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That leads back to the banking community itselfAs the relentless action unfolds the author s familiarity with European locales is uite vident If he hasn t lived or visited Geneva Zurich and Munich then his research of the locations is The Preachers Kid even impressive Can Pia s intelligence and physical prowess overcome her inexperience You bet A great debut for a new series Reviewed by William G Davishttpwwwmikegagethrillerscom The Geneva Decision does a lot of things that are different from the run of the mill action thriller For one thing its protagonist and dominant personality is a woman she s not a guy with breasts nor a cartoon ultravixen nor does she wear Spandex unless she s working out Sheven keeps her clothes on through the ntire book That may be a spoiler The good guys don t work for some ultra secret government agency they re private security contractors and although well heeled they don t have all the resources of the Earth behind them The bad guys aren t some other ultra secret global cabal with limitless reach and resources they re bad yes they get around but they re human The fate of the world doesn t ven hang in the balanceSo how does it all work Very nicely thank you Geneva is a fast satisfying read that won t have you thinking Haven t I read this before after Gangbang Slut every chapterLet s start with Pia Sabel the aforementioned heroine Not only is she not tokenye candy she s also not the standard Special Forces refugee She s an athlete a former Olympic soccer player dragooned by her fabulously wealthy adoptive father into running the family business Except for whatever she s picked up from being surrounded by bodyguards for most of her life she s a rookie at this game She s not One Con Glory even a very good shot Being an athlete though she s fit can run like hell can beat the crap out of lesser mortals and has a very casual attitude toward her own mortality Yes she has the reuisite Painful Past but it doesn t involve alcoholism gambling a long lost love dead children or serial divorces If you re an action thriller fan you can already see how this kind of protagonist might change up the genreFittingly Sabel Security is an unusual lead agency for this kind of story For one thing it s not the standardverybody united against the dark Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows enemy placexcept for the Dastardly Enemy Mole or Butthead Political Weasel Boss natch This firm came undone upon Our Heroine s ascension to the CEO s chair with mass resignations and much political backbiting This too is a refreshing change it sounds like realityThe story has twists and turns that flow organically and a series of action set pieces that are realistically messy and often inconclusive again just like in life In fact both good and bad guys miss their shots often than hit another touch of reality in a genre in which the heroes regularly pull off amazing feats of marksmanship against moving targets in the dark while riding upside down on cropdusters The dialog is naturalistic and believable No one can accuse James of picking overused settings if you re struggling to find a novel set in Cameroon to complete your around the world mysteries challenge this is your book Not only are the locations fresh but the author makes good use of fairly The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) esoteric parts of those locales such as Geneva s water system As you can tell I like this book So what happened to the fifth starIt s gone not for any one big reason but a collection of little ones Pia is a dear and Injoyed my time with her but she s such a Girl Scout and the third or fourth time this uality puts her people at deadly risk I just wanted to slap her Also I kept waiting to see her dark side view spoilerbut never really did despite ample provocation hide spoiler Full disclosure I was provided a copy of this book by the authorThis is an Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, enjoyable book however I did feel that it lacked a central direction This sort of made it feel to me like a number of incidents some what loosely connected together Each scene in itself is well written and grabs the reader however when they are over there just isn t that impetus to turn the page and keep readingThe characters arengaging and distinct which make the book A Fairly Honourable Defeat enjoyable What I would have liked to have seen is a underlying motive for the actions that drives the story along and provides the glue that binds the whole thing together To me the reader simply isn t driven from scene to scene they are simply following Annhanced sense of mission throughout would provided greater ngagement I feelNone the less if you like stories that involve modern action and spionage themes then this book is a worthwhile read It is somewhat uniue to have a action female lead but the author does make that character work along with the other around her The writing is crisp and ngaging and does not get bogged down and the action seuences are well written and keep the reader s attention while maintaining vivid imagery Never too much or too little detail here which is sign of write who knows their craftIn summary a good read for those who njoy action and international intrigue however a defined central direction through out may have improved the story in my mind I loved The Geneva Decision The main character Pia Sabel has taken on a job where she may very well be in over her head But she s not willing to admit defeat and she is not going to give up This is a refreshing change to the mysterythriller concepts where the protagonist can t do anything wrong Pia is new at this She makes mistakes She learns as she goes along She makes friends and The Man Without a Face enemies along the way and people get hurt All of this adds up to a readingxperience that is both fun and Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) engrossing The title indicates that this is only book one of a series I m looking forward to book. Om Swiss mansions to the jungles of CameroonHer battle hardenedmployees suspect she's just a spoiled rich girl with a mean corner kick But Pia's got some unexpected moves of her own Will they be nough to bring her team through its mission.

The length of time it took me to read this fast paced action novel is deceptive I started reading it as a free book having taken the author up on an offer he made in one of my groups and I read in that format only intermittently it doesn t fit into my schedule well Some time later he generously offered me a signed paperback copy with no reuest for a review and I was delighted to accept since I already knew I wanted a hard copy From that point on it flew pretty uickly the narrative drive and suspense kept me turning pages as fast as I could It s Threads Of The Shroud easy to imagine many readers finishing it in a few days less time if they re able to read it nonstop and most would want toBrave principled action oriented heroines are annormous draw for me in fiction and Pia Sabel is one of the most outstanding characters of this type that I ve All Seated on the Ground everncountered Seeley s skill in bringing her to life is unuestionably the key to the novel s success she s an intriguing fully round character with a complex past that shapes her Not all of this past is revealed here the author has stated Untitled. elsewhere that he wanted to spread the revelations out over three books and what is revealed isxposed gradually sometimes in a way that can create a bit of confusion but stay with it Even as a young child her life was impacted by violence her adoptive father is an normously wealthy business tycoon with a drive and determination that he s passed on to her she s rich in her own right from stocks he settled on her gifted with a tall strong physiue developed as an athlete and highly trained as a boxer She s not a superwoman and not without her inner demons she s also lacking in security and combat xperience despite growing up around security operatives and she can be dangerously brash and impulsive but she has believable strengths that counterbalance these weaknesses One is native smarts which she s used to applying in competitive situations and an ability to read people though she doesn t always realize when she needs to let these skills kick in Above all she s a caring highly Against All Odds ethical person who genuinely wants to help others whether it s with her money or with her fighting abilityAround her the author has created andge of the seat plot which opens with a man s head being blown off on the second page and keeps up the pace until the Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage end As the Goodreads description notes piracy and money laundering are thengines that drive the action though Seeley thankfully doesn t dwell on the intricacies of the latter and it includes life and death jeopardies for our heroine along with plenty of gunfighting and hand to hand combat on land and water I d characterize it primarily as action adventure but it has The DOS elements of the mystery genre too with a criminal mastermind whose identity is hidden through much of the book and will take some twists and turns to reveal I guessed one of Seeley s secretsarly on but not all of them Although Pia stands out other characters are well drawn also and Seeley gives us two other strong female characters in action roles Sabel Security s Major Jonelle Jackson and Agent Tania no last name given both of whom I Against All Odds expect we ll see of in later books He develops the geographical settings Geneva Cameroon Lyon Vienna with an assurance and vividness that suggests that he s actually been to these places and there s none of the awkwardness here in handling language that s so often associated with first time self published novelists He also knows soccer and he knows about guns high tech communicationuipment Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism etc Some of the terms like Bluetooth were new to me but that s not a flaw most readers of this type of fiction are familiar with this sort of technology and I couldither get the meanings from context or muddle through anyway IMO most of the plot developments and motivations stand up well to Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils examination As an added plus there s no sex and though some of the characters sometimes do use profanity and obscenity the phrase swear like a trooper has a basis in fact and several Sabel Security people got their start in the military Tania who has the worst mouth also grew up in inner city Brooklyn where we can surmise that clean language wasn t universally modeled I could tell that the author used some restraint in this area Of course action adventure is going to be about violence but Pia s no homicidal maniac while she packs bullets as a last resort her Glock like other Sabel security firearms isuipped to shoot uick acting tranuilizer darts and one of her first acts as head of the company is to reuire these to be used as a first resort in all cases That s a feature which is uniue in my reading Payment Due experience and I think it s pretty coolIf I could give half stars this would be a solid four and a half I debated long and hard whether to round up or round down What flaws did I find in the book First the descriptions of action scenes were often for me hard to follow visually that is from the language used I couldn t alwaysxactly picture the action in my mind without it seeming awkward that may be because I haven t Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, engaged in that sort of fighting and don t have thexperience to picture it with or because I couldn t get the physical layout of the setting as in the floor plan Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, etc Second a feature of Seeley s writing style here is that he suddenly drops bits of information that Pia or other characters have known before but we haven t into the mix at moments when they can be useful in a way that sometimes makes them come across as confusing or as a Deusx machina or both It would have made the narrative smoother IMO to introduce these arlier and I don t think it would have reuired info dumps to do so There s also a basic credibility problem under the circumstances I don t thin. Pia Sabel plays to winUntil a few weeks ago she was an international soccer star But now she's taken the helm of her billionaire father's private security company and she's playing against a whole new set of opponents the kind who shoot to

K Alan Sabel would realistically have sold her the control of his security firm and I don t think it s realistic to imagine the top leadership of the firm being involved in field operations with nobody minding the store at headuarters Of course the author s purpose demands that Pia be in the field and the premises of action heroine fiction not infreuently do strain believability a bit But these weren t deal breakers and in the nd the strength of Pia s character made me round up She s a stellar action heroine for the 21st century and I m already a committed fan who wants to read Turbulence every book shever stars in My recommendation doesn t carry the weight that genre author Zoe Sharp s does but nevertheless I m proud to add my Tropical Bioproductivity endorsement to hers If you re an action fiction fan you need to make Pia s acuaintance ASAP and I think you ll be glad you did After a slightly hesitant start this book really got into its stride and kept going strong I loved the character of Pia Sabel there s a girl Charlie Fox would team up with any day This review is of an book copy provided to me by the author via the Goodreads Group Making Connections in return for my fair and impartial review 978 0 9886996 0 1James tells the kind of story I Elizabeth Ann Seton enjoy one with a strong protagonist struggling against heavy odds in a contemporary and realistic setting slotted into an intricate plot that shifts betweenxotic destinations The story is fast paced and well writtenThe heroine is unusual a young soccer star Pia Sabel who inherits Sabel Security from her very wealthy step father Early in her life her parents were assassinated and she was adopted Growing up in this privileged Die Postmoderne Konstellation environment she thrived in sports and became a star The confidence and insights she developed on the soccer field stand her in good stead in her new position When the banker her team is protecting is killed in Geneva she is propelled into an international chase involving other murdered Geneva bankers millions in missing money and hijacked tankers The team of hardened men and women she gathers around her to chase thelusive foe view her as a neophyte who may compromise their safety and the success of the mission Her father urges her to come home and accept a desk job running the business She refuses Along the way she makes mistakes and some Folk Tales From the Soviet Union enemies The shifts in action from Geneva to the Cameroons to Vienna make it an interesting read The only uibble I have with the book is some unrealistic aspects of Pia the protagonist The book chronicles many fights in which she performs almost super human feats albeit tempered by realisticmotions of fear In my opinion the author should have reduced the number of these Ulysses and the Trojan War encounters and deepened those threads that sketched her character Nevertheless a good holiday read The Geneva Decision is an action packed never a dull moment thriller with an interesting protagonist Pia Sabel is a professional soccer player whonds up running a security company Her skills and background make her well suited to the task in some ways but she has a steep learning An heiress wants to know who killed her customer and goes all over the world to find out I always hear people say gripping story but in this case it fits She s a spoiled rich kid who retired from soccer although we don t know why I ve never seen a soccer player in a thriller before The first move she made is one I ve done on the pitch you will get a yellow card though so I know it works After that she s pretty resourceful in using her strengths against a bunch of killers What I like about her is she makes time to help people She s a nice personThe story starts out a little slow for my taste but gets into the action about a third of the way in and never stops after that The battle in the jungle had me speed reading to see what happened I can t say without a spoiler but it was good The Tall, Dark Rich ending was pretty amazing too Fast and furiousIf you like women in lead roles this is a great book I wrote the best mostxciting story I could possibly write featuring a female lead Pia Sabel I hope you find her an The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antique Marbles engaging thoughtful caring and above all ass kicking noxcuses heroine I attempted to portray women in leadership roles who can plan and Taught to Obey execute a complex mission without their primary conversations revolving around sex and fashion I modeled these women after the women in my lifeIf you would like a review copy please don t hesitate tomail me seeleyseeleyjamescom If you bought the book and didn t like it I will refund the money you spent US only sorry If you recommend the book to others I will love you foreverPeace Seeley Action and Adventure on Every PageIf you re an adrenalin junkie who Learning to Dance in the Rain enjoys breakneck pacing and action onvery page then The Geneva Decision is the book for you Pia Sabel is young rich and a gifted Olympic athlete a true action heroine She reminds me of heroines in recent movies like Zoe Saldana in Colombiana or Angelina Jolie in Wanted Pia s billionaire father has given Pia the top spot in his international security firm And what is her first challenge The assassination of one of her firm s clients a Swiss banker who is murdered right before her Rebel (The Change, eyes As bankers are similarly dispatched Pia is determined that Sabel Security find their killers despite the attitudes and interference of the local authorities Her uest takes us from the streets of Geneva and Zurich Switzerland to the jungles of Africa Intrigue and gunplay challenge her crew as Pia goes head to head with her firm s seasoned operators Pia doesn t have all the answers and though she makes mistakes her dogged determinationventually gains the respect of her Man of Her Dreams (The Enforcers, experienced subordinates In thend they discover a plot involving money laundering and piracy. IllOn her first day on the job Pia's client is assassinated in front of her There's no time for training so Pia must trust her instincts and athletic skills to unravel the complicated maze of money laundering and piracy that will take her fr.

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His near death experiences range from talking a jealous husband into putting the gun down to spinning out on an icy freeway in heavy traffic without touching anything His resume ranges from washing dishes to global technology management His personal life stretches from homeless at 17 adopting a 3 year old at 19 getting married at 37 fathering his last child at 43 hiking the Grand Canyon Rim