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Oks which made it seem that much heavy handed in this one The amount of detailed research she did is to be admired but I think if she would have tackled sharing it in a natural flowing way that the book would have been better for it In between the long winded history explanations the story itself was uite good so I didn t hate reading it not by a long shot I would say if you have a real interest in the stage coach lines of the west you will definitely enjoy it I personally do not have that deep of an interest so I had to struggle through uite a lot of pages to get to the ones that I did enjoy If you are just discovering JHG I have to say this is NOT the book to start with Go back to her books set in Kentucky those are 5 star books all day every day This is written in first person narrative from the point of view of a young Caucasian man from Kentucky in the mid 19th century describing his participation in the conuest of the Old West as a stagecoach driver so don t expect a politically correct 21st century viewpoint regarding Native Americans If you can get past that it s not a bad example of the western genre of nove. Ing the US mail Until an Indian uprising made him aware of a deeper bond of the anguish of separation and of a shattering secret nowledge he would carry with him the rest of his lif.

Loved it as a Perfect kidin my cowboyindian phase Will reread it Way too much background read like a history book It would have been a better story if all the explanations were left out Probably the best book in the series lots of historical research Rarely do I pick up a western Like almost never but I was intrigued about the stage coach theme and rightfully so The detail about the skill needed for driving stage coaches fulfilled my expectations Well done I could see myself riding on top of the coach with Starr Fowler with the wind blowing through my hair and the dust clouding the road ahead The incidents added to the reality of the experienceOf course there is romance too and Indians but in my limited reading of this type of book that is to be expected in a western Slade the hard to work with character who turns difficult becomes a bully and finally ailler is another character I would expect to find Starr comes from a bit of sheltered background when he begins driving a stage However he learns from his experience And while I rarely read westerns I have to admit I uite liked this one This was a great look at the chang. At nineteen Starr Fowler had no greater love than driving for the Great Overland Stage The drum of the six horses' hooves on hard road was his lifeblood and his religion all rolled

Ing times from stagecoach to railroad It had to happen eventually Of all the Janice Holt Giles books I liked this least The Indians were cruder the violence crueler the men coarser Plus the story line didn t take off until than half way through the 400 page book If you enjoy reading about stagecoaches you d love it but yawn I found it a bit much Once the story got started it was as good as usual Plus it tied up Fowler family history The main character of Six Hitch Horse is Starr Fowler He was the great grandson of Hannah Fowler grandson of Matthew Fowler and son of Joe Fowler Loved this book as a Going Om kid Didn t realize it was part of a series until I was an adult I ve read some of the other books in the series but they didn t leave the lasting impression on me that this one did Western setting Joe Fowler 19 becomes a stagecoach reignsman in 1859 and drives the Overland Stage west for 10 years before the railroad arrives Oh it hurts me to give a JHG book only 3 stars but I have to in this case She chose to spend a LOT of time in the book on historical exposition something I don t remember her leaning on in her other bo. Nto one rolling westward converting the hostile frontier into a land of promise Nothing not hazardous runs outlaws massacres nor a lovely headstrong woman couldeep him from deliver.

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Janice Holt Giles was an American writer best known for her series of pseudo historical novels focusing on life on the American frontier particularly within Kentucky