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There s something about a book that draws your eye the cover the blurb or both as was my case So off I went to enjoy a book that promised exotic food and places sizzling chemistry and a little mystery And I tried I eally did try to love the book but it felt flat to me at the 40% mark and it was downhill from there Although the story shifted constantly from Maeve s point of view to that of Jackson then to the third person I decided to overlook it and focused instead on the characters their story and their connectionAnd here is where it got complicated for meThe Characters Try as I might I could not connect to Maeve Although I liked that she was a strong female lead to me she came across as selfish and cold And at times where I got see some depth to her the story changed and the moment was lost I gave up on her when she continued to lead Jackson on especially when she went ahead and left him alone when he was injured Now Jackson I liked a little bit He came across as a very passionate man sure of himself He did care about Maeve in his own way but sometimes he was a bit too soft For a well traveled bachelor he sure was lacking common sense and became too clingy too fastThe Chemistry With all this talk of aphrodisiacs and arousing dishes these two were kind of vanilla on the page I was expecting the sizzling hot chemistry the lustful moments the sighs and the moans to be than what they were But nope it didn t even No Limits (Brutal Master reach the simmering level in my passion meter They were plain and shortThe Mystery There was a moment for me when I lost the direction of the story There were some events that I felt were unnecessary because they added nothing to the story and then there were those that were important to the story but were not developed properly It was confusing and at times I found myself walking away from my tablet I still don t understand theeasoning behind the killings Maybe it s just me but it was all happening so fast and not properly explained that I just didn t understandI encourage you to Liar, Liar read it and come to your own conclusion because I m fairly sure that this just wasn t a book fit for me I found Saffron Nights to be an okayead I liked the concept behind the story the different places visited and Chef Paul and his little bookI Essays One received this title from Kensington Books through NetGalley in exchange of my honest opinion Did Not FinishSo I want to start by saying that. Wherever they travel there’s an aphrodisiac waiting to whet their appetitesBrazilHawaiiIndiaAs a food writer Maeve has just been handed the hottest opportunity of her career She’s being sent on an internationalesearch tour for an aphrodisiac cookbook The downside is that she has to travel with ock star photographer and womanizer Jackson Dodds And the upside is that.

Hrough There were several sections I had to e ead because either it wasn t clear who was speaking or the text was just downright confusingFor eviews and bookish talk visit our blog at Pretty Sassy Cool There s something unexpectedly sexy about the heroine in this book and how she gives in to her appetites As the author whiffles us from one exotic local to the other there is much to savor for the senses in each location with each new aphrodisiac introduced to the hero and heroine This book is perfect for those who like food like travel and like the little shiver that comes with the unexpected danger a food writer and journalist must face Loved Sasha Reviewed by AllisonBook provided by NetGalley Review originally posted at Romancing the BookReview A plum assignment searching out aphrodisiacs from around the world bring Maeve a food writer and Jackson a famous photographer together in this steamy story by Liz EverlyEven though Maeve and Jackson are paired together to find cook and test aphrodisiacs she is adamant she won t get involved with the love em and leave em playboy But danger brings them closer together when the chef they were supposed to work with is murdered before the trip even begins Once they have embarked on their journey to exotic and foreign lands that danger follows them and they are assaulted and obbed multiple times What d Saffron Nights is full of intrigue and suspense Jackson and Maeve were the two main characters They traveled the world to fulfill their contracts to publish a cookbook specifically written about aphrodisiacs Prior to their journey they learn that another partner is dead and possibly killed They proceed with their mission and take the eader along a jaunt filled with twists and turns peaks and valleys I loved the conflict between the Maeve and Jackson It wasn t your typical I have eyes only for you and will touch no one else but you This book allows the eader to see the multifaceted nature of the conflict of giving up one s previous life to be with a person that you love That was one of the most enjoyable aspects of the bookThe characters are lovable and easily draw you into the story I gasped when the characters were attacked and attempted to help them solve the mysteries I let go of a sign of elief when they were saved Saffron Nights is a wild ide that you will definitely enjoy takingReviewed by Michelle for Cocktails and Book. Ality like no one else She’s determined to keep things professional but he knows the attraction is mutual And as they travel the world sampling warming saffron juicy papaya silky avocado are herbs and teas and a mushroom whose very aroma sends women to heights of ecstasy both discover a hunger they’ve never known and don’t want to esist even amid unexpected danger.

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I eally wanted to love Saffron Nights It combines food and writing and I had such high expectations and maybe that s my own faultThis book has so many inconsistencies in the characters and set up just in the beginning section alone There was so much emphasis placed on them either not knowing each other in person and then there was emphasis on them having worked together for years on several books and knowing each other very well I was confused to say the least The I ead the I became convinced this confusion had to do with the way the words were put together than inconsistencies the author or editors overlookedI decided to just let that all goThen I got to the first half lemon between Jackson and some andom woman on the beachHe slipped into her and she groaned into an orgasm One stroke Two He exploded into Mulani but thinking of MaeveNow I don t know about you but this scene goes from him barely touching her before to her having an orgasm as he penetrates her Then he literally strokes into her twice and comes This guy has been built up as this amazing sex god fucking every woman he comes across basically and then he s a two pump chumpSeveral pages later the main female character is emembering an intimate moment with her semi boyfriend Mark as a friend of Mark s watchesHe slid himself into her and ocked once twice three times and he was spentSo yeah I personally wasn t finding the sex all that hot or the main character all that sexy The author epeatedly told me he was sexy and that every woman he met wanted him but that all fell flat for meI desperately wanted to at least keep eading until after the first eal lemon between the two main characters I made it that far I will say that despite the to me insane and unbelievable circumstances leading up to it their first time together was hot and Jackson managed to last longer than beforeUltimately I had to flounce this book I didn t feel connected to or particularly invested in any of the characters and even as they dropped like flies in the background murder mystery element I felt disinterested I didn t care enough to find out if the two emotionally broken people who can t love continued to fuck or ode off into the sunset living happily ever after somehow becoming unbroken togetherThere are a few punctuation errors scattered throughout and a typo or two that I found in the 46% of the book according to my Kindle I got She has to travel with Jackson Dodds Because once they meet Maeve understands why he’s been named “America’s Most Eligible Bachelor” and despite her best intentions all she can think about is putting their arousing ecipes to the test Sexy and talented Jackson can have any woman he desires But lately the thrill is gone until he lays eyes on Maeve who exudes sensu.

Liz Everly writes plays and cooks in a tiny house with a big garden She writes under a pen name to escape expectations and to embrace all possibilities She's the author of the SAFFRON NIGHTS SERIES e Kensington the EIGHT LAYS AROUND THE WORLD serial and a contributor in THE LADY SMUT BOOK OF DARK DESIRES