Jack Brighton: The Wild Side of Paddy McGuire

G skills Something for veryone in this book LOVED IT The story of Paddy from his wild days towell he meets Mr MacLeod Can he tame Paddy A fantastic story I couldn t put down You ll love Paddy as much as I did Is Paddy a Master or a SlaveRecommended read The raunchiest romance I ve Dancing at Armageddon ever readDamn Brighton writes some seriously nasty hot stories In order to appreciate you need to check reality at the first page and just ride A wild one at that For a book that has as much sex as this one does it is a huge tease Angus and Paddy are like two huge dogs circlingach other That circling was wicked hot but torturous The reader needs to appreciate naturalism in their sex for this one to work Straight up get down and dirty sex Every part of your body is amazing and want it kind of sex Indelicate And since I m of the mind that sex better be worth getting hot and sweaty for this suits me just fine Love both these filthy men Perfect Gay porn written with a gay male audience in mind I m inclined to think that female readers won t Double Jeopardy enjoy it just as much On the bright side this book hadvery nasty thing I could think of And I love the nasty dirty stuff but there didn t seem to be much of a story that didn t include a shitload of sex Like over the top sex using phrasing that didn t make the Composition and Literature encounters sound all that hot when they really should have been Like shooting cum into his guts Yeah like that The 3 stars is just because it was so raunchy and that s hard to find around here Me likey. Give up his cherry as the only means he can settle the debt Because as luck would have it that makes him a perfect match for an Arab Sheik who’s after a new slaveCoerced into agreeing Paddy is introduced to Angus McCloud who has been commissioned to source this odd reuirement which isxplained to Paddy in the starkest terms.

What a ride Brighton is one of the few writers that could be called a porn writer since his books are so full of sex scenes who still make me read one handed if you see what I meanIf you don t hate stories in which the main character a top becomes a slave to pay his debts and save his mom s life and is therefore forced to do things or get things done to him that he hates you will love itMe anyway I loved Paddy McGuire and his story Paddy McGuire is in debt to his loan shark to the tune of one hundred thousand dollars and he doesn t have a cent to pay back Paddy s mother is threatened So Paddy decided to sell the only thing that he has to raise the money his virgin ass He is taken to the Bears Den for raining to become a sub to a Saudi sheik but Paddy is a natural top Angus the owner of the Bears Den sees Paddy s potential but knows that he ll never cut it as a sub There is a strong attraction between Angus and Paddy so Angus off to teach Paddy to become a Major Domo The masters at Bears Den put the constantly horny Paddy through Cezanne and Provence every kind of BDSM training possible and Paddy thrives This is the first Wild Side book that I ve read and it was hot funny and sexy I came to like the walking hardon Paddy and the big gruff Angus The Bears Den is a nest of fun where slaves are trained and used mercilessly I recommend this raunchy yet lighter look at BDSM First let me say that I wish we could give half star ratings because this was than 3 but not uite 4 stars I had mixed feelings How does a man like Paddy McGuire a natural top who’s never had so much as a finger up his ass let alone another man’s cocknd up training to be a submissive slave prepared to give his cherry to some ruthless master A convoluted path is the answer and a story in itself involving an unfortunate debt stage managed sex a thre.

Bout this book in the beginning Mainly because I kept assuming things were going to happen and they never did view spoilerLike thinking Paddy was going to be sold to the Sheik and I kept waiting for that to happen I was a little disappointed when that didn t happen I kinda wanted to see Paddy being held to strict slave protocol The same thing happened when I thought Paddy was going to be auctioned off as a major domo and sent to Japan hide spoiler I loved this one I have not read any other of the Wild Side stories so I was a Brighton virgin Not any Firstly the cover is freakin awesome and very much like what I Dark Voices expect Paddy to look like The blurbxplains Contested Reproduction everything well Paddy is a wild guy who got himself in trouble gambling and now has to pay the piper The only way he can do that is to be sold off as a slave f This is a love story A love story with gangsters slave training felching snowballing double penetration golden showers whipping under table blowjobs during dinner and probablyvery other thing you can think of lolPaddy was an adrenaline junky and fed it through gambling and sex The gambling debts got him in trouble and he Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) ended up being trained to be a sex slave to go up for auction so he could pay his bookie Paddy is a natural top and has never bottomed but he had no choice but to train to be a bottom sex s This is a dirty hot read of Angus and Paddy s romance and how the Wild Side came to be Paddy doesn t bottom for anyone so Angus works his seduction and trainin. At to his mother and a voyeuristic gangster called Vinnie the VandalIrishman Paddy is big and butch painfully handsome and in hisarly twenties He’s a natural top with the devil’s own temper and lethal fighting skills; a hell of a stud who can fuck like the best and most importantly of all he’s an anal virgin prepared to.

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Jack Brighton is a British author who specialises in gay erotica with a BDSM slant His books are widely available on all major e book and specialist erotica sites published by his company – Firm Hand BooksJack was born and raised in the west of Scotland then moved to the south of England after graduating from university living first in London before moving to the sanity of Brighton Having for