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Nce and intimation Pythias speaks in polite obfuscation at times ever the lady until her experiences shift her from someone reserved and polite to someone who owns her agency decisions voice The plot follows this subtle transition at some point the story drifts into the fantastical but whether it is really magic or just hysteria we learn earlier from Pythias oung friend about the wandering uterus there s a disuieting sense that the concrete reality Pythias grew up with may not be the reality of the world she lives in Technically this book might be a seuel to Lyon s The Golden Mean but I haven t read The Golden Mean and I don t think I missed anything This takes place I believe some decades after the events in The Golden Mean and is a vibrant beautiful novel about growing up in the shadow of someone brilliant famous and contradictory coming of age in a brutal way and the powerful agency claimed by this historically forgotten woman A whole bunch of nothing Generally I liked the premise of this book The time period shortly before Alexander s death and in the immediate afterm Last but not least Annabel Lyon s The Sweet Girl was the thirteenth and final novel in my Giller longlist reading I didn t know much about either the author or the novel going in which in some respects is a shame since after finishing the book I discovered that Lyon s previous novel The Golden Mean is somewhat of a preuel to this latest offering as it chronicles Aristotle s time spent mentoring a oung Alexander the Great The Sweet Girl which can be read stand alone picks up much later and revolves around the life of Aristotle s teenage daughter Pythias Had I known these details upfront the completest in Just didn t like it Couldn t get into it and was bored so I dropped it Giller Prize Reall. Rced to flee Athens for a small town where the great philosopher soon dies and orphaned Pythias uickly discovers that the world is not a place of logic after all but one of superstition As threats close in on her a rebellious household capricious gods and goddesses she will need every ounce of wit she possesses and the courage to seek refuge where she least expects

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Tle is uite ironic Pythias the heroine daughter of Aristotle is anything but sweet prickly and feisty might be like it We see he I wish was a brave enough to do a video review or b lived near all of ou so I could just gush in person about this book which would be easier than trying to write down with words how reading it made me feel I loved this book it broke my heart about ten times and I found Lyon s writing style beautifully sharp modern slightly magical a teeensy bit mysterious and very very humanSet in 4th century BCE the novel follows Pythias beloved daughter of Aristotle Brilliant but not pretty Pythias life is unfair doted on by her father educated by him and once praised as having one of the most brilliant minds he s come across but still a woman and good only for keeping house She must remain modest chaste veiled silent When Alexander dies Athens grows hostile to Macedonians and Aristotle s family flees to a seaside town heavily fortified by the army where he has a family estate After Aristotle s unexpected death the impact of his passing is than just an emotional loss His mistress the woman who raised and loved Pythias since she was four is sent away neither blood nor family nor a slave beueathed to Pythias When the family s stores raided Pythias finds that the household slaves she loves do not feel the same way Penniless and adrift an unwanted woman among her father s acolytes Pythias first fights to survive and then to find some measure of happinessLittle is known about Pythias so Lyon created a life for Pythias that is wild complicated incomplete the story ends around I think Pythias mid twenties The strength of this story comes from Pythias who is smart and striking emotive and honest Lyon s writing style is precise and sharp Damian (The Caine Brothers yet heavy with infere. Keen mind and Pythias is certainly her father’s daughter besting his brightest students refusing to content herself with a life circumscribed by the kitchen the loom and eventually a husband Into her teenageears she is protected by the reputation of her adored father but with the death of Alexander the Great her fortunes suddenly change Aristotle’s family is fo.

I won this book through the first read contest I would have given three stars if the book ended on page 117 but since it did not and I have to rate the entire book I will give it two stars only I hate writing a negative review for a book t DNF at 27% Don t get me wrong this is not the worst book I ve ever read by a long shot but I just can t put up with the silliness The writing style is very simplistic and it feels like this book is aimed at a juvenile reading level The text is peppered with As You Know Bob moments where an information dump is attempted to be disguised by a character telling us or another character information that they already know full well and here it s done in such a clumsy obvious way that it got on my nervesWorse the characters speak like 21st century people and this totally destroyed my immersion and suspension of disbelief Aristotle is referred to as Daddy throughout which seems far too modern and overly familiar besides Father or perhaps Papa would have been a better choice Characters use modern slang such as freeloaders The Sweet Girl by Annabel Lyon is a historical fiction novel in the time of ancient Greece a story focused on the beloved and only daughter Pythias called Pytho of the philosopher Aristot The first part of this book was really good but the second part got strange For some inexplicable reason the author decided to introduce some of the Ancient Greek gods and goddess as characters but then they disappeared just as suddenly as they appeared I feel like the author didn t know what to do with the second part of the book and so she threw the main character into a bunch of different vignettes of what life was like Another complaint I have is this book has no chapters so there is no logical stopping point or scene changes Ti. From the award winning author of The Golden Mean a captivating wholly transporting new novel that follows Aristotle’s strong willed daughter as she shapes her own destiny an unexpected love story a tender portrait of a girl and her father and an astonishing journey through the underbelly of a supposedly enlightened society Aristotle has never been able to resist

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Annabel Lyon was born in 1971 Her first book of fiction the short story collection Oxygen Porcupine's uill 2000 was published to wide acclaim and was nominated for the Danuta Gleed and ReLit awards Her short fiction has appeared in numerous publications including Toronto Life The Journey Prize Anthology and Write Turns New Directions in Canadian Fiction Lyon is also a freuent contri