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Ies I cannot wait to read from Genevieve Graham A very talented lady and one to keep an eye on I know I will be watching and highly anticipating her next book Actually a 4 12We meet Adelaide Johnson first in UNDER THE SAME SKY the first amazing book by Genevieve Graham which is her sister Maggie s story Finally we have Adelaide s saga with SOMEWHERE TO DREAM which comes forth out of tragedy and heartacheAfter losing her family to a band of miscreants a broken Adelaide and Maggie are taken in by the Cherokee who heal their wounds and adopt them While Maggie goes off to her own life Adelaide remains safely ensconced away with her Cherokee family blocking out the ills that have befallen her Both Maggie and Adelaide have a gift that many would consider to be witchcraft but with the Cherokee this gift is embraced The girls have the ability to see the future in their reams and although Maggie was better at it Adelaide wasn t far behind if she would only just allow her Biscuit Meets the Class Pet dreams to come to completion Adelaide always feared what herreams would tell her and she constantly made sure to wake herself before they ended In her months of healing with the Cherokee Adelaide is told that she will marry a Cherokee warrior but when the warrior meets his Werewolf Smackdown (Felix Gomez, demise is a fight as saddened as she is with hiseath she sighs with relief at her reprieveSettler Jessie Black is captured by the band of Cherokee he is brought to the village torn and angry his animosity to Indians is evident When Cherokee warrior Souili tells Adelaide that Jessie now hold the spirit of his fallen brother and that the white man is now his Cherokee brother she knows there will be resistance but resistance is futile Adelaide heals Jessie s outer wounds and begins to calm his internal turmoil while the entire time planning his escape from the Indians What My Jesus Year does Jessie have to go back to though An abusive father and hunger at least with the Cherokee who have adopted him as one of their own he finally is accepted as family and never has to starve againWhen Adelaide is informed by Souili that since Jessie is his brother now Adelaide s betrothal stands and she will marry Jessie but Adelaide is still broken inside with all the terror she has endured and marriage was the furthest thing from her mind Jessie is oblivious to these plans butay by Try This day becomes closer to Adelaide and his his anger towards the Cherokeeissipates Where The Mistress Diaries (Pembroke Palace, does he belong now Whereoes Adelaide belong This tale of recovery and acceptance is such a journey Genevieve Graham has a winner with SOMEWHERE TO DREAM Both Jessie and Adelaide have had severe heartache in their lives and each of them has their own trials and tribulations but thrown together they are a force to be reckoned with Their Cherokee saviors turn out to be much than either of them had anticipated especially Jessie with his seething hatred of all Indians While Adelaide must overcome her fear of the white man Jessie must change his attitude about the Cherokee and his fear of being like his evil father SOMEWHERE TO DREAM by Genevieve Graham is a lesson to all about insurmountable odds and misconceptions it s about healing and love friendship and understanding SOMEWHERE TO DREAM is going right up on my TO KEEP shelf I highly recommend SOMEWHERE TO DREAM as I The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl do her entire series for their grittiness and realism in a market for fantasy These books remain with you always just like I feel they should KIMBERLY Genevieveoes it again She is just awesome This is another fantastic book and I am honored to be on her book tour with a REVIEWReview I can t say this enough but Genevieve is an amazing author she again takes us on a powerful journey through the life of AdelaideThis book is filled with love honor adventure and strength We are now taken on a powerful emotional and spiritual journey in history through the life of Adelaide Her and her sister were rescued and taken care of by the Cherokee but unlike her sister Adelaide was always afraid of her gift of sight where Maggie accepted and flourished with it What a beautiful and vivid tale this author takes us through with Adelaide s life The horrors she had to endure and the strength she has to finally accept it I am amazed with the emotions that this author brings to the surface You not only get emerged into her stories but feel like you are there with the characters I loved Jesse and his free spirit and his strength Adelaide is trying to over come her past and try to love again try to feel again try to get past a horrible past Then Jesse comes and he helps her in his gentle way and they learn to love again He learns to trust ag 35 Last year I read and enjoyed Sound of Heart book two in Genevieve Graham s MacDonnells series and truly enjoyed the tale In Somewhere to Dream we meet Adelaide a young white woman adopted by the Cherokee Indians and named Shadow Girl Mini review authentic heart warming and powerfulWe meet Adelaide and her sister Maggie after they and their family are attacked by a group of outlaws and rescued by a group of Cherokee The two young girls are mended and accepted into the tribe Struggling with visions and a terrible mistake she shuts herself off from her gift until a young white man is captured and accepted into the tribe The tale that unfolds is both heart warming and brutal I literally consumed this tale and found myself fascinated by both the characters and the world around themAdelaide is named Shadow Girl by the Cherokee and rightly so She prefers to live in her sister s shadow lives in fear from the past and fears her powerful Poisonous Snakes dreams that foretell of things to come You cannot help but feel for this young girl as she struggles to overcome and embraces the Cherokee people Jesse Black is a young white man filled with anger His eyes have often appeared in Adelaide sream and she is Dirty Deeds (Mechanics of Love, drawn to him Jessie is captured by the Cherokee but Souili believes he is his brother s spirit reborn and he is accepted into the fold The two are thrust together learning from each other and members of the tribe I enjoyed getting to know some of the tribe members and their beliefs Graham brought them to life and captured their spiritGraham beautifully captured these twoamaged souls in Somewhere to Dream Their histories are gut wrenching and sadly stories that occurred all over the untamed West She takes us into the Infinite Repeat (The Art of Lainey, daily lives of the Cherokee their beliefs and evenealings with the white man The relationship that Chore Whore develops between Jesse and Adelaide is slow building It finds its foundation on trust and healing Graham allows us to see both sides of the struggle to claim the West the cultural obstacles and heartaches I personally would have liked another two hundred pages and greateretail of the period and the Cherokee culture but Graham The Forgotten Man Graphic Edition did an excellent job of portraying them Sheoesn t skimp on the brutal reality of this cold wilderness and while not overly The Female of the Species detailed it ripped at my heart and made me cringe To see a culture so loving and in the next breath so violent was frightening At its core Somewhere to Dream is a spiritual journey of healing acceptance and ultimately loveCopy received in exchange for unbiased review and originally published Caffeinated Book Reviewer I was so happy to get back to the beautiful writing style of Genevieve Graham When I read Sound of the Heart I wasrawn in by her Witch Week (Chrestomanci, descriptive and emotional historical settings I was not letown with Somewhere to DreamFrom the beginning of this story I adored Adelaide s character though I have not read Under the Same Sky yet She is a uiet mouse of a woman the shadow girl they all call her So fearful yet so comfortable living among the Cherokee Her life was uprooted yet she found solace among these feared people They help her to understand herself than her own people would have Adelaide is fearful of her future her hand has been promised to a Cherokee man whom she cares for but is unready for the commitment When her future husband is killed in battle she is both saddened and relieved She wasn t ready for marriage she hasn t let go of her haunting past yetBut when Jesse Black appears as a captive one Memory Boot Camp day she is both curious and fearful Curious because he has been in herreams and fearful because she generally fears the white man her own people But Jesse is London Calling different he holds a lot of anger She israwn to helping him and teaching him the ways of the Cherokee Slowly they form a friendship and begin to fall in love I loved how patient he was with her and how she brought out the best of himThey each have issues they need to Orchard Valley Grooms deal with she her fear of the white man and he his anger towards the Indians and his fear of becoming just like his violent father Together they learn to accept their pasts learn to love and heal their wounds Their story was wonderful but the part that I find the most intriguing was learning about the Cherokee their culture and their language I felt that watching Jesse accept their ways and realize they helped him figure out how to heal and who he wanted to be was an incredible journey I look forward to going back and reading the first in this series to learn about Adelaide and her sister Maggie. Pared because the Cherokee believe his warrior spirit belongs to their fallen brother Though he hates all Indians Adelaide illuminates their way of life for him just as he shines light into her shadowed heart But when herreams return Jesse must help her face themor ie tryin.

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Also posted at my blog TBR Mountain Range with a photo taken by me Rated 35 StarsA young women is taken in by the Cherokee with her sister after a terrible tragedy A young man is captured by the Cherokee and embraced as the soul of one of their lost warriors Can two people with painful pasts find peace in a new way of lifeThis is the third book in THE MACDONNELLS trilogy I id not read the first two books so my review may be completely Rancher Daddy (Saddlers Prairie, different from someone who knows the back story We meet Adelaide called Shadow I haveesired to read this author s work since her first book came out When I saw this one I The Tycoons Very Personal Assistant decided this was my chance since it seemed to only have loose ties to the two previous books This is another one of those instances where I could kick myself for waiting so long The author s style the historicetails blended with the mystic aspect the plot and the way she One Girl One Dream developed her characters just make me greedy for of her stuff Definitely going back for those yummy Highlanders The story is a frontier romance set in Americauring the Colonial Era It opens with Adelaide The Amazing SAS dwelling on her past and her life as it is She has always been timid and scared After her fatheried and then the attack on their home that killed her mother and younger sister the fear magnified ten fold She and her older sister Maggie were rescued by a band of Cherokee who took the girls back to their village and adopted them into the tribe For the first time she and Maggie were encouraged to use their The Conquerors Lady / The Mercenarys Bride / His Enemys Daughter dream gifts and encouraged to be themselves Maggie flourished and moved on into her happy life but Adelaide remained locked in fear and living like a shadow The village matriarch hasetermined that she will marry one of the strong warriors of the tribe Adelaide likes the man and he is good to her but she is terrified of being with him in that way And what of the mysterious golden haired golden eyed angry man she keeps seeing in her Broken Prophecy dreams Then she attempts to use her gift and it goes terribly wrong leaving a family of the village in mourning This event brings herream man to the village when he is captured in the last retaliatory raidJesse Black hates indians with a passion because they killed his mother and because his brutal abusive father taught him only to hate Here he is either to become entertainment for the savages as they torture him to The Dangerous Debutante (Romney Marsh, death or slated to become a slave What heoesn t expect is to encounter a white woman who is accepted like one of the tribe and seems to be there of her own volition She treats his wounds and translates the good news that he is one of his captor s spirit brother because he supposedly embodies the spirit of the man s Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, dead brother Jesse survives the gauntlet he is forced to run andecides to bide his time in the village until he can escapeAdelaide The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker doesn t know what to make of Jesse but there is something about him other than herreams that Quadruplets On The Doorstep draws her to him She has been lonely and feels lost trying to walk the ridge between her white heritage and her adopted heritage Jesse stirs up these thoughts than ever because she suspects that he will not stay any longer than he has to She is both intimidated by him because he is a man but she also treasures his friendship Jesse is eually attracted to Adelaide First he plots how he can get away and take her with him but then something changes and he allows the Cherokee people and their life to make an impression with him Like Adelaide he is well aware that underneath what he has learned from the Cherokee that he isifferent He cares for Adelaide but she is so caught up in her fears that she may never accept him Adelaide needs to work through her past and her fear of her own gift and Jesse has to battle his present adversaries and be strong for both of themThe story is told first person point of view from both Adelaide and Jesse s perspectives The plot is tight and the pacing is good with its blend of action character Luke developmentescription and romance I loved the feel of being immersed in the Cherokee way of life for that time period I thought the way the author The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane depicted characters whoescribed their pasts and their present actions and feelings was good I wasn t so keen on Adelaide but that was A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy due to her timidity not to how well she wasrawn as a character Anyone who went through what she The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning did would have issues and they wouldn t be the sort of thing that went away anytime soon Jesse is made ofifferent stuff He too had an ugly past but instead of fearful withdrawals it left him angry and reckless He has one of those sultry personalities and paired with rugged good looks that gets him anywhere he wants with the females Addie stumps him I liked that they idn t instantly fall in love and come together as a couple because it wouldn t have rang true Their journey both separately and together was a much better telling The mystic element of Addie s gift and the older woman of the village having the gift was part of the story but it worked organically with the historical and factual backdrop that the story was told in As to the balance of historical backdrop to plot right on the money It blended wellThere was a look in with Andrew and Maggie from the first story I haven t read their story yet but I m really looking forward to it after meeting up with them in this oneSo all in all this was a splendid experience I would recommend this one to historical romance lovers who enjoy Native American Romance and Colonial American era romance with a little spice and grit to itMy thanks to Penguin Group and Net Galley for providing the copy of the book for review purposes I was utterly taken back by this book I wish I could have read the first two books first But it wasn t hard to catch on to this third book in the series I will have to go back and read the first two I loved Dancing With Wolves and I love the Indian cultures I live in South Carolina next to the Catawba reservation So I have some knowledge but I was so engrossed in this tale Ms Graham s escriptions of the scenes had me feeling the wind through every piece of hair on every character It was so real I felt the struggles and sadness that Adelaide faced and watched her slowly overcome them with the help of this angry man named Jesse Jesse was taken by the Cherokee and spared because Souili s brother was rece 45 stars Somewhere to Dream is yet another swoon worthy historical romance from Genevieve Graham It s the third book in the MacDonnells series While you can efinitely enjoy Somewhere to Dream without having read the other two novels in the series you should efinitely consider reading the other two books in this series because they are good and you The Best Revenge (Redstone, Incorporated dear readereserve good things This book will captivate my fellow historical romance loversThis book follows Adelaide the sister of Maggie whose story appears in Under the Same Sky the first book in this series Like Maggie Adelaide has been taken in by the Cherokees and lives with them She kind of feels like she walks a really interesting line with being white while adapting to the ways of the Cherokees She seems to struggle with her identity a lot in this book It was fascinating to read how she was able to walk this line You really get to see what she s feeling She was a really fascinating character to me Like Maggie she also has a sixth sense of sorts which plays into the story I loved this element so much in this bookThen we have Jesse a white man who is taken in by the Cherokees because they believe he is the reincarnation of one of their fallen He hates being with the tribe and the only one that really seems to make it bearable for him is Adelaide They fall for each other but things are not as good or as safe as they first seem for both characters I Ranchers Perfect Baby Rescue don t want to give anything awayThis series continues to be a great one I love reading historical fiction or historical romances set in America because there justoesn t seem to be a lot of it so I m always really excited when I come across a great one like Somewhere to Dream You can count me as one of those readers that is incredibly impatient for the next book in this series please say there s Read my full review HERE at Into the Hall of BooksI ve read both of Genevieve Graham s previous books in this series and been properly schooled in and swooned over the MacDonnell family I ve loved both of the previous stories LIKE WHOA and I ve waited patiently for the chance to read about sweet Adelaide sister of Maggie Every time Author Genevieve Graham publishes I wonder if I can possibly love a book as much as the one before it I say that all the time but that feeling started with this series and every time I hold my breath while I m reading Then when I finish I exhale and realize that YES YES I CAN love a book as much as the previous one I basically just love the whole MacDonnell family and the people they fall in love with That is all You can read my thoughts on Under the Same Sky HEREYou can read my thoughts on Sound of the Heart HERESomewhere To Dream by Genevieve Graham is the story of Adelaide sister to Maggie and the white girl member of the Cherokee people in the Carolinas Adelaide is a uiet girl From Genevieve Graham author of Sound of the Heart comes the tale of two strangers living with the Cherokee one with a warrior’s heart; the other with Silent Confessions deadlyreams The Cherokee call her Shadow Girl A white woman adopted by Indians Adelaide is haunted by the A Texas Holiday Miracle darkreams she.

Ne with secrets and fears and some 74 Seaside Avenue demons that she can t shake but she finds comfort and acceptance among the people that she once thought were savages While sheoesn t always love their ways she loves them and she has learned to live among them and speak their language She has learned some of their healing techniues and she has learned a great The Note deal about their culture and than anything else Adelaide has come to realize that the Cherokee people are not any savage than the white people that live beyond When her sister Maggie left the Cherokee a while back to make a family of her own Adelaide was not yet ready to leave and so she remains still learning still protected still a part of this group Still the white girl the odd one among them And it stays this way until the men bring Jesse Black back after a fight Suddenly Adelaide isn t the only white person in the village any Jesse Black was captured by the Cherokee men and brought back to the village because he was believed to carry the soul of one of their fallen brothers Trying not to appear afraid Jesse was not onlyisgusted to be among this group of savages he The Loving Gift d rather haveied than be a part of their group He has no idea what their plans are and he understands exactly nothing that they are saying He is badly injured and Adelaide is brought in to heal him He is shocked to see another white person among them and assumes she was captured as well Adelaide works to treat his injuries while trying to talk his anger The Wildcatter down as she is pretty much the only person around that can communicate with him Eventually over time Jesse learns that he was brought back to live among the Cherokee as one of them because of his soul and while thisoesn t make him happy at all he learns to cope As he learns to open himself up to the Cherokee he too learns that they aren t as savage as he once thought they teach him hunting things like that He also learns that Adelaide chooses to stay there The interesting thing in all of this is that Adelaide has similar visions that Maggie had in her previous story visions of things to come These visions are things that have always kept her afraid because of being called a witch she never embraced these Bear Claw Lawman (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, dreams or visions like her sister had One part of her visions that had been recurring it turns out was Jesse And suddenly here he is Certainly there is a romance that will bloom here But along with that Adelaide has to confront her absolute and paralyzing fear of white menue to an attack years ago and Jesse needs to confront his hatred of Injuns because of the role they played in the Her Nine Month Confession death of his family And of course there will be obstacles Genevieve Graham has never failed to stun me with these stories Somewhere to Dream is a little bitifferent because it can be read as a standalone but please read them all and because there is a ton of the Native American culture vs the Highlander culture this time around This is well and good to me because I enjoyed it as much as the previous two books maybe because I have always loved that the American setting she uses is the Carolinas and I m located here in the Carolinas Graham writes this area perfectly and she also A Southern Reunion describes the time setting so well which really works for me because I m such a huge fan of this time in American History Also I love any fiction story in which I can learn about other cultures and HELLO there is plenty of the Cherokee nation here with Adelaide and her Cherokee community I loved that What gets me than the place setting and the time setting though is the way the author writes her characters every time I first met Adelaide way back in Under the Same Sky which is the first book and I loved that I m finally getting a chance to get into her head and her heart and know her as than a secondary character Prior to the beginning of this book Adelaide underwent something traumatizing at the hands of white men and she now has a fear of them that is pretty much crippling to her While it is almost unheard ofuring this time period for white people to live among the natives Adelaide has embraced her home with the Cherokee and she has warmed to them she is still a uiet girl not talking very much and very timid but she feels protected and relatively comfortable among the people she once thought savage and Let It Go dangerous While she feels comfortable there though she still feels a little bit out of place because she is not Cherokee she looksifferent and she has that pesky little problem of her visions that just won t go away Unlike her sister Maggie she Charade of Hearts doesn t really like her ability It s this ability that ends up partially responsible for theeath of one of the men of the village the one she was betrothed to and this The Yuletide Rescue (Alaskan Search and Rescue doesn to anything at all to make her embrace it or love it any In fact she only feels guilt and pain because she actually acted on her vision actually telling someone about it so they could intervene in what was a Toward a Better Life dangerous situation andisaster occurred This friends is also how Jesse Black came into the picture When her betrothed Die Konigreiche Israel Und Juda Im 9. Jahrhundert V. Chr. died he was not only the man she was to marry he was a brother a son a friend Jesse was believed to be his soul reincarnated sort of so he was simplycaptured and brought back Simple as that And Jesse boy was he pretty angry about that Jesse has spent his entire life hating the natives no matter which tribe or group To him they are all evil and they all represent the ones that killed his family So to be captured and brought back to their village was a fate worse thaneath It was humiliating and enraging He saw only red When Adelaide treated his injuries however her kind and soothing words were able to calm him enough so he was able to think clearly she told him that he could either accept this fate or be killed and that s the way it was Jesse Schaums Outline of Microbiology, Second Edition didn t like it and I loved his inner thoughts as he fought with himself over running and risking being caught and killed or just staying and accepting this fate of being a white Cherokee person Throughout his transition into a Cherokee learning their ways their language their customs etc Adelaide was always there and always a welcomeiversion She was like a stress relief for him and he always was happy to see her He found himself falling for her but it was also nice that he recognized that he had some issues or fears that she was After the Rubicon dealing with where men were concerned He was slow with her never pushing her even with communication and friendship and I love how considerate he was for thisThis Jesse he was a really nice guy He just had some hate issues he had toeal with you see I loved their romance slow and lovely just like Genevieve Graham writes them And I love everything else about this book I recommend Somewhere To Dream by Genevieve Graham to fans of historical fictionhistorical romances books that are rich with setting and culture fans of strong family ties and character A Prescription for Murder driven stories I am a hardcore fan of this series and am so happy to finally hear Adelaide s story I generally read about 4 5 books a week Many of those books are parts of a series and at the end of the book I generally write that I can t wait for the next book in the series to come out Time goes by many books are read in between bits of the initial storyline fade and by the time I get the next book in a series I have aifficult time recalling key parts and characters I sometimes even forget an author s name and the next book in the series that I was interested in reading I have NEVER forgotten Genevieve Graham s name any of the characters nor any of the storylines in The MacDonnells series of booksWhen I first read Under the Same Sky it stopped me in my tracks What a fabulous book It contained all the key elements I love in a historical romance the characters were well eveloped it contained interesting history the writing was superior and the storyline was gripping I could not put it own Now this is an author I Accounting for Taste definitely want to read fromThen I read Ms Graham s Sound of the Heart I was blown away Could it be that this new author could hit two home runs in a row Yep Out of the park I was hooked From this point on Genevieve Graham became an automatic buy for me Two books on my keeper shelf andefinite re reads in my futureThen came Somewhere to Dream Oh my Can it get any better Oh yeah This book was so wonderful on so many levels I was totally intrigued and sometimes horrified by the Cherokee culture However it was essential to the storyline The hero wasn t your typical I can Anarchist Modernism do it all I feel no pain no man can take me muscle bound kind of guy He was real vulnerable wounded in body and soul and yetetermined protective and caring Our heroine was also vulnerable once wounded in body and still in soul but a survivor who adapts to her circumstances with amazing bravery and An Audience of Artists determination of her own even though sheoesn t realize it How they come together is a harrowing experience Watching them grow together is a thing to behold It will touch your heart and put a smile on your face Just lovelyI have never forgotten this author s name from the very first book I have never forgotten a character nor an amazing storyline in this fantastic ser. Hides of her murdered family of the men she fears and most of all of the ones that foretell the future After her visions cause her to make a terrible mistake she renounces her power and buries her A Dogs Head dreamseep in her soul Until Jesse Black is captured by the tribe His life is