realized the girl he couldn t get over was the heroine s brother s girlfriend Holy hell so basically the heroine was trying to break the relationship between her brother and his girlfriend just so the guy who saved her can have a chance with said girlfriend The hell girl I get that she felt like she had to repay Oh my stars RILEY AND SAM S STORY I NEED IT NAOW I am so happy that I decided to read this Lastear I read Hooked story about girl named Fred who plays golf and popular boy Ryan who took his sweet time to finally make his own decisions I was not the biggest fan so Last of the Few you can understand my hesitance to pick up a seuel But now I am really glad that I did because otherwise I d miss something worth reading Aman won t agree with me about that one soou can read why she didn t finish it on Enticed by Books just in case My Darling, My Hamburger you need second opinion Girls meetour next book crush All of Love Virtually you who read first bookou do remember Sam Tracy Big guy who only looks scary but actually is a real sweetheart Well this is his story Played can be described as romantic comedy a lot like those written by Jennifer Echols Thinking about it now I believe that fans of The Boys Next Door will adore this novel A boy and a girl who normally wouldn t hang out are forced to spend time together one of them suggest evil mastermind plan they do a lot of other things they bond we swoon and cheer Perfect and summery and heart melting and adorable With just enough drama Liz Fichera made a perfect mix of emotions angst unexpected twists misunderstandings revelations and goose bumps moments With only couple of things that bothered me but didn t mess up with how much I enjoyed reading this book Played is a perfect choice for upcoming warm days Review posted at Ja itam a ti Copy of the book was provided by publisher Harleuin Teen via NetGalley in exchange for an honest revie. M Tracy win the heart of the girl he can't get over I'll pay him back for helping me I promised him I would no matter what it take.

His mind getting himself into a good college so he can give back to the reservation and a girl named Fred He s loved Fred in one way or another for as long as he can remember but Fred just didn t love him back She gave her heart to Ryan Berenger instead ensuring that Sam want nothing to do with anyone with the last name Berenger including Ryan s Our Island Guide younger sister Riley But when Riley is injured in the middle of nowhere during their schools leadership camping trip Sam can t bring himself to leave her For one night Riley and Sam rely on each other for support warmth and comfort Riley drunk with relief and gratitude decides that she is going to get Sam the thing he wants most Fred her brothers girlfriendAnd so it begins a convoluted plan that leads to laughs heartache danger and a ruined reputation I won t lie there were moments where I could not believe how clueless Riley was when it came to her feelings Here she is falling in love with this guy and she s trying to fix him up with someone else But many of us have done it Helped a guy or girlfriend with their love life when allou want to do is ell pick me Love me There is also the morality of it all Breaking up our own brother s relationship when Horn (Horn, you have seen how this love had changed him for the better Of course as a fan of HOOKED I was extremely unhappy cuz I love me some Fred and Ryan Seeing a coupleou saw get together and rooted for from the POV of other characters is very interesting You want to hate Riley for wanting to break up two characters تعلم jQuery فى 120 دقيقة you like Butou can t do it cuz Damian (The Caine Brothers you are seeing their thoughts or really how little they have thought it through I really love these books by Liz Fichera They are entertaining fun and diverse Sam like Fred from HOOKED is a Native American teenager who lives on a reservation When is the last timeou ve read or heard about characters with that background What I also loved is that the author managed to stay away from the cliche While Sam s relationship with his dad is strained it s not because he s an alcoholic or abusive It s because like many other families they just can t seem to connect His dad liked camping Sam likes to stay in reading etc Then there is Riley I liked that although Sam and Riley start with a DarcyLizzie type wrong first impressions it s not about race They don t dislike each other because one is Native and the other white it s about personality Which if Driven by Desire you grow up in a diverse place like I didou are rarely a prejudice What I did enjoy is that race isn t ignored There s a scene where the uestion is asked what Sam likes to be called Native Native American by tribe or Indian which Sam responds just Sam Which is brilliant I have had lots of conversations about how to identify myself and have decided to borrow from this character and reply just Naomi I recommend this book for fans of YA like Anna and the French Kiss and Golden anyone who liked Hooked and for readers who are looking to read about diverse characters ARC provided by and Netgalley Release Date May27 2014 Review posted on The Eater of Books blogPlayed by Liz FicheraBook Two of the Hooked seriesPublisher Harleuin TEENPublication Date May 27 2014Rating 3 starsSource eARC from NetGalleyOfficial SummaryThis Game Is Getting All Too RealHe said I like to keep under the radar and mostly hang out with my friends from the rez But when I saved Riley Berenger from falling off a mountain that rich suburban princess decided to try to save me She said If I can help Sam Tracy win the heart of the girl he can t get over I ll pay him back for helping me I promised him I would no matter what it takesWhat I LikedI had a feeling that I would enjoy this book than I enjoyed Hooked book one and I was right Hooked got three stars from me so it s not THAT big of a difference but overall I definitely liked this book For one I liked the male protagonist Sam a lot and at times Riley the female protagonist This book picks up where the first book ended but these books can be read as companion novels Fred and Ryan are together and Sam Tracy couldn t be heartbroken When he and Riley Berenger Ryan s ounger sister are stuck together in a leadership conference things are about to change The two of them get stranded in the wilderness and after Sam saves Riley she is determined to return the favor in which Riley takes it upon herself to get Fred and Sam together even though Fred is dating Riley s brotherFor most of this book up until the part where Sam makes some seriously stupid decisions involving Jay Hawkins I really enjoyed this book It s different from its predecessor Riley is meddling in everyone s lives trying to create problems in Ryan and Fred s relationship trying to give Sam a makeover trying to get Sam on the prom court trying to get Jay Hawkins attention trying to get any attention at all trying to be the not perfect daughter At first I understood Riley and how she was feeling It s hard when everyone EXPECTS ou to be perfect and never mess up but siblings or best friends don t have that high standard and can get away or not get in serious trouble for doing bad thingsSo at times I got Riley I understood her I could see why she wanted to help Sam I could understand why she wanted to get the attention of one of the coolest and hottest boys in school I know the pressure the feeling of not wanting to be so perfect all the time of not wanting to have those high standards all the time I think I liked Riley up until she started acting stupid and brainless She s a very smart girl But then she let her emotions get the better of her AND THEN SOME and it got messy I didn t like how she reacted to things in the last fourth of the book The same goes with Sam I really liked Sam He is uiet În excavator (Trilogia Nomilor yet confident broodinget sensitive There are so many good ualities that he has and selflessness is one of them which I really liked I can and can t believe he d fall for someone like Riley but then opposites DO attract The two of them are weird together Bad things seem to happen around them Or maybe just RileyWhile book one went in circles this book definitely did NOT I was happy to see some serious plot twists and surprises in this book especially coming down to the end The author hit many different issues in this book and seemed to focus less on the Native American culture which benefited her and the story than anything else Overall I think I liked this one though I hate to be playing the comparison game I m glad for the change of characters the change of pace the change of focus Definitely a job better done Fichera I mean that nicely What I Did Not LikeI already mentioned this but gradually I started liking Riley less and less At first I was like I can relate to this girl Then she just went psycho She got black out drunk at a party and let Jay Hawkins do nasty things with teuila and take pictures of her while she was so heavily inebriated Stupid Stupid stupid stupid Guys I m a college student and I will tell An Accidental Woman you over and over LEAVE THE ALCOHOL ALONE Don t get black out drunk Don t get drunk at all It messesou up short term and long term Well it worked against Riley big time Those pictures were posted on Facebook and everyone saw them In this book the pictures were taken down eventually In the real world Things never completely disappear Things don t really get taken down from Facebook eitherSo Poppet (Jack Caffery, yeah I slowly lost respect for Riley Towards the end of the book she got stupider and stupider Things like prom court and breaking up her brother and his girlfriend and running away seemed really really important Riley is so immature and it shows in the last fourth of the book For an intelligent girl she is really dense and lacks common sense Beginning to the end of the story Sam Oh Sam Why didou have to be one of those boys that has a spotless record and no fighting incidents right until The Siege Winter you meet this one girl This one girl thatou aren t even dating Wow Just wow Great decision making there You had to be THAT GUY that goes apes crazy once he s met this girl Okie dokie thenSo I had issues with the I saved Riley Berenger from falling off a mountain that rich suburban princess decided to try to save me She said If I can help Sa.

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