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Review posted on Way Too Hot Books The Practice Proposal by Tracy March is perfect novel for all of you who like ood romance involving Lair of the Dragon goodirl and womanizing sports player Bad boy will see everything wrong in his previous relationships and Forever His Bride (The Wedding Party, goodirl will find her inner bad Girl Trouble girl A little bit predictable but that is not a bad thing when it comes to this type of novels that is exactly why we read them and what we want If you are fan of Jaci Burton and her Play by Play series like me you will love The Practice Proposal Only difference is the cover Burton s novels have those let me lick your body everywhere covers The Practice Proposal is tamer comparing to them but story is even better so please hurry and pick up your copy of this novel you can find and Barnes Noble links in this post The storyline Really reallyood There are no loose ends maybe I would like that some things were written differently in the end but Tracy March is woman who knows how to The Trouble with Valentines get you interested Being woman herself I believe that she knows what is one of the biggest fantasies every one of us has and she used it Do you remember that boy you not so secretly liked when you were teenager And he acted like your friend or he didn t notice you at all because you were this awkward creature with braces pimples or no feminine curves at all Wouldn t you just love to meet him today and let him see what did he miss Make him beg for your attention Yep that fantasy Characters Those of you who know me are familiar with my lack of patience foroodie two shoesvirginsnaive female characters No she is not virgin thank you God but Liza is jlo Journal goodirl who obviously isn t aware of her appearance and how it affects opposed sex Why did I like her Because she is smart and independent Cole is your typical sports player with everything that One Night...Twin consequences (The Monticello Baby Miracles goes with that parties and one night stands but he is not jerk and again thank you God he thinks about conseuences of his actions Don t let me start about all the reasons this man will make you swoon like sixteen year old One Directionroupie What are you waiting for Read this book as soon as possible and tell us what you think In the end I would like to say just one thing Dear Tracy thank you for this super sweet story and I wish you lot of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic good books and 5 stars ratings 25 REALLY Slow Moving StarsHmmm wellat least it didn t take long to read I don t believe I ve ever started a review off uite like that to be honest It was also an entirely painless read void of any drama whatsoever Unfortunately there en lies the problemI suppose a little back story s needed here Liza s had a rough couple of years Her fianc was killed in the line of duty and she s resigned herself to never finding love again Cole s an all star first baseman who s become famous for his exploits off the field than for his solid play on the field In his early years Cole attended baseball camps put on by Liza s father and the two became friends albeit with Liza developing aood sized crush on Cole When a date with Cole is offered at a silent charity auction Liza s mother takes the opportunity to bid on behalf of Liza with the hope that Liza will finally start dating again and possibly reconnect with her teenage crush Cole s overly involved agent pushes Cole to start publicly dating Liza because after all that will magically improve Cole s public image and that lucrative new contract will be his After turning down a second date with Cole that same agent offers Liza a 500000 donation to the charity she works for if she can date Cole for 2 months and not manage to fall in love with him What s she have to loose Kind of like a convoluted The Routledge Handbook of Spanish in the Global City game of romance chicken with the proceedsoing to charity Here s the kicker either Cole or Liza s aware of the deal the other s made For as unbelievable as this premise is there s little to no drama in this book and the only action takes place on the baseball field There s a seemingly endless amount of internal monologues where the characters have long involved conversations with themselves but very little interaction between the two Even when she thinks he cheated on her the conversation basically boils down to It s understandable how that was taken out of context I believe you Darn that twitter Come on people Someone please just raise your voice or emote something I dare you She feels The Holy Grail guilty about moving on and he realizes he s looking for a serious relationship with Liza instead of the parade of models and one night stands that s become his norm They both know they need to set the other straight on the circumstances leading up to the beginning of the relationship but instead of talking to each other they keepoing around and around in their own heads Then they British Jihadism go over and over these facts internally until I thought about screaming just to break up the monotony She does eventually open up about her fianc and he explains a little about his difficult childhood but that s it Unfortunately I never felt any kind of connection romantic or otherwise between Liza and Cole except a companionable friendship The addition of a non closed door love scene or two might ve helped There are past issues involving Liza s parents and Cole but that proved unnecessarily boring as well The eventual drama when Cole and Liza discover the other s deal came and went and by the end I simply feltblah This book provided from the publisher through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews45 StarsThis is one of those books that I saw the publisher s blurb on Facebook and I raced to buy it I m a sucker for any book with a baseball theme I can t help it I know there are readers out there that are huge football hockey and basketball followers but for me it s always been baseball This is a new to me author so I wasn t sure what to expect but after reading The Practice Proposal I know for a fact I ll be checking out the other offerings of Tracy March because this book is a homerun on a stick swirled in chocolateLiza Sutherland has endured what most people never want to face her fianc wasunned down in the line of duty and she hasn t dated since She s fine with her life but her mother thinks otherwise and buys her a charity auction date with her teenage crush and now staring player for the Washington Nationals Cole Collins Cole has his own. Liza Sutherland isn’t looking for love Not from a charity auction date she didn’t even bid on and especially not with Nationals first baseman Cole Collins the Virgin Widow guy she obsessed over as an awkward teenager She won’tet involved with a notorious player no matter how attractive Cole.

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K Both Cole and Liza have some past issues they need to deal with and it seems they are the only ones that can help each other out I found my heart breaking and even shed a couple of tears for both of them at times Cole and Liza also had fun and entertaining times together in which I found myself laughing out loud with them When they forgot about the reason they were in this relationship Cole and Liza were focused on each other and the relationship was easy and fell into place We don t Wife in Exchange get to read a lot of books about easyoing relationships so it was refreshing There were no overly dramatic elements that you would roll your eyes at and I loved that about Cole and LizaThe rivalry between Cole playing for the Nationals and Liza cheering for the Orioles was a big part of the book and so much fun If you are a baseball fan you will really enjoy that about this book I enjoyed the secondary characters in the story especially Liza s friend Paige I hope there is a book in the future about her because she is a little spitfire and definitely entertainsThe Practice Proposal is a sweet romantic read Tracy is an author that I will be checking out again in the future for sure I highly recommend The Practice Proposal to anyone looking for a fun flirty heartwarming read about family friends and love Copy received from Publisher I love me some sports romance books but this one just did not hit the mark for meLiza and Cole know each other from the past Back when Cole was at baseball training camp trying to make a name for himself and Liza was the awkward teen who swooned over him fast forward years later and Cole is now a MLB player with a rep and Liza is trying to figure out how to move on after losing her fiance Enter a charity event date and a bribeAll The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, good relationships start with bribes obviously I just it all seemed so forced The charity date Cole s manager bribing Liza to date Cole Cole s relationship with Liza s parents soooo much drama And on top of that I never felt the sparks between Cole and Liza Cole went from being a playboy who doesn t want to settle down to wanting a life with Liza within the same chapter It doesn t happen that wayIuess I just wanted depth to these characters If you are in the mood for a light hearted feel Night And Day good romance look no further I really enjoyed it I am also a sports fan so the fact the main character is a hottie baseball player was a bonus This was also my first Tracy March read and was impressed with her writing style and how uickly she drew me into the storyline and kept my interest throughout uite the fast paced littleem Liza Sutherland wins a night out with Cole Collins an All Star first baseman She is freaked out because she didn t even enter the silent auction and has no desire to date ever again Turns out it was her mother who entered her name in the drawing For Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow good reason Liza s mother desperately desires for her toet back out there and start dating again The reason adds a lot to the storyline IMHO so no spoilers hereCole is a player both on and off the field He is the black sheep of his baseball team and is always in the news concerning his bad boy behavior due to all the partying with his long list of women particularly the Victoria Secret model variety It has been years since he laid eyes on Liza the The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid gangly all knees and elbows teenageirl wearing braces no less who would Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys go allaga over him when she would come and watch him play at the summer camps her father held every year for promising young players Cole knows he needs to be seen out and about with this well respected virtuous woman to shake off his playboy image He hopes she sticks around long enough after their first auction date to revive his career and Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, get him through contract negotiations At least for his sake Liza looks nothing like the mousyirl of yesteryear A definite second chance romance Glad I was Life Changing Smiles given the opportunity to read itI received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I have to say even thought I am not a fan of baseball nor do I watch it I still very much enjoyed The Practice Proposal and it s sweet plotAfter winning a charity auction date she didn t even bid on Liza Sutherland ends up on a date with her families rival teams baseman Cole Collins a boy who she used to obsess over when the two were teenagersCole is a playboy who manages toet involved with the wrong women at the wrong time and Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, get caught by paparazzi while doing so With his Nationals contract and future on the line Frank Cole s agent suggests Cole to settle down with Liza being the perfect woman Too bad she is no longer a teenagers but a smart beautiful woman that he cannot help but find himself attachedWhen his first attempt fails Frank steps into the mix by offering Liza five hundred thousand dollars towards her charity if sheoes out with Cole until the end of the season But she would only Only a Whisper get the money if she doesn t fall in love with Cole by the end of their agreementThe Practice Proposal was a wonder story I loved the plot and I thoroughly enjoyed the characters who were perfect in their own ways even with their own flaws Cole the playboy who wasn t sure that he could settle down with anyone until he reignited the passion with airl from his past and Liza who had already last once a man she fell in love with They were addictive not to fall in love with both of them and it was easy to root for both Cole and Liza till the very end Cole was wonderful to Liza and the lengths he went to win her heart and sweep her off her feet was as sweet as it was swoon worthyI liked the attraction and the history between Cole and Liza I also enjoyed the bit of mystery of what had happened between Cole and Liza s parents Growing up poor Cole ended up in Liza s dad s camp fortunate enough to Copper Lake Secrets get funding from a anonymous donor He was suppose to be drafted by Liza s dad s team when the Nationals drafted him first Cole relationship with Frank was also a bit shocking but I amlad for his happy endingBoth of them made deals that could cost them their hearts and you cannot help but wonder how it would all come out The ending was a bit sad joyful and completely rewarding I didn t need to know or enjoy baseball in order to enjoy this little Brooklyn's Song gem Three Starsuick impromptu read Can t resist a hot baseball player Cute predictable but it was far from a home run. He’sorgeous and smart and he’s instantly hooked When Frank makes Liza a deal she can’t refuse a bet she will fall in love with Cole or a cool half mil Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide goes to charity theame is on But neither bet on the real feelings that surface Could a fake fling turn into an official forev.

Set of problems his bad boy player reputation has caught up with him and he s in danger of not being picked up for next season His agent sees the charity date as a chance for Cole to clean up his act but Cole has his own reasons for not wanting to rekindle a friendship or anything else with Liza Too bad fate jumps in and hands them both something they don t think they are ready for or wantFrom start to finish this book had me enthralled and yes while there was some baseball involved including a pennant race and World Series baseball was not really the main focus These characters just jumped off the page and into my heart They both have dealt with some pretty big blows in their lifetime and despite that they are pretty normal well adjusted people That s not to say they don t have their insecurities or hang ups but they really work towards not letting them Plain Jane The Hotshot get in their own way I love how from their first date they hop right back to the closeness they shared as teenagers Liza has a way of keeping Cole s ego in check and calling him out and it was cute and fun to watch I like that she sees him just as auy not the superstar athlete he is I like her even for the way she Family of Her Dreams gets him to open up and share his past and the way she accepts all of him When Cole realizes something is holding Liza back he confronts her and then sets out to help her deal with herrief I love that he doesn t pressure her and that he understands she needs to sort out her conflicting feelings While he has some stellar and very romantic moments in this book there is one scene that left me crying my eyes out and convinced me that he is one hell of a Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed guyWhile this is a romance there is a lot of other thingsoing on that make this book completely intriguing There is past deceit secret deals returning bad influences not to mention a pennant race between two rival teams with the hero and heroine on opposite sides However I can t deny that watching these two work their way through everything wasn t beyond satisfying If ever two people deserved happiness it is Cole and Liza I also enjoyed all the supporting characters and their role in helping them find their happily ever afterI highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a Girls Night Out good romance regardless if you like baseball or not The Practice Proposal is one of those books that will have you laughing crying and cheering sometimes all in the same scene It will most definitely touch your heartstrings andive you the same feeling you Bound To Ransom (Bound Series Book 2) get when your team heads to the World Series two years in a rowyes it s really is that amazing Oh myoodnessI loved this book I ll start by saying that I am an absolute sucker for baseball players so this book was right up my alley The Practice Proposal was so sweet and exactly what I look for in a short read Despite the length I Into the Wild (The McGraws, got a full story I absolutely loved these characters I almost always love the male characters than the females but in this one I loved Liza too She is such a solid character She s likable smart and is cautious aboutetting involved with Cole Now Liza has known Cole from the time they were teens They met while Cole was training in her father s baseball camp Liza had a huge crush on Cole who was just starting his career Of course Cole didn t reciprocate those feelings at the time but nowhe wants Liza When Liza s mom et her a date with Cole through a charity function it s set a plan in motion Frank Cole s agent also has an ideal to bring this couple together Cole needs to clean up his image and Liza needs money for her foundation So with Frank suggesting a ame plan to both of them separately Cole and Liza s relationship starts off based on the ideal that they will both Cowboy Swagger (Sons of Troy Ledger, get something out of a relationship But the thing is they really did fall in love It was perfect There is to the background of each character which I enjoyed learning about and there was even a surprise that I honestly didn t see coming I also liked Paige Liza s friend and I m hoping sheets a story of her own Of course I m hoping that she meets one of Cole s yummy baseball player pals winks Overall I loved this book I flew through it within a few hours and loved every minute of the story With likable characters and a sweet story The Practice Proposal was certainly a home run for me If you re looking for a short sweet romantic read check this one outuotesWhile he s been working at stealing home she has uietly stolen his heart Loc 2389And just so you know he said if you re ever thinking about it sometimefrom the moment I Navy Wife (Navy got to know the real Liza and every second since I ve wanted you to be my wifeHe took a deep breath and exhales loudly And not because of a contract His pulse thrummed in his ears I don t want a new contract if I can t have you Loc 2722 Spring arrived and I was ready for some baseball or preferably aood baseball romance And along came a new to me author inviting me out to the ballgame It was a winner even though it included a few strikeouts and some foul balls Cole and Liza met as youngsters She crushed on him but he didn t see her as anything than a camp friend Over the years they lost touch Now he s a hot shot baseball player with some major image problems She s rown into a beauty with a perfect image His agent thinks she s the answer to his problems And wham we re at the ballpark with all the bases loaded Of course there s some heat thrown as well as several real zingers to keep fans on their feet Will Cole and Liza et their homerun All in all I had a fun day at the ballpark The Practice Proposal is such a fun story I had a tough time pulling myself away from it and am now ready for baseball season to start Tracy s writing is smooth the plot moved along at a ood pace and her descriptions of people and places makes you feel like you are right there in the story with the charactersIn The Practice Proposal we meet Cole Collins a major league baseball player for the Washington Nationals and Liza Sutherland the daughter of the owners of the Balti Orioles Cole and Liza had met when they were teens and Liza had uite a crush on Cole at that time Now they are rown up and it has been years since they have talked Because of Cole s agent Frank Price the two are thrown together for a romance that neither Cole or Liza really expects to happenTracy sure had me on the emotional roller coaster in this boo. Is Cole Collins is up for contract renegotiation but after too many late night parties he’ll need some positive publicity before he can make the roster His agent Frank pitches Liza as the perfect proponly Cole didn’t account for Liza no longer being just a teenager with a crush

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Award winning author Tracy March writes romantic thrillers and lighthearted romances inspired by her real life happily ever afterAlways up for travel and adventure Tracy has flown in a stunt plane snowmobiled on the Continental Divide ziplined in the Swiss Alps and been chased by a bull in the mountains of St Lucia She loves Nationals baseball Saturday date nights and Dairy ueen Blizzard