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Somehow not as inspiring ar inspired as he previo. CONTENTSMike Davis The Last White ElectionPanoramic survey of America’s political landscape as revealed by November’s vote with age gender ethnicity and geography he volatile determinants of Obama’s victory Within an increasingly polarized ideological force field how will he coming struggles unfold between Democratic President and Senate and a Republican House itself consumed by Dead to Me turmoilChristopher Johnson All Played OutChristopher Johnson detectshe patterns of a hidden philosophy of history Ghettoside threadedhrough Claude Lévi Strauss’s most famous works Might its seeming pessimism a seuence of downward urns from he Neolithic o he present hold out he possibility of alternative outcomes virtual destiniesClaude Lévi Strauss The Setting SunIn one of he last interviews before his death in 2009 h.

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Us issues good hough if Levi Strauss is your cup E author of Tristes Tropiues discusses his early literary ambitions The Olympic Promise. Based on the Story by Lynda Edwards the relation between field work andheory and Agony And Epitaph; Man, His Art, And His Poetry the future of anthropology as a disciplineKevin Gray Political Cultures of South KoreaThe presidential victory of Park Geun Hyehe dictator’s daughter as bid for a refurbished conservative hegemony in Thomas Gets Tricked and Other Stories the ROK Origins ofhe elite in colonial collaboration and anti Communist modernization and its attempts The Long Way Home (Sequoyah, to re hegemonizehe country’s historical The Reason I Jump trajectoryJiwei Xiao A Traveller’s GlanceObject of fierce controversy when first shown Antonioni’s documentary Chung Kuo filmed inhe PRC during Workhouse Orphans (Workhouse the Cultural Revolution has since been largely overlooked within his oeuvre The director of L’avventura as failed Marco Polo whose patient humanizing gaze left a record of China’s pasthat is.

F As a Man Thinketh tea but interesting reviews of Mann and Therborn. Belatedly being rediscoveredBolívar Echeverría Homo LegensIshe book reader an endangered species Bolívar Echeverría Amal Unbound traceshe emergence of The Prisoner in the Castle: A Maggie Hope Mystery the individual reading subject withinhe maelstrom of capitalist modernity linking Clock Dance their fateso argue against Homo legens’s imminent demiseBOOK REVIEWSAdam Tooze on Michael Mann The Sources of Social Power Volume III Global Empires and Revolution 1890–1945 The world spanning crises of Come Home at Once the early 20th century seenhrough The Flood the lens of historical sociologyRobin Blackburn on David Graeber Debt The First 5000 Years Anthropological enuiry intohe fluctuating forms of money and credit over Consolation the longue duréeGregor McLennan on Göran Therborn From Marxismo Post Marxism A balance sheet of Europes Tragedy the legacies of radical socialheory and its prospects in he new century.

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