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Between the wars Biggles find himself with nothing special to do when he s approached by a bank asking if he can start a transportation company for vulnerable goods Not being one to back down from a challenge he and his friends accept starts Biggles Company and the action beginsAs most Biggles books it s about the action and the events Not about the characters and emotions That said there is actually a female character in the book and she is not portrayed all wrong That makes this book a bit uniueShort easy to read As a young teenager I must have read dozens of the adventures stories of Biggles written by Captain W E Johns So picking up Biggles and Co uite by chance was a trip down memory lane All my favorite characters were there in a hair rising story Even Biggles lifetime enemy proofs to have risen from the death breathtaking Also surprising to read how the smart Biggles like a real amateur alchemist changes gold into led A big surprise especially for the robbers involved Aldo Biggles is considered to be asexual or even a repressed homosexual in this adventure Stella Carstairs turns up who is very concerned about Biggles safety Well saidly enough this is how far Captain WE Johns allows romance to go for our hero good old major James BigglesworthSo nothing wrong with this novel all save and sound as the world should be I shall probably dream. 'Now Listen Bigglesworth; I'll tell you what I'm prepared to do and you can please yourself what you do about it Run this gang of crooks to earth or point out to me the man that is at the head of it or the chief operator in this country and I'll make you.

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Gles not only manages to preserve all the valuables but also unmasks the inside man behind the thefts and it is uite a surpriseJohns and Biggles and Co at their best all through That much gold in those planes Easy to read adventures of the famous pilot In all fairness I can not write an honest review about this book I m prejudiced beyond belief when it comes to the adventures of Biggles When I read these books my heart always soars and I regress into my 7 year old self and live through these adventures like only a kid canThese books are no literary masterpieces but they mean the world to me The Biggles Co s escape from the castle in this one is ust legendary D It s one of the best Biggles yarns there isAlso I hope von Stalhein liked the books Biggles had sent him You can never get to old for Biggles books they are fun rip roaring adventures This one is really great as all the best characters are in there even the best enemy The book is full of mystery and suspense and highly tense and also amusing scenes Biggles Algy Ginger and even Biggle s arch enemy are all back together here oh and Raymond too These book have a touch of Sherlock Holmes in them and a lot of cool aeroplane flights and ingenious plans that Biggles only decides to tell us about later so it is up to you to figure out how everything works RAF meets the Hardy Boys Delightful. D has been stolen the planes crashed or disappeared and the pilots have lost their lives Biggles comes up with daring scheme after daring scheme but then Algy is captured and held to ransom and Biggles finds that he's up against his old enemy Von Stalhei.

About Algy rising up from the fireplace Adventurous story with lots of old friends from the first war Another all action adventure for Major James Bigglesworth and his trusty sidekicks Algy Lacey and Ginger HebblethwaiteThe threesome are relaxing at the aerodrome when Biggles is approached about undertaking a seemingly dangerous Fix Her Up (Hot and Hammered job He is asked to deliver valuable cargoes to the continent by Paul Cronfelt of Cronfelt Carstairs bullion brokers and dealers in precious stonesBiggles somewhat reluctantly agrees to consider the position His immediate reaction is to decline theob and he decides on telling the client his decision the following day But then after a mysterious telephone call tries to put him off undertaking the The Wedding Band (Save the Date, job he decides that despite the potential danger he will do it for he is intrigued and feels that he recognised the threatening voice of his callerHe devises various ways of delivering the valuables despite the intervention of what turn out to be the pesky Boche And then he discovers that the mastermind behind the attempted thefts is none other than an old adversary Erich von StalheinThere follows a series of rip roaring adventures as the two parties play cat and mouse and the threesome escape near death on than one occasion They are also entrapped in the German s castle headuarters but after further hair raising happenings Big. A present of a cheue for ten thousand pounds'Colonel Raymond from Intelligence persuades Biggles Algy and Ginger to take on the challenge of transporting gold bullion and diamonds to France Every other firm which has taken theob has failed and the gol.

Invariably known as Captain WE Johns William Earl Johns was born in Bengeo Hertfordshire England He was the son of Richard Eastman Johns a tailor and Elizabeth Johns née Earl the daughter of a master butcher He had a younger brother Russell Ernest Johns who was born on 24 October 1895 He went to Hertford Grammar School where he was no great scholar but he did develop into a crack sh