Henning Haslund: Men and Gods in Mongolia Mystic Traveller Series

One of my FAVORITE books Henning Haslund was a Danish adventurer at the turn of the century in Mongolia He originally went to Central Asia with a diary commune but later joined the great Swedish expl This is the Danish Henning Haslunds second book chronicling his adventures and explorations in Mongolia during the 1920s This was during a time period when this part of the world was similar to the wild west and the outside worlds. First published in 1935 this rare and unusual travel book takes us into the virtually unknown world of Mongolia a country that only now after 70 ears is finally opening up to the west Haslund a Danish Swedish explorer.

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Influence was only just beginning to creep in Like his other book In Secret Mongolia it often reads like a Jack London story except this is real But Haslund never slips into corny tough guy semantics or over dramatize the harsh conditions or danger that he was in at times during his journey He is uite matter of fact about everything I am amazed and impressed at how tough knowledgable and self sufficent the Danes and Swedes on thi. Takes us to the lost city of Karakota in the Gobi desert We meet the Bodgo Gegen a god king in Mongolia similar to the Dalai Lama of Tibet We meet Dambin Jansang the dreaded warlord of the 'Black Gobi' There is even

S adventure were If this book has a fault its that Haslund very much takes a noble savage view of many of the Mongolian tribes especially the Torguts in spite of their sometimes barbaric tendencies The Mongols historical brutality in times past towards Slavic people in eastern Europe is not even mentioned once that I can remember In Secret Mongolia is probably a little bit better but this one is still a fascinating must read book. Aterial on the Hi mori an 'airhorse' that flies though the air similar to a Vimana and carries with it the sacred stone of Chintamani Aside from the esoteric and mystical material there is plenty of just plain adventur.

Though born in Denmark Henning Haslund had the soul of a Mongol nomad The foot loose young man originally journeyed to Outer Mongolia in 1923 ostensibly to help run an experimental agricultural project Yet it didn’t take long for the call of adventure to out sing the tune of the peasant’s plow Henning who was an excellent horseman had already explored far afield by the time the farm failed