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Oupled with thinly veiled self promotion I was the first one to ever ask this uestion made reading even of a struggle Yes the content is fascinating but the author does a terrible job of breaking it down for the reader to follow and it feels like each chapter can be summarized this was an important discovery I knew they had to be Jewish but needed one piece of validation Maps diagrams photos anything visual would have helped this book tremendously A book talking about the personal history of a Converso Marrano B nei Anusim family where she can trace her roots back through 15 grandmothers all the way back to pre expulsion Spain and Portugal should be exactly the kind of book to cherish And I found this book because of her cookbook featuring recipes of those 15 grandmothers from all over Latin America I am glad she could unravel her roots but there is something about this book that is too self absorbed to help much for me located in a community that is 47% 52% Hispanic Every ear I have people sit in my office who want to explore their Jewish roots Much like this author they have some story of separating dough or fasting in the fall or lighting candles on Fridays Hushed secrets and traditions Unclear origins I know she did a tremendous amount of research but I would have liked to see the research and documentation The current version seemed forced trying to tie the personal narrative which I appreciate to the results she was hoping to find I liked Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean better on a similar topic and history. Was able to unravel the web of lies and deceit that her family had spun around themselves in order to survive the Spanish InuisitionThey lived with one foot in each world as they converted to Catholicism openly while secretly practicing their own religion underground Genie was fortunate enough to grab the brass ring that was thrown in the air over 500 ears

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Ory itself was interesting and a good read An Amazing StoryI finished this book in 3 days It was so fascinating to read Genie s story She obviously is a brilliant woman since childhood to have been able to uestion the Catholic Church at such a oung ageI loved how driven she was not to give up on finding her rootsI do know people by the name of Montana Perhaps they re related Fabulous The one flaw I found is that nowhere in the beginning of the book does it announce the much needed glossary that is at the end I also wish that the book had a little description of Jewish religious practices or thought and of comparative theology just an extra couple of paragraphs here or there or maybe some references for further reading I loved this book It s a must read for anyone interested in genealogy Sephardic Judaism Spanish history especially the dark period of the inuisition ancestral memory andor the uest for identity It s short but packed full of information presented in an easy to read narrative style Ms Milgrom s persistence in her research even in the face of numerous roadblocks is admirable and inspirational as is her personal journey to conversion to Judaism as a Falling Through Clouds young adult Give the book a few hours ofour time it s worth it I was so excited to read this book when I received it But despite the fascinating topic reading this personal account was painful 150 pages with large print was still way too long There was so much redundancy in the recounting of events and in the author s emotional state it became tedious O strong feelings and an affinity towards Judaism her search for her family's past took on a deeper significance as she researched her maternal lineage and not only discovered but documented and verified her Pre Inuisition Spanish Roots to Fifteenth Century Spain and Portugal where they lived first as Jews then as Crypto Jews and finally as Roman Catholics She.

Wonderful story of a Cuban born Catholic raised in the US who follows her calling by converting to Orthodox Judaism then traces 15 generations of grandmothers back to find that they were Marranos in the Inuisition forced to convert from Judaism to Catholicism Very personal story could have been made better by professional editing to bring closure to some items This was a very interesting book The author writes about her personal history regarding her Converso Jewish ancestors who converted to Catholicism during the Spanish Inuisition but continued to practice their Judaism in secret She was able to research her maternal grandmothers back to 1480 She was raised a Catholic but converted to Judaism as she felt strongly that she belonged there As she did her genealogy she came to realize that the had been Jewish all along I would like to read a book about these Converso Jews in a general historical sense I liked this book but I would like history on the whole Spanish Inuisition Jewish conflict and how people survived An amazing story of a woman finding her Jewish roots Interesting but skimmable memoir by a Cuban American woman born into a Catholic family and educated in Catholic schools who seeks and finds her Spanish Jewish roots from centuries ago I ve long had a fascination with Crypto Jews and those who have felt drawn to Judaism as well as those who find themselves on a journey and discover that they are descended from Crypto Jews This was simply written and the editing was disappointing too many typos The st. The book My 15 Grandmothers takes the reader through an exciting maze of intrigue where literally every stone that is turned ields a new twist in the personal journey of Genie Milgrom Having been brought up in a Roman Catholic family in Havana Cuba and descending from Spanish ancestry did not ensure that her life would be lived within that realm In response

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