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Reviewed for THC Reviews45 stars Love on the Lifts is a sweet young adult romance that celebrates the wonder of first loves High school senior Kate the main protagonist and first person narrator of the story takes her two best friends to a ski resort to stay in a condo owned by her aunt where they are unexpectedly joined by her college freshman brother and his two friends Needless to say everyone finds someone to romance during a fun filled winter break Kate was a very likable heroine She seemed like a pretty typical irl in her late teens She harbors some mild self confidence issues and teen angst Once I realized that Kate s huge crush Brad her brother s roommate is a player who can also be a bit of a jerk it could have been easy to want Kate to just Out of This Orbit (Cosmic Soul Mates, get over him and open her eyes to Joe the other betteruy right in front of her but in my opinion her being stuck on Brad was never overdone She does a The War Planners Series great deal of thinking about whether he s really worth pursuing as well as pondering what she really feels for Joe In fact I liked that Kate took the time to carefully consider a relationship and ended up making a wise and admirable choice in the end I also couldn t help but sympathize with her conflicting feelings and confusion as I remembered the romances of my own youth Even though the events took place pretty uickly over just a few weeks time I liked that Kate and Joe built a friendship andot to know each other before anything of a romantic nature took place It was just really sweet that they came to realize how well suited they were for each other and how much they simply enjoyed each other s companyIn addition to the romantic relationships Love on the Lifts also had an uplifting take on the relationships between family and friends Kate has a close bond with her aunt with whom she has spent many a winter break but she learns a few new things about her this trip Kate fights with her brother Sam as siblings are often wont to do but even they have a few loving moments that come as a bit of a pleasant surprise to Kate Her best friends Allie and Leah have very different personalities but they all Glidepath (Max Fend, get along wonderfully and support each other unconditionally As a parent I would say that Love on the Lifts is appropriate for the young adult audience at which it is aimed I counted a sum total of only three mild profanities Not surprisingly since the plot revolves around threeuys and three The Complete Calvin and Hobbes [Box Set] girls sharing the same house without adult supervision on site there are some implications of possible hanky pankyoing on behind closed doors but absolutely nothing explicit within the text Even the kisses the only thing that does take place on canvas are pretty sweet and tender without Um Natal em Ardmore getting too sensual Aside from Brad who only seems to be out for a fling all the other relationships are rooted in loving feelings not just sex even though I ll admit that most of those feeling came about pretty uickly Not to mention all the couples plan to continue their newfound romances long term Because of the implied sexual content though I would probably only recommend it for mature teens On the up side I thought the book had a veryood message about love being than a surface attraction and that one must look deeper to find something Skeletons genuine and lasting Love on the Lifts is a fast paced easy read It was a fairly simple and predictable story but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway It may have been a lighter upbeat novel than what I typically read but I thought the author managed to infuse it with just enough emotion to keep it real and believable I ve previously read Rachel Hawthorne writing adult romances as Lorraine Heath and I d have to say this book was definitely a different style and tone from what I m used to seeing from this author but still enough alike that I could discern hints of her other style It seems that no matter which name she is writing under Ms Hawthorne has me entranced by her story telling skills and I ll definitely be picking up another of her books when I m in the mood for something a bit lighter The best thing about these kind of books is that it s light and uick and cute and very very sweet It put me in the right festive mood no matter how much I despise the coldpJoe I was rooting for you the whole time Not very impressed with any of rachel hawthornes booksher werewolf series wasood but the other books ive read from her i haven t really liked a whole lother characters come off as childish when they re in high school and yet come off as old at the same timewhat with the yogavegetarian stuff i meanhow many teens are like thati think she forgot what teens are actually likeexamples hottie hunkhunkme and my budsbabesguns as in musclesstudhe was to die fordrive fastkiss babesskiwicked awesomeWe ll swapfriend for ski instructor that sounded fair how stupid is thatrachel s characters always make lists and rules and always want to sign iti mean why don t u just sign it in blood while ur at itwhy would you want a uy who just traipsed off with this irl and stayed at her condo you know what they were doing and it wasn t playing a So Far from the Sea game of cardsi doubt someone like brad would use a word like duration in fact no one talks like thathow could she not realize that allie liked samkate kept sayin she was over brad and yet kept talkin about him and then pretended he was the ball in the fooseballamei just wanted her to be done with him and actually stick with itits pretty darn fantastical that all three The Wolfs Healing Touch (Wolves of Stone Ridge girls founduyswhy did they start sleeping with the The Draft guystalk about moving fast the storylines for these romantic comedies are so unreal as are the charactershow manyirls Bible Prophecy go on vacation to hook up with auyand while we re on the romantic comedy topichow bout we et a little romance and comedy in theresome of the convos were just random in herekate could be kinda rude at timeswhat was her problem with hot tubs being outsidewhenever anyone mentioned it she was like ur crazy for wanting to do thatjust a lil heads up don t be fooled by the uotes from this book that are funnythe whole book isn t like thatsometimes you d read pages and pages before you hit another funny commentbasically all the conversations in here between the main character and joe consisted of her asking uestionslike what do you mean just decided to read this book again Winter Break super secret perfect cocoa recipe 8 oz steamed whole milk no skim doesn't work 2 tbsp dark cocoa powder bi.

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That they were ALL of them Kate s friend Allie sleeps in the same bed as Sam Kate s other friend Leah moves in with a ski instructor for the duration of the vacation Brad moves in with his new irlfriend Kate sleeps in the same bed as Joe While there isn t any explicit mention of sex it s kind of implied that everyone is pretty much doing it like jackrabbits and that s something that annoys me in a YA novel especially one that is otherwise packaged as a sweet and clean romance2 The Kate have a The Astral Codex good time fund DROVE ME ABSOLUTELY NUTS How many times did this saying need to be uttered ZERO in my opinion but instead it s brought up OVER AND OVER AND OVER I know it s minor but I admit I have occasional pet peeves and this is one of themOverall the book was just mediocre I didn t hate it but I didn t like it that much either I loved this so much It really kept my attention span andot really Here There Be Witches good at the endI didn t want it to end One word Fabulous It s a typical story about airl Kate crushing over a boy Brad whom she first laid eyes on but didn t realize that the better Joe is just right behind her I like the reason why Joe had liked Kate the legendary love at first sight Story of the Liberty Bell gosh I don t think I ll everet bored of any story with this concept lecturing here but it s just so sweet He had been there when she needed comforting after Brad ditched her for Sinthia I mean Cynthia she is an open book wherelse he is Fake Mustache good with his poker face Talking about compatible aren t magnets from different poles supposed to be attracted to one another Pardon the analogy hahaTruth about Joe is that he is this silent lover patience and always lurking in the shadows in aood angellic way and offer Kate comfort what s not to like Besides that there are many relationships starting to blossom as well Sam with Allie sweeet Leah and Ian etc And Aunt Sue is a very insightful old lady this is a story about finding and recognizing true love adorable Desert Rose and Her Highfalutin Hog got you smiling and laughing away It was a veryood reading to me Full Review on The Candid CoverFilled with drama and humour Love on the Lifts is the perfect book for the winter The setting is dreamlike and the hot chocolatebook store is something that I would love to visit in real life I found the main character to be pretty clueless but it wasn t so bad that I had to put the book downLove on the Lifts is the story of a winter vacation where things don t o uite as planned Kate is ready for some time with her friends but when her brother and his friends show up unexpectedly they have to learn to share I enjoyed the simple drama throughout the book and the humour such as list of rules made by the irls This is a super uick read to curl up with this winterI enjoyed Kate as a character She is reasonable and very logical She understands that winter break won t last long and that she shouldn t Hey Wait a Minute! Five Rough and Reluctant Sex Erotica Stories get too attached to anyone in the town Kate also assigns chores fairly like the boys cleaning and theirls cooking My one issue with Kate however is her cluelessness She doesn t notice what s right in front of her This isn t just with her jerk of a crush either Kate is blind to what s Drawing Straws going on with her friends and someone who is clearly nice to her I feel like this was too over the top andot annoying after a whileThe setting of this book is like a dream Since it is winter break the characters spend a lot of time outside building snowmen and skiing My favourite location is Kate s Aunt s store It is a book store but also a hot chocolate store That is actually oals and I loved the descriptions of the store s coziness and the hot chocolate making It really ot me into the spirit of ChristmasLove on the Lifts is the perfect book for winter break I loved the light drama and the perfect wintry setting I did have a few issues with the main character but they weren t too major and I still enjoyed the book I read this a number of years ago and then Ethical Responsiveness and the Politics of Difference gave it to my mom I asked for it back to reread this winter and loved it just as much as the first time It s just a cute light love story Definitely what I adore reading this time of year Love on the Lifts tells the story of Kate who instantly has a crush at first sight on Brad It uickly turns into an obsession of being with him even before they ve had any conversation As you canuess Kate isn t exactly likeable She s boring at best annoying at worstAt the ski resort Kate her brother Sam and her two friends Allie and Leah both are completely forgettable and I suspect they were only created to make up the numbers and to make Kate bearable The scarecrow go to a ski resort where they are also joined by Sam s friends Brad and Joe Brad is obviously meant to be theood looking unattainable player type Unfortunately he wasn t convincing as one He was just flat Joe wasn t any better either though he was clearly the better choice He just didn t seem to have much of a personality However the person who lacked personality the most was Kate hands down I wasn t surprised that Brad couldn t remember her name I found it hard to believe that Joe liked her She was boring insecure and pathetic pining for Brad and all based on what His looks Yeah that s it If he was actually funny or smart or something other than stereotypical it would have been a little understandable Then she starts to notice Joe and becomes irrationally jealous when he and bookstore Elizabeth Cady Stanton girl Paige seem to be close I really didn t like how she and her friends constantly talked aboutetting a After the End guy or a ski instructor which was repeated to death Seriously that s just shallow and boring It was unbelievable how everyone had a happy ending and found true love It just doesn t happen that easily and simultaneously These couples have known each other for a short while have no chemistry whatsoever and yet they seem to be on their way to till death do us part If Hawthorne could write convincingly and flesh out their relationships fine Unfortunately that didn t happen All of the characters and the story had no depth Even Kate s aunt was just there and she encouraged Kate too after the The Doll and Her Friends (1893) guy she wants Really I don t see the need to rush why not just enjoy the scenery and explore the place Overall I found the book to be boring and predictable I only liked the bookshop called A Novel Place but it was only mentioned a few times and didn t improve the story. Zle stick Combine with cute ski instructor or brother's cute best friend or cuteuy you never noticed was so cuteEnjoy.

His winter this is the third time I m reading this and I think it was better the third time the best actually I realized that this is one of Hawthorn s better books and one of the better books in the romantic comedy series Because it s so easy to read it immediately pulls you in and has to reading to see what will happen next I really appreciated that this book had some humor in it throughout the book because some can be on the boring and bland side I also really liked Joe he was a Septiņi good decent and nice character however the problems I initially had with this book were even of a problem this time aroundI had no tolerance whatsoever for the talk about hooking up with a hot ski instructor who thinks like these ppl do what if he s old who justoes on the prowl wanting to hook up on their vacations if sam knew all along since parent s weekend that she liked Brad why would he say Cyn was fun I must be really emotional I ve been Nightbane World Book One going through an incredibly stressful period because I teared up about her aunt talking about Michael I can say idt I ve ever cried in a romantic comedy beforethere was some surprising language in here like use of curse words the bookot really sleezy and unromantic when it turned into a love shack I was VERY surprised when she up and says he should sleep in her bed then she hints at them skinny dipping that is WAY too soon considering you ve only known him what a couple weeks that you liked his friend the jerk for a The All New Jonah Twist good portion of that time you don t know him well enough to be sleeping with him or your friend with your brother that s not romantic and i didn t like it at all when it turned out they had been sleeping together SLOW DOWN everyoneHas he told her he loves her They ve known each other for a couple weeksI wish authors would stop pairing up every character in the book with someone her friend with her brother her other friend with a random australianuy and she wants to move there It s so completely unromantic I just picked this up again this past January because I was in the mood for a winter book not enough winter books out there I remember just finding this ok and having some problems with it but for some reason it was so much better reading it for the third time around I realized it s actually a pretty ood book and there are some ood uotes and moments in here And I really liked JoeIn fact I m Legon Ascension (Legon Series going from a 2 star rating to 3 starsHowever the same problems I had the first couple times around were magnifiedI had no tolerance whatsoever for the talk about hooking up with a hot ski instructor you re assuming it ll be A auy B he s young and C he s PMS good looking not to mention who justoes on the prowl like that all the time if sam knew all along since parent s weekend that she liked Brad why would he say Cyn was fun and that she should be like her I must be really emotional because I teared up about her aunt talking about MichaelThere was some surprising language in here for a HarperTeen Rom Com I was absolutely appalled that everyone was sleeping together by the end Even Joe and herthem skinny dipping It took what was a sweet innocent story and turned it into this trashy love shack Has he told her he loves her They ve known each other for a couple weekseveryone needed to slowww down her friend wanting to move back there to be with this The Two of Swords guy she barely knows wasn t feeling that at all it wasn t romantic it was incredibly annoyingstupid all characters in your book finding love is unrealistic and unnecessary I had a crappy day so I decided to relax with a bookUnfortunately cutesy books do not do anything to help if the MC happens to be a moronReasons why KATE is a moronic dimwitted bimbo1A boy s picture as your desktop background creepy especially if you have only met him once2The said object of obsession does not know your name even after 3 weeks not a total catch3He hooks up with someone else 5 minutes after meeting them Give up instead of making a idiotic plan called Operation Hook Up with Brad4If a perfectly niceuy asks you out and because you are a moron you misunderstand him and say noyou Sinfully Damaged (Master Mistress, get jealous when he dances with someone else5Get the not so subtle hints he drops all over the place like building a c This book was sweet and cute and clean basically aeneric romance for teens It just didn t have that WOW factor The plot line is one that s overused and Hawthorne does nothing new with it here Girl likes Douchebag ABCs of Baseball guy Sweetuy likes Ēna girl Girl takes awhile but eventually realizes Douchebaguy is a douchebag and falls for the sweet Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too! guy Happily ever afterKate was one of the most oblivious and idiotic romantic heroines I ve ever read She met Brad her brother s college roommate once and fell in love with him Right from the start she can tive any reasons why she s head over heels for him except that he s hot She even says What else is there when her Aunt asks her what other reasons she has for liking BradThe setting for this book is a ski resort where Kate and her two friends all high school seniors have to share a 3 bedroom condo with her brother Sam and his two friends Brad and Joe Brad is the roommate that Kate has a crush onAs soon as Brad enters the picture it s made VERY obvious that he s a complete dirtbag One of his first lines is about how his favorite things are driving fast and kissing babes He hooks up another Kentucky Grandmothers girl on the very first night of their vacation and moves in to the otherirl s house for the duration His lines are all skeevy and douchebaggy he moved in with another Štěky Broka Špindíry girl and Kate still thinks he s the most amazing thing since sliced breadEnter Joe The other friend of her brother s It s made VERY obvious from the start that Joe has a thing for Kate He s super sweet super attentive flirtatious with her asks her on a date kisses her and isenerally awesome But she is wishy washy about it for the majority of the book The Blackmailed Secretary gottaet conflict SOMEWHERE I supposeIt bugs me that authors don t realize the best characters are not 100% evil or 100% If the Magic Fits (100 Dresses, good Making Brad a complete tool and making Joe Mr Perfect makes them BOTH boring There was never any love triangle or any reason for the reader to ever believe that Kate wouldn t come to her senses ando for Joe instead of Brad I had two other issues with the book1 Were they or weren t they all having sex It s kind of implied. 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