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Not needing to be covered So a headscarf would be a hijab the full covering where eyes are not even shown is the burka if a long covering abaya is worn with a hijab eyes showing nose and mouth covered that is called a nikaab In this book it seemed as if the full burka was being referred to as the reuired covering but that is not true There is one scene that was written in a totally unnecessary way Isabella is keeping close watch on Anya which is her duty for the winter games In this particular scene Anya is talking to a boy Lazlo another skater in a room As she s listening extra closely because the boy had physically hurt Anya not too long ago she starts thinking that she is chaperoning the boy and the girl as would happen in the typical Muslim culture And she s disgusted that she s doing something of this nature She s also thinking that Anya and Lazlo have started treating her as if she was a Muslim chaperone How do we know that they are thinking that we are not given any dialogue to show that And although the boy and girl are Muslim she s watching them because she s a Medusa a bodyguard for Anya I don t know why this comparison was made when if she was watching two boys instead of a boy and girl and one of the boys had hurt the other one she would still be listening and watching closely because she s responsible for the safety of her charge I also didn t like the description given on the clothing Anya states that she shouldn t have to talk about her clothing for skating whether it s the abaya and the veil or a beautiful and tasteful dress for the competition Having grown up in a city with a very large population of people from everywhere abayas are considered beautiful by not only the Muslim community but people from all over I have seen girls with hijabs and abayas being complimented all the time by Polish Mecodonians Africans Christians Catholics etc for wearing very beautiful clothing I would have preferred the author to have stated a description that was factual instead of an opinion It could have simply said that the veil is covered or less revealing rather than saying the figure skating costume was beautiful and tasteful Not a favorite medusa story Maybe there ust wasn t enough romance for me and what was there was mushy than passionate This book included a little bit everything Romance mystery suspense etc I enjoyed learning about the Ice skating culture and what it means for the Muslim community This plot kept me hooked the entire time I was reading it Very strong women based around a suspenseful mystery Usu contains a romantic part to it too Love her book. Lefield Her gut also said her sexy new boss would eventually realize an all female detail could handle this operation For this mission her gut instinct was pitted against enemies from East and West Let the games begin.

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Brilliant This is one of those Silhouette Bombshell books I never did like the Silhouette books because I m not really into the steamy romances but this series is full of intrigue and Eros Unbound (Great Loves, just a bit of romance The Medusa Game is the 3rd book in the series and I have read the first two you should read them in order The Medusa Project 1 and Medusa RisingThe story is about 6 females that comprise the Medusas a special part of the military like their counterpart the Special Forces all men They continually have to prove themselves to the rest of the military The Medusa Game takes place at the Olympics in Lake Placid The target is a young Boukur girl who is skating in the women s skating division But she is unlike the women of Boukur She doesn t wear the traditional clothes that women of that country wear because of their religion So a death threat is placed on her and it s the Medusas that are to protect herOther things happen as well A scientist s wife is kidnapped and he is forced to change the ice in the skating arena No one has a clue why until a mysterious chemical shows up Does this mysterious chemical have anything to do with the young female skater And will the Medusas show that they can handle whatever comes their wayI like this series there is mystery and intrigue with a spice of romance These books are real page turners and will keep you interested A very difficult book for me to rate It has a brilliant plot that includes ice skating science terrorism Special Ops Delta Force action suspense and romance It has about everything exciting I especially liked how the author herself has actual experience with some of the crime stuff she has written However this was the first time I came across a romantic suspense or Silhouette that uses one of the two main characters to present a negative opinion of another religion or culture In this case the usual Islam was the focus Some of the parts are very uncomfortable and offensive though some readers mightust look at it as someone sharing their opinion I was very upset with the remarks made and even thought of giving up on the book but I was very intrigued about the general plot so continued onIt would have been a 5 for me if the author hadn t shown a negative opinion of Islam or a culture and instead Ma mre m'a tu - Survivre au gnocide des Tutsis au Rwanda just stated or described a fact And I use the word culture because a lot of the things mentioned are actually notust part of the Islamic religion but many culturesThe Medusas a Special Ops Unit are a group of highly trained women each of which has a diverse set of experience and knowledge such as in combat flying planes knowing She'd pushed beyond her family's traditions because Isabella Torres intel analyst and soldier had been driven to succeed especially as part of the first all female Special Ops unit the Medusas She'd survived training.

Ifferent languages etc They re a wonderful example of independent women fighting next to men They have struggled to show that their group is worth forming and even in this book it takes seeing them in action for the men to fully see their abilitiesThey are assigned to provide protection to Anya Khalid a Muslim skater who has people after her for wearing revealing clothes and performing in front of men The Medusas work with Delta Force their boss being Commander Dexter Thorpe He and the main female lead Isabella are perfect for each other Both are strong competent witty and fun to read about Great chemistry I love how they tease and pick on each other The romance developed at a very nice pace Some reviewers have mentioned that the romance was not really there and in a way that is true Most of the book is about the terrorist plan being made against Anya But I liked how we are given hints here and there of their feelings In this way we are able to see these feelings grow deeper We are not given Dex s point of view but the reader can see clearly what Dex is thinkingThe Bad Points There wasn t enough focus on the actual skating I had thought there would be action as Anya skated but the skating was Mes recettes au baby-robot just sort of the location or setting where the action takes place Isabella has given up and is neutral to both her Iranian Muslim background from her mom s side and the Mexican Catholic on her dad s side This was fine but she has a specific hatred towards the idea of women staying home cooking cleaning and raising the kids I wish in this book that women who have chosen that way of life were not dishonored or sort of referred to as not having any backbone and lowered next to women like Isabella who are out fighting And though it wasn t specifically stated that Isabella was referring to Muslim women with her disgust toward a lot of the Islamic beliefs shown through her thoughts and actions it was as if she was saying that only Muslim women choose that route Isabella s hatred towards the veil was so strong that I feel that she wouldn t be friendly if her charge was a Muslim woman wearing a veil instead of the clothes Anya wore Another Medusa makes aoke about the veil saying that no wonder women can t drive as is the law in some country s because they can t see through the veil I didn t appreciate this oke in general because of the fun it s making of another culture s belief Also in some countries women are allowed to drive as long as they wear gloves And I think a detailed reference was needed for the veil Islam reuires that women be covered from head to toe with their feet and face. On sheer guts Now her gut was telling her she belonged at the winter games guarding a controversial young ice skater from terrorists and from a larger sinister plot that could turn an athletic neutral zone into a batt.

Cindy Dees started flying airplanes while sitting in her dad’s lap at the age of three and got a pilot’s license before she got a driver’s license At age fifteen she dropped out of high school and left the horse farm in Michigan where she grew up to attend the University of MichiganAfter earning a degree in Russian and East European studies she joined the US Air Force and became the youngest