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This book is great but it s also heartbreaking Rathbone does help bring justice to a case but in turn breaks the law and is procecuted for it and risks hanging due to unforseen conseuencesThe characters have to deal with the fact that even though Rathbone was morally right he was legally wrong and then wonder what the punishment should be for itRecommened 15 for child pornography blackmail and murder I m sorry to say that I think the MonkHester series has run its course I was eagerly awaiting this next installment but it seemed to cover old ground and didn t really develop the characters further except perhaps Rathbone I always prefer it when Perry stays out of the courtroom and focuses on the small details of life in Victorian England Hopefully the next PittCharlotte book will do that The first hundred pages of this are absolutely tedious even repetitious than usual for Perry You could skip every other page without losing any of the detailsIt begins with Sir Oliver Rathbone newly appointed to the bench presiding over a fraud trial When it looks like the bad guys are going to prevail Rathbone must decide whether or not to wield that secret weapon he acuired in the last book He makes the really stupid choice but only after a lot of tiresome agonizing during which the reader knows perfectly well what he s going to do When he gets into trouble Monk and Hester and their adopted son Scuff launch into action to defend himThis is mostly written from Rathbone s point of view there is very little of Hester and even less of Monk Rathbone is understandably depressed for most of the book but it s annoying that his regrets and his fears for the future are intermingled with a new obsession a married woman with a vaguely sad and sympathetic countenanceI still like the characters and I enjoy Perry s depiction of Victorian London so I ll probably go on reading these even though they seem to be running out steam I don t mind when characters reveal what they re thinking but there s too much of that in this novel The plot also seemed a bit stale as it spent a lot of time rehashing an earlier book I usually like the books in this series but this was disappointing I had mixed feelings about this book it is verbose and tedious in one sense as Perry looks at the justice system and the events leading up to the moral decision that one of her characters had to make which compromised his career The endless navel gazing and character development sometimes is unending but that said Perry is brilliant as she slowly but surely lays out her case for her characters taking the high road even at some cost to themselves This means that I can give this four stars for her tenacity and careful construction while thinking two plus stars for not keeping the reader interested enough to continue to follow all the thought processes and musings which laid the foundation for the novel By the end I found myself skimming paragraphs of thoughts in her main characters heads because I was wanting her to get to the solution It was a curious read While I didn t like this book as well as some Anne Perry books I ve read she is so superior to almost every other writer I ve been reading that she deserves four stars even when she isn t at the top of her gameThat said I thought the way the uestion of what truly is justice was developed in this novel was terrific The secondary theme of what constitutes true friendship or love was wonderful too The beginning was hard to read up to Chapter 6 I didn t want to watch the train wreck and kept putting the novel down to reflect on the nature of fiction and how to keep myself distant from characters I love doing the completely wrong thing Then things settled into a classic Anne Perry pattern and I couldn t put it down Her philosophy is so great I kept rereading the wonderful things said on page 161My criticisms are all spoilers so don t read further unless ou ve finished the book or don t careview spoilerI didn t like the way Margaret Rathbone was handled on two counts First I still can t feel comfortable with the choice made several books ago when Anne Perry decided Oliver s marriage was not going to work out When we were introduced to Margaret her character was not this shallow nor were we prepared for her blind devotion to her father and now her father s memory However given the premise that we weren t told everything or enough about her in the earlier novels she certainly is developing along realistic li. Winner of the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award for Best Historical Novel 2014Oliver Rathbone William Monk's close friend has presided brilliantly over his first cases as a judge But the next will bring a far greater challenge Abel Taft a charismatic minister.

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Nes for one in her position I can see the type of woman she is very clearlySecondly in this book she is the one who is revealed to be the snitch who causes Oliver to be arrested but I can t figure out how she knew he had the pornographic pictures Oliver himself thinks about her before his arrest and definitely has not told her about her father beueathing them to him he is sure she would not believe it anyway So how did she know he was the source of the picture showing up in court We were not told she was attending that trial and why would she Given her hatred of Oliver now she would not follow his cases So how in the few hours between Oliver recessing the fraud case for the night and Oliver s early morning arrest did she find out tell someone in charge with enough evidence to convince anyone to investigate and triumph with a nearly fully formed case against Sir Oliver by breakfast time Near the end of Sir Oliver s trial she is shown to be shocked to discover that her father had created the photographs held and used them and beueathed them to Oliver So how did she know Oliver had them earlierThe next problem I have is with the pictures themselves I wanted them to be destroyed so I was happy with the final scene But I thought that the revelations about them in court would include some repercussions to at least one or other people who were the subjects of those photographs I get that to have revealed them would bring down the government and possibly the Church and military so they did need to be suppressed for that time unlike today when the media would dearly love a corruption scandal that large But I would like to know that the corruption in the power bases either will or won t keep interfering in Oliver s life I guess this may come up in future novels and that s why it wasn t wrapped up in this oneI was really looking for Judge York to be one of the subjects in the photographs it would have explained his extreme animosity toward Oliver and his barrister There were enough hints in that dinner party I thought that York disliked Oliver already I felt that Justice York s storyline was left dangling Perhaps he will come up in a future novel and all will be explained in that uarter Maybe he ll get his comeuppance be murdered and eventually Oliver will find happiness with Beata York after all One can wish hide spoiler I ve always looked forward to new books in Anne Perry s William Monk series but I m afraid the series has outlived its vitality There s a good deal of repetition and many of the characters seem to be slogging along familiar paths Several of the previous books have provided intriguing or informative details about Victorian England but there s little new to be learned from this oneI also found the transformation of one character Margaret Rutherford something less than credible and an injustice to MargaretI still like the main characters of this series enough that I enjoyed some of the time I spent with them this time out but I m not very optimistic about next time Like a good number of reviewers on I have been finding Perry s work increasingly and exasperatingly verbose repetitive and slow moving However I have always liked her main series characters particularly the women Charlotte Pitt and Hester now Monk so I decided to try the latest in both series But whatever her women s virtues after over 50 novels in the same setting Perry is just about down to boilerplate paragraphs If a character steps out in the street a carriage with women in it will come past jingling and jangling Elsewhere there will be street criers andor noises that always include a distant hurdy gurdy or barrel organ By this stage I cd practically write these paragraphs myself The main reasons for abandoning Perry though are firstly the utter cluelessness of the detectives whose flapping round like a chicken with one foot nailed down has reached plague proportions This novel concerns the euivalent of a televangelist who like his later models has been shafting his congregation for their money The case goes to court without the prosecution bothering to check the claims of cooked accounts from Hester and Co which depend wholly on her previously dishonest accountant And while the case runs its wearisome gamut through misdirected attempts to prove the bona fides of the witnesses rather than focus on the uestion What did the preacher do with the money nobody until about the second last chapter even bothers to ask What s the prea. Adored by his congregation stands accused of terrible corruption and fraud which has ruined the lives of those he's betrayedIn court each victim affirms Taft's guilt but when the defence's star witness tears their stories apart the case seems lost Rathbone realis.

Cher s stipend What do his living conditions suggest about his actual income Let alone actually check the claims of the accountant that are the centre of the caseSure the physical investigation of the house has to be withheld so Monk can find a last minute clue to who actually committed the central murder but a plotline that enforces complete stupidity on the characters is not enough to compensate Nor though the novel sets up an interesting dilemma for Sir Oliver Rathbone and I like the foreshadowing of vehement changes in his circumstances did I find the final cutting of the Gordian Knot particularly convincing It doesn t really solve any of the uestions the novel raises about the dilemma but seems rather a strategy of desperation in dealing with a knot neither writer nor characters can undo First Sentence Hester let the hansom cab pass then crossed Portpool Lane and went in through the door to the clinic for sick and injured prostitutes From the very beginning we are introduced to the main characters as well as being provided their backstories While this may not be strictly necessary for continuing readers it is a boon for readers new to the series and an author who doesn t take forget new readers is one to be commended Perry has wonderful ability for conveying insights into the lives of her characters and their thoughts They become very real people to the reader people about whom ou care In this book that is particularly important Ms Perry excels at raising social moral and ethical issues and looking at them from various sides She poses uestions and while she may provide her answers she causes the reader to consider and weigh their own answers She even address crime by those who feel they are entitled they all think they will be the one to get away with it Although this introspection does slow the first part of the book she than makes up for that later Perry creates a very strong sense of time and societal conventions et often in subtle ways A character is admiring a particular painting it is uite lovely he said instead looking at the little painting I think he could well become professional don t Commentaries and Cases on the Law of Business Organization, 2009-2010 Statutory Supplement you Henry smiled Actually it s a she so I doubt it There is nothing fluffy about a Perry book She asks serious uestions addresses serious issues and makesou look at things in a way ou may not have previously Although set in Victorian England all the issues she raises are just as relevant today At the same time the story has an excellent twist plenty of suspense drama and tension Blind Justice may be a bit of a morality play but it s also a cracking good and suspenseful mystery with possibly devastating conseuences for one of the principal characters Although a bit slow and repetitive in the beginning one should always trust that Ms Perry will make it well worth our while to stay with it and read to the end You won t regret itBLIND JUSTICE Hist Mys MonkHesterOliver Rathbone London Vict VGPerry Anne 19th in seriesBallentine Books 2013 Although this book is in the Hester and William Monk series this is definitely a story about Oliver Rathbone Sir Rathbone finds himself at the pinnacle of his career at the beginning of this book but because of an error in judgement that he makes in one of the cases he is presiding as judge over he finds himself at the lowest point personally and professionally that he has ever found himself in I am an ardent reader of all Ms Perry s books and I particularly love the William Monk series but I found this book a bit slow for the first half of the book And I didn t get to see much of William and Hester who I absolutely love In the second half though the pace did pick up and there was a lot of William and Hester as well as some endearing segments with their oung ward Scuff This book s storyline is a continuation of her previous book A Sunless Sea so for anyone who hasn t read that particular book they might find this book a bit incomprehensible And to anyone new to the series there is a lot of Victorian courtroom drama with no murder to accompany it so new readers will not fully understand how good Ms Perry is at setting her stage for tension and suspense and how very talented she is at filling her books with a wealth of period detai I wouldn t recommend this book as a First Read to this wonderful series but for Anne Perry fanatics like myself it is a must read Ms Perry continually proves herself worthy to me and she sits alone at the top of my favourite author list. Es he holds locked away a piece of evidence that could change the outcome of the trial and bring true justice but can he as the judge become involved The decision Rathbone makes will draw Monk deep into a dangerous case that will shape the rest of both their lives.

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