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Be about 3 chapters long 34 of the book were just blah blah blah and I don t ven know what Alexandria (Marcus Didius Falco, else I can tven remember what the hell I read it was that boring and unimportant Then Kahlan gets kidnapped AGAIN and has the crap beaten out of her AGAIN And Richard gets kidnapped AGAIN and then figures out how to use his own little prophecy to get out of the situation at the last minute AGAIN when the whole time the audience was like duh We saw that coming 30 chapters ago Plus for some reason Zed and the gang can t seem to use their powers but the bad guys have no problems using theirs which is never The Emerald Peacock explainedyes rolling yet again Lets see what Little Book of Impressionists else OH There are Zombies Yes thats right and not just one kind of zombie but 2 kinds of zombies Face palmAnd besides the ongoing plot holes the characters just aren t I won anarly release copy Upon reading it the first thing that comes to mind is it is much Tickle Torture engaging than the Omen Machine The ideas and the direction of the book are interesting and breathe new life into the series I like the introduction of new characters and the foreshadowing that occurs Thending is also very in the moment and I could not put it down The only reason I would not give this 5 stars is that some of the dialogue and sentences are repetitive and its a pet peeve of mine But story wise its amazing Character wise I love the new characters and the old ones are back and it makes me happy I was also pleased with how this book Ugly Girls ended and am veryxcited to see how the next one goesI just wish the next one was out already Overall Rating I love it If you wanted Richard and Kahlan to have a happy RSVP... Baby ending you should have stopped reading at CONFESSORTHE THIRD KINGDOM is a Richard and Kahlan novel that picks up where THE OMEN MACHINE left off and a short while after the conclusion of the Sword of Truth story arc The purpose behind this distinction may be confusing at first After finishing This review is intended for Fans of the series onlyTerry Goodkind had numerous contests with the release of The Third Kingdom Intered most of them One of the contests was to name who your favorite character was in the series Expectedly The Moment everyone had different opinions posted and I could tell no clear winner Richard and Kahlan of course were listed but so were many of the other great and powerful characters like Zedd Nicci and Cara we have come to love And of course there is the angry Sword of Truth How many of these great characters are in the first half of the book One How many are in the first two thirds of the book Two The first half of the book is Richard or let us just call him Rich since I don t know who this person is any he isn t the old Richard who would walk into a room full of sorceresses as a prisoner and tell them I will kill you all Rich was wandering around a cave marveling at how narrow steps can be chastising a new young sorceress reading a wall for about 20 pages discussing the Third Kingdom which basically puts a magical spin on zombies maybe it seemed tired because they are the same creatures in The First Confessor but answers no uestions as to why no one hasver heard of this place Nor is it answered how all our great and powerful friends were captured not a spoiler the book opens up with this The dialogue made me cringe And as noted in other reviews very repetitive It was the Richard in the TV series than the real Richard who rides a horse to death and as it dies and suddenly drops beneath him he leaps off and keeps running This Richard seems to be confused and perplexed by verything He s like my Mom trying to figure out Facebook Even when the book finally picks up Richard is still talking like some junior high kid to Hannis Arc not a badass War Wizard who has centuries of battle wisdom whispering to him through the Sword of Truth With all of this said the last two thirds of the book was fun like a uick walk through a crowded mall on a Friday night but not the kind of fun of riding a motorcycle high speed through a crowded mall on a Friday night like some of the other books were The dialogue did recover Both Richard and Kahlan had some good things to say and many of the players are back although all impotent and propy Nothing about the battle is smart it s like a little kid playing with toys making a swooooosh mouth sound imitating magic knocking all the other toys down I had too many images from WWZ in my head for the soul less soulless zombies to be interesting but the Sword was angry again and finally doing damage I did really like the new wise and Machiavellian grandpa bad guy Looking forward to his character in the next dition By the The Kings Spy (Thomas Hill, end I had completely gotten the TV Richard out my head and wasnjoying myself again Miss the cool cover art though The last couple of books since the Confessor have been uninteresting I still love the covers of the Doctor Illuminatus early Tor books and they are still how I picture Richard and Kahlan Overall how can I not recommend this book or Goodkind We love Richard and Kahlan Then again is having Richard not milling about in an uninteresting cave for half a book too much to ask our favorite author I absolutely loved The Third Kingdom I was itching to write a review for the past few days since i first started TTK but i felt I would not be able to do the book or anyone reading the reviews justice until I had finished it Having said that once again Terry Goodkind takes the reader on a magical andmotional journey The depth and The Real Witches Kitchen emotion the detail and dialogue bringvery character to life The Preachers Kid enabling the reader to truly become fully immersed in the world created for us As is always the case with TG notverything is what it seems Any twists or turns you might O Testamento expect cannot prepare you for the journey you are about to take I would recommend reading The First Confessor which is fabulous as well prior to reading The Third Kingdom but this is not a book that should be missed Terry Goodkind is not just an author or story teller he is an artist and anyone who has the depth and capacity to appreciate fantastic art and masterful literature will be able to appreciate this work of art I can t wait for the next book READ IT updated August 20 put most behind the spoiler tag but they re not detailed spoilersTwo years after The Omen Machine Terry Goodkind returns with the second novel in the Richard and Kahlan series If you re not familiar with The First Confessor you may want to read this novel before reading TTK Note that The First Confessor was only released as an book in English speaking countriesI was lucky nough to be able to read this book 15 weeks before the official release date I read The Omen Machine and The Third Kingdom straight after another and was rather surprised by how different the two novels are While TOM felt a bit out of place among the author s previous works TTK is a classic Goodkind lots of drama and action with great characters and philosophy in a fantasy frameTOM is obviously the introduction to a larger story but it wasn t until reading TTK that I realized this new Richard and Kahlan series may very well turn into another 10 book series Story wise the potential is definitely there Let s hope the author thinks so too view spoilerWhereas TOM is mostly set in one place carefully laying down the foundations of the new saga TTK takes Richard into the wild outdoors to the Dark Lands and the story xpands fast and furiously His companion on the perilous journey is young sorceress Sammie and this is where the book shines Goodkind s female characters are always a joy to read young women coming into their own 15 year old Sammie uickly grows into a strong lady Samantha and there is a great dynamic between her and Richard The downside to this of course is that if you re desperate to see Richard and Kahlan spending time in One Con Glory each others company like in TOM you re out of luck In fact if you re hoping to see a lot of Kahlan this book probably won t rank among your favorites If you rexpecting answers about the omen machine and other uestions raised in the first book you may be disappointed as well The novel pretty much ignores the omen machine and in fact it isn t until later in the novel that the ties to the first novel start to become clear Some uestions are answered but the mysteries surrounding the omen machine aren t among them unless like the omen machine they are so deeply buried I missed them It s strongly hinted at that the omen machine is being saved for the next book if the characters actually manage to get there with Terry Goodkind you never know On the upside without the omen machine around the strong focus on prophecy from TOM is rather toned down in TTK as well which makes for a nice changeThe blood and violence in TTK too are in stark contrast to TOM It may not be any worse than in the Sword of Truth novels but Richard and Samantha s journey certainly isn t a nice stroll through the park and the other characters don t have an Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows easy time of itither Kids this isn t for youThe one major issue I had with the novel is the author s tendency to repeat information Even after having read all his novels and most a number of times this is one aspect that still manages to annoy me and always has me wonder why some of it isn t just The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) edited out These are not books meant to be read by children and I d like to think the average adult doesn t need to be fed the same information as often as the author seems to think necessary It s clearly part and parcel of the author s writing style though and the stories he tells are still utterly mesmerizing so it would never benough to make me want to stop readingAnother couple of minor points that made me frown young Henrik s tale about the attack felt a bit off It was too long and far too detailed for the boy to be able to recount all that Also there is a MordSith wielding an Agiel who has pledged her allegiance to someone other than Richard Hannis Arc does not appear to be a Rahl so how come her Agiel is working hide spoiler The Third Kingdom is an outstanding story and a return to the magic that made Goodkind books some of the best fantasy reads The dialogue is strong the story arc is sharp the characters are rich and the action is fierce This is much than I had Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, expected I like The Omen Machine wellnough but this book surpasses it by A Fairly Honourable Defeat every measure I m thrilled that Goodkind is digging deeper into his stories again I did not read The First Confessor but now that one is next on my list Magda s story sounds interesting and I d like to have known before reading The Third Kingdom Good book by a good author If you haven t read Goodkind before you should start with Wizard s First Rule If you ve already read him you think you know what toxpect but you re in for a nice surprise. R of the man's chest The point of that same blade stuck out from the man's back Richard recognized the knife handles All three were the style carried by the men of the First File He looked from those blades that should have killed the big man up into his face That was when he realized the true horror of the situation and the reason for the unbearable stench of deat.

The Third KingdomBy Terry GoodkindA Review by Eric AllenI was NOT looking forward to this book I will freely admit that The Omen Machine was boring repetitive laughably stupid and it turned all of my favorite characters into brainless fools dancing on the strings of the plot rather than driving it forward as they used to in Goodkind s previous works I don t want to hate books by Terry Goodkind He used to be one of my favorite authors He s just had some really really terrible books of late that are nothing ven remotely like the passionate tomes of his arly career He used to be able to tell a good story and to tell it well But for the last decade or so it seems as though his heart has not been in it All of the Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue emotion and passion seems leeched out of the writing and the stories themselves have grown duller and duller Fortunately The Third Kingdom is a vast improvement in terms of both the uality of the story and the uality of the writing than we ve seen from Goodkind in a good long while Please note that I meant that to be in comparison toverything he has published after Confessor When compared to anything he wrote before this book is utter garbage A step in the right direction is still twenty steps BEHIND where he began There are some minor spoilers ahead I tried to be as vague as possible with them You have been warnedThe Third Kingdom begins shortly after the The Man Without a Face ending of The Omen Machine Richard and Kahlan have been infected by death and must be taken to the People s Palace to be healed of it Richard awakens to find himself and Kahlan alone in the back of a cart whilst two men argue over which of them they shouldat and which they should trade After a bit of graphic violence unfit for network television nsues the men are subdued and our heroes are taken to a nearby village for healingA young boy at the village recounts what happened to Richard s friends and personal guard and why he was left alone with Kahlan in the back of that cart This xplanation I feel is very poorly done I have to point this out This is a CHILD telling this story Read through this section of the book and ask yourself Are these the words that a child would use to describe what happened NO THEY MOST CERTAINLY ARE NOT This whole section is just very poorly thought out and Gone (Gone, executedFirstly Show don t tell It s practically the first rule of storytelling in any medium It would have been so much powerful to actuallyxperience this firsthand rather than have it recounted to us I don t want to get the Cliffnotes version of a horrific battle where people are being Threads Of The Shroud eaten alive by zombies second hand I want toxperience the horror of it as it unfolds I understand what Goodkind was going for here in that we are with Richard and have no idea what s going on or why That COULD have been a very interesting spin on things as Richard fumbles his way through having no idea what has happened to himself his wife or any of his friends if not for the fact that we re told All Seated on the Ground exactly what happened a chapter later by this kid who talks like he s a forty year old college professor I can see where Goodkind tried to inject a few aspects of Horror here but he clearly doesn t understand that all of the fear tension and drama in this situation comes from both Richard and the reader not knowing what happened and he immediately dispels it all in the very next chapter Whyven bother Just give us the scene in its Untitled. entirety at the beginning of the book instead of this half assed and failed attempt at horrorAnd secondly What child talks like this Seriously If the person telling the story was an adult sure it would probably fit but holy crap dudes and dudettes these are clearly the words of the author giving us a brief summary of a scene he was too lazy to write out in itsntirety and not the words of a frightened child telling the story of something terrible and horrifying that happened It was a very lazy and frankly boring way to introduce the Wiring enemy army the main conflict of the book and to recap what happened between booksWhen the walking dead attack the village Richard knows that something horrible is going on andnlists the help of the young Sorceress Samantha to help him figure it out At this point the book slams headlong into a brick wall with over a third of the page count devoted to recaps of things we already know and the Reader s Digest version of the Ancient War with the Old World And by Reader s Digest version I actually mean the Against All Odds entire freaking Reader s Digest Version all hundred pages of it or so And all of this is told by Richard reading it boringly off of a wall rather than throughxperience self discovery or a billion other far interesting ways of Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage expositing other than a dozens of pages long wall of text that is about asntertaining to read through as having your wisdom teeth pulled This single scene by the way is broken up pointlessly into about twenty five chapters for no visible reason whatsoever The book starts out great with real tension and horror which is then immediately dispelled before slamming into this It took me the longest time to get through it and it repeats itself so many freaking times that it actually made my head hurt The first third of this book is pretty dull and very hard to get through because instead of making the back story interesting in any way Goodkind just infodumps it all on us at once in a wall of text that just keeps going and going and going without The DOS end Infodumping is never interesting orxciting it s just plain boring lazy and painfulRichard knows that without his grandfather Zedd he is going to die and so he sets off to the dark and terrible Third Kingdom where life and death overlap upon Against All Odds each other and an ancientvil was once sealed away Upon arriving he comes face to face with Hannis Arc a man who has devoted his life to utterly destroying the House of Rahl and who commands the zombie hoards of the ancient Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism emperor that once threatened the world of life thousands of years agoThe Good After The Law of Nines and the Omen Machine which were both boring pointless and terribly written additions to Goodkind s library this book is thankfully not all that bad Whatever funk Goodkind was in he seems to slowly be coming out of it with The First Confessor and now The Third Kingdom The story has purpose and direction and a goal to be achieved right from the beginning These are things that were lacking and sorely missed in The Omen Machine The focus narrows mostly to Richard s desperate uest to rescue his grandfather so that his wife will not succumb to the illness that is killing her The story is simple butffective and offers a bit of a nostalgic throwback to the first book where Richard and Kahlan are fleeing through the Boundary Pass without feeling as though it s simply copying over scene for scene as was the case with The Law of NinesFor once Goodkind did not take it upon himself to spend half the damn book preaching to us And that is always a plus The theme of this book was very subtle and for the most part he didn t try to beat us over the head with itThe story of this book has very little to do with that of The Omen Machine when you get right down to it These are Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils events that happen after that book this is true however there s some disconnect between them This book feels a continuation of The First Confessor than one of The Omen Machine and frankly the less we re reminded of The Omen Machine the better in my opinion There are some small continuityrrors and minor plot holes between this book and The Omen Machine that lead me to believe that Goodkind had other plans for it and changed his mind about where it was going to go and what was going to happen sometime in the two years between their releases Any change is good whatever continuity Payment Due errors or plot holes it may create because that last book was dreadful Or maybe this was always the way it was to be and simply no one caught therrors Who knows for sure save Goodkind himselfThe uality of writing is uite a bit higher than that of Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, either The Omen Machine or The First Confessor That is not to say that it is up to the standards that Goodkind himself set with hisarlier works However any improvement is a positive I only wish that Goodkind could go back to the glory days when he used to tell good stories and tell them wellGoodkind for once laid off of the Deus Ex Machina for the Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, ending Richard was stripped of his magic for thentire book and had to work through solutions without its aid This led to him having to rely on the strength of others and on his own wits and The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, experience and ultimately make a wild leap of faith that could have cost him his life if his hunches were wrong There is a terrible sacrifice to be made toscape with his life and the villain still won in the Turbulence end Thisnding is so much powerful than an Tropical Bioproductivity ending where Richard would wave his hand and magicallyverything was fixed as he seems to do an awful lot at the Elizabeth Ann Seton end of many of Goodkind s books I want to see a character struggle and grapplemotionally with a dilemma and do Die Postmoderne Konstellation everything he can to win but still fall short in thend finding himself in a position that he can only run away at great cost It makes for a lot tension and drama than when he waves a hand and Folk Tales From the Soviet Union everything is fixed by inexplicable powersThe Bad This book suffers from a lot of the same problems that The Omen Machine had just not as bad Though it is nowhere near as terrible as it was in the previous book there are still some issues with the characters personalities More often than not they seem like one dimensional stereotypes of themselves rather than the characters bursting with personality and life that I adventured through high school and college with Perhaps I am simply looking back through nostalgia goggles true but I don t remember these characters being so wooden andmotionless They were always Ulysses and the Trojan War expressive andmotive to the point that Goodkind rarely had to flat out tell us what they were feeling We could feel it ourselves in the way it was written and how they spokeThere is uite a bit of repetition in this book to the point that it s maddening and painful Mostly it s the dialog than anything lse though there are a few sections where Goodkind is giving descriptions and they seem to go on for pages saying the same things in different ways over and over and over again There are conversations in this book that are say twenty pages long with about a page and a half of actual content in them The characters just keep asking the same uestions in different ways and giving the same answers Most of this is in the first third or so of the book Goodkind does lay off it a bit after Richard and Samantha leave on their journey to the Third Kingdom but there are still one or two pat. Terry Goodkind returns to the lives of Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell in The Third Kingdom the direct seuel to his #1 New York Times bestseller The Omen Machine Richard saw the point of a sword blade sticking out from between the man's shoulder blades He spun back toward Richard after throwing the woman out the opening ready to attack It seemed impossible but the

Ches later on where it s teeth grindingly bad I don t know if Goodkind thinks he just really really really needs to get his point across to the readers or if he just needed to pad the word count or if he thinks we re all idiots and need to be told things a thousand times before they sink in Whatever the reason he feels the need to repeat himself so much it really is distracting from any njoyment in the story and really breaks up the tension and the dark mood that hangs over the rest of the book Take this book and compare any page in it side by side with any page in Wizard s First Rule and you can very plainly see a difference in the way that they are written and not a positive one This book reads almost like something written by a completely different author than that first book one who has forgotten the passion he once had for telling a story and telling it wellIt is to be The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antique Marbles expected that a Goodkind book will have a certain amount of blood and gore in it but this one turns the carnage up to 11 almost from page one It is a very dark and gruesome tale that seems cruel and spiteful in itsxtreme graphic violence simply for the sake of it A lot of the violence is really mean spirited with a cold cruelty that lacks Taught to Obey emotion or passion as opposed toarlier books that Goodkind published where the violence served a purpose to the plot or to the development of the characters and was never Learning to Dance in the Rain excessive to thextreme or uncomfortable to sit through Those with aversions to such things may find this a very uncomfortable book to read through I m usually pretty desensitized to that sort of thing and Rebel (The Change, even I was a little shocked by it What makes things worse is that the tone and pacing of the book are pretty screwy On one page you ll have a character cracking a joke and on the very next someone will beaten alive by rage zombies It s very jarring when there s no transition between things like that Man of Her Dreams (The Enforcers, especially when the violence is soxtremely graphic and really over the top into cringe worthy territory With an imagination like that I certainly never want to meet Goodkind in a dark alley after having pissed him offThis book ties in heavily with the The Plant Paradox events in the latter half of The First Confessor the book that Goodkind released last year Having read that book I may not be the best judge of how well he recaps in The Third Kingdom He does recap but it may be a good idea to pick up The First Confessor first before starting this one just in case he missed something vital The Third Kingdom really does seem like a seuel to The First Confessor rather than one of The Omen Machine It deals far heavily with Little Sister (Sweet Dreams, events in that book than it does to the one it actually is a seuel to I find this to be a rather dick move on Goodkind s part due to the fact that The First Confessor was only released in book and audio formats and there are many people out there without access to an Namen-Und Sach-Register Zum Jahresbericht �ber Die Fortschritte in Der Lehre Von Den Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Umfassend Bacterien, Pilze Und Protozo�n e reader or the funds to purchase a book they would normally get from the library if it had a physicalditionAfter Darken Rahl and Emperor Jagang two N.76 le Mystere de Job et les preuves Initiatiques extraordinary villains that this series has seen I just don t find Hannis Arc all that threatening In fact he s pretty laughable He seems like a petty Bond villain and not in one of the good Bond moviesither There s a scene where the undead ancient Red Skies at Night (Anchors Away emperor is just totally schooling him on how to bevil because he s so incompetent at it and it had me laughing my ass off I was reminded of the scene in Austin Powers where Seth Green is uestioning why the stupidly The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956 elaborate deathtrap rather than just shooting him in the head and making annd to it Some villains just need sharks with lasers on their heads to compensate for their incredibly small dicks You re not supposed to laugh at the villain in a story this dark and serious See what I mean about the tone of the book being Fresh faith erratic You ve got all these terrible world changinglyvil things going on and the author threw a comedy bit right out of a Mike Meyers movie into the mix The guy was so irrelevant to The Omen Machine that you could have removed him from it completely and not ven noticed And here he s a cliche stereotype of a comedic villain than anything really threatening Even the writer seems to think of him as a joke than a real threat I gotta tell ya I m really not feeling itThere is a LOT of inconsistency with the level of intelligence that the zombies possess At times they seem as intelligent as people They talk amongst themselves discussing their options and what to do next At others they seem like mindless rabid animals screaming and growling and incapable of human speech Others they seem somewhere in between I mean I m not asking for a lost Shakespearean sonnet here or anything but holy crap man can you keep things consistent at the very least It s almost as if Goodkind watched a whole bunch of zombie movies and just tossed in scenes he liked here and there that go completely against things that he has previously stablished with his zombies I m not asking for a masterpiece here but you know what would be nice If the villains in the first chapter were the same as the villains in the second chapter and then in the middle of the book they were still the same and kept on being the same until the The New Left the Origins of the Cold War ending You know consistency Where a villain retains the same motives abilities and intelligence from start to finish instead of changing drastically to fit the sceneThe Subtitle A Richard and Kahlan Novel is a little misleading It s a Richard novel Kahlan has about a chapter and a half devoted to her spending the vast majority of the page count unconscious In fact Richard is pretty much the ONLY character in this book None of our old favorites do much than make cameo appearances which may actually be a good thing after how harshly they were lobotomized in The Omen Machine I d rather the characters not be included than they be completely ruined the way they were in the previous book Anyone looking for Zedd Nicci Nathan Kahlan Cara and half a dozen other oldies but goodies will likely be disappointed by their lack of screen time The resolution of Kahlan s situation feels rather tacked on and almost superfluous as though Goodkind was trying to work her into a story that she really didn t have much business being a part ofIn conclusion while this book may not be up to the standards of Goodkind sarlier works it is a far cry better than the soulless Omen Machine and the fun but terribly written First Confessor It is a very dark and gruesome tale that is The Right Hook of Devin Velma excessively graphic in its violence but moves along at a good speed once it gets past all of the soul crushingly dullxposition There is a great deal of pointless repetition mostly in dialog scenes and a few places where it would have been nice to have been shown things rather than told them but for the most part it is a pretty La Fleur du Mal enjoyable book and should be well received by most if not all Goodkind fans It still feels as though Goodkind has traded a lot of his fire and passion for writing with needless cruelty and hyper violent distractions that seek to draw theye away from a lot of the problems the book has with tonal shifts and repetition That being said I haven t said this in about ten years but I m actually looking forward to Terry Goodkind s next book The Third Kingdom is a vast improvement over the previous few books Goodkind has published but he could still use a little work before he s back up to the level where he began Just get past the Graphic Design Rules extremely boring first third of the book and the rest of it moves along pretty uickly and painlessly But holy crap brace yourself for a lot of boring lazy and clunkyxposition at the beginning of this thing The book does pick up afterward but for the first third its Reckless even boring than The Omen Machine was Of course I would always take Wizard s First Rule Stone of Tears or Faith of the Fallen over The Third Kingdom but this book was uitentertaining despite its flaws The good outweighs the bad in my opinion Sorry to anyone who wanted to see me flip out over this one but honestly I don t like to hate books I would rather be Trickster entertained by them and The Third Kingdom delivered on that Is it a great book No not by any means It has some pretty major flaws in it Is it stillntertaining despite those flaws Yes I think that it is And let no one say that I can t give a Terry Goodkind book a positive review Check out my other reviews OK So far I am about halfway in this book to this point its very Killers Prey (Conard County easy to put down and walk awayThere is a lot and I mean ALOT of repetitive conversation what do you mean by alotI mean it repeats itself alotAre you sure that s wot u meantYes its very repetitive I m not sure I understand what you meanWell I mean it asks the same uestion over and over in a different manner and repeats the subject matter several times like its just a page filler Are you sure you read it rightARE you kidding ME How many times are you gonna ask me the same uestion Hmm about fifty pages worth HAHANow read the book and you will understand why I just wrote this review while only being halfway thru the bookutter disappointment so far if it changes I will change thisedit ok I guess this has bothered me I read where Mr goodkind is upset and disagrees with the poor reviews of this book Surely to god don t you see the ppl that bought the first books bragged and shared with friends are the same ppl you seem to think don t have a clueshame that you don t understand that Truly disappointed in this new series I don t know what all these rave reviews are about but I for one have lost my faith in Goodkind The sword of truth series was the first fantasy series that really got me into the fantasy genre and for the longest time Goodkinds books were the standard by which I judged all other series I used to wait In almost unbearable anticipation for his next book to come out now I find myself cringing Why does he feel the need to repeat himselfvery other paragraph going over the Mr Big exact same concepts and ideas At points I thought I had accidentally re read sections of the book I also couldn t stand how Richard is a totally different person in these books almost an idiot having trouble understanding simple things Goodkind also did not utilize some of the skills and abilities that Richard had developed in previous novels such as the dance with death or the partitioning of the mind with respect to handling torture All in all I hope Terry gets back on track with these characters I have grown to love For now ill re read his sword of truth series and relive the glory days Oooh boy where toven start with this one First of all this was by far the most repetitive book Flori în păr ever If you took outvery repetitive conversation and idea this book would. An looked unaffected by the blade that had impaled him through the chest It was then in the weak light from the fire pit off to the side that Richard got his first good look at the killer Three knives were buried up to their brass cross guards in the man's chest Only the handles were showing Richard saw too the broken nd of a sword blade jutting out from the cente.

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Terry Goodkind was a contemporary American writer and author of the best selling epic fantasy series The Sword of Truth creator of the television show The Legend of the Seeker and writer of the self published epic The First Confessor The Legend of Magda Searus a preuel and origin story of the first Mother Confessor He had over 20 million copies in print and has been translated into t