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Land from Maverick for his people to scape Shadow Science, Technology and Culture elves to There was no completexplanation given as to their near The Road to Einsteins Relativity extinction becauseven with the babies dying and women avoiding getting pregnant they should still be a thriving raceWhat kept bothering me throughout the book was that there was no mention of how Bryce Black Boy even figured out that Ahm was hiding his scentRegardless ofverything I had a laugh and a cry which is what I look for in a book to tug at my Nighttime Sweethearts emotional strings view spoilerAnother one of the miscommunication trope that I don t like very much but I felt it par on course with Ahm s personalities hide spoiler At first I thought this was the new series Brac Village we ll see how new itnds up being but find out we get the down low on Ahm and Bryce while it Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire ends up being an ok read there were several things bothering meview spoilerAhm s reason for ignoring and refusing his mate seems ridiculous What I mean is not so much the reason but refusing to TALK or EXPLAIN anything to his mate just making decisions without giving Bryce a chance He consistently hurts BryceBryce refusing to help rescue him when he calls for help but then later freaks out and takes out some shadowlves who attack him and then realizes his one and only mate is the only thing that will make him happy I commend his ability to forgive but seemed to get past that too uickly Ahm should have had to work at it to Safe in My Arms earn Bryce s trustWhile I adore male pregnancy books I just wanted to smack both MCs After being told that it looks like he s a possible distant relative of Christian s why would they not have thought that pregnancy was a possibility and take precautions just in case Lastlywhy did Ahm lose his blue color Is one of his ancestors from Christian s lineage Or could the skin color change and DNA similarities be a shadowlf Presunta colpevole evolution to combat the species issues with babies I wanted SOME of these if not all answered and was left frustrated by the lack hide spoiler This was good but a couple of things kept me from trulynjoying it 1 I never understood the sudden change of heart of Ahm He d gone years and suddenly he couldn t deny his mate 2 The stupid names I realize it was supposed to be cute and funny but I found it annoying and not funny at all It actually ruined most scenes that could have been romantic or moving For the 31st book in a long line of books the template format continues I am wondering if this author as well as several other popular authors just have a fill in the blank story document on their computers They fill in character names throw in a relationship obstacle flesh out a little character development and introduce a couple of new story lines that won t get addressed until some future book gotta keep that money coming in with an Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem extended ser. Or never show his face around Bryce againAhm shimmers awayAhm is the revered leader of the Shadowlves His tribe is grounded deep in tradition and turns their backs on anyone who mates outside their race But when Ahm finally tells his cousin that he has a male shifter for a mate the tribe calls a hunt on Ahm’s headWith a cursed bracelet on his wrist and nowhe.

Where to start I don t know what to think about this oneLet s just make this clear Miscommunication is such a bad premise for a plot Or plot point Pity that it s so popularBryce was nice at first but then he turned into a sullen kid and I lost all patience with himAhm Well Ahm Epic leader of his people Let s Safe Words emasculate himOkay it could have been worse but you bet I was sputtering when view spoilerthe pregnancy possibility first reared its ugly head before anyone actually said as much In combination with Bryce being all toppy it really seemed as though Ahm would be turned into one of the mates ie the women Luckily it did not go uite that far which is why I am not raging nowFYI asexual means the ability to procreate without a partner That is not how Christian s thing works Also usually it s the females or single gendered organisms of a species who can basically clone themselves by using unfertilizedggs or some such thing Sperm s not what does thisOh but I should stop right now Thinking about the concept of male pregnancy too hard will only make my head His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, explode and science doesn t really have a say in this fantasy world anyhow hide spoiler Well I delved into the Bracverse a 2nd time and now there are 121 books yikes I loved this Universe the first time I read it several years ago and now I love it I really do but I ve only been able to read these series and I havexpanded to all the books that are currently out in The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, eachBrac PackChristian s CovenZeus s PackDemon WarriorsThe ExiledThese are the series that start the Universe Reading them in order is a must Each book has it s own love story but there is an underlying story that plays out throughout them all As you get towards thend of these series other series come into play and I noticed that since I did not read them I missed some of the characters being mentioned good and bad but I was still able to follow because the main ones stay the same One day I WILL buy these and read them all For the correct order just look on the Internet for Lynn Hagen Reading OrderBrac VillageShadow TribeBPNG Brac Pack Next Generation Brac Pack kidsThe Remus BrothersWolves of Desire The author is contradicting herself Near the beginning of the book she wrote how Ahm spied on Bryce Pursuit of Justice ever since he found out that Bryce is his mate and that he d gotten to know him pretty well from afar I read over a half a book now and Ahm is regretting how he never stuck around his matenough to get to know himAren t Dangerous to Touch elfs immortal I don t see how Ahm s race has dwindled down to under a thousand considering this fact and the fact that they re usually a peaceful species which Ahm claimed several times I do know they were at war with Woodlves but it s my understanding that they were dominating since Carter went to procure a peace of. Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM shape shifters HEABeing one of the last Lakeland bears to mate Bryce isn’t too happy when he finds out the man fated to be his has covered his scent for years Tired of Ahm shimmering in and out of his life Bryce finally puts his paw down and demands Ahm make a choice Either be with him.

Ies Usually the first couple of books are better but after that it is the same format over and over Please give me a developed book for my time and money Is that too much to ask for Before I open these types of books I know the main characters are going to Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude end up together I like romance and happyndings But these series of books lately don t have any closure I like series I like seeing characters reappear and new story lines for them I don t like that authors are not putting any Rodeo Daughter effort into finishing the story lines they introduced themselves in order to rack up a book count for sales They aren tven cliffhangers but flat out ignoring issues that are part of the relationship for the characters the book is supposed to be about One of the best series I ve read is the Cut Run series by Abigail Roux Now that is how a series should be written This was book 31 in the Brac Pack series Bryce Lakeland is the last bear to be mated turns out his mate has been masking his scent for years Ahm is the leader of the Shadow My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze elves his tribe doesn t accept mixed mates or make mates year grew up believing this Bryce is tired of his mate shimmering in and out of his life so he tells him to choose but when his tribe finds out they try to kill him His cousin Nara who wants to rule tries to kill him This was a good read I felt bad for Ahm What the Shadowlves didn t realize is that the Lakelands take care of of their own This book was well written with no Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series 3rd Reading 1 6 15Man my heart broke for Bryce Did Ahm really apologize or grovelnough Not really He put Bryce through hell I am NOT a happy camper Nope But I did laugh once they were together They were fun but I wanted from Ahm2nd read June 2014First read 11 11 13Bryce and Ahm Wow Didn t see that one coming I wasn t ready for it to A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, end though and I laughed my ass off at the names they came up with and the garlic spray bottle under the pillow HAOkay all of my reviews for this series have been super short or no review at all I PLOWED through this series I think I started it on the 5th of November and it is now the 10th Yes that means I have read 31 books in 5 days I am tired I can t say this was my favorite series but it was super addicting It was fun and cute The Alphas were hot and protective overbearing at times buckling them in their seat beltstc The mates were young and dumb but some were fierce and stubborn I loved seeing all the species timber wolves grey wolves tiger sh If you are reading book 31 from this series it s because like me you can t help yourself My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, even when you think sometimes why I do this to myself we just can t stop reading the next seuelNothing knew apart from the view spoilerpregnancy hide spoile. Re to run Ahm calls for help What he hadn’txpected was a clan of bears to come to his rescueBut Bryce isn’t a part of the rescue party and he isn’t so sure he wants Ahm around Can the two find a way to work out their differences before the tribe finds Ahm and can Ahm find a solution to a growing problem in his tribe before his beloved race becomes xtinc.

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Lynn Hagen loves writing about the somewhat flawed but lovable She also loves a hero who can see past all the rough edges to find the shining diamond of a beautiful heartYou can find her on any given day curled up with her laptop and a cup of hot java letting the next set of characters tell their story