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I loved it I couldn t wait to get to book 3It s basically a good vs evil story but has enough twists and action to keep even an ld lady interestedTo me the sign f a great book is when it can successfully cross the age groups it is designed for and reach everyone regardless f ageThis book series does this Loving this series Book two is just as fabulous as the first Now with witches and werewolves and the surprise return f a much loved character Charlie is stepping up as a leader and the Monster Hunters are faced with a new mission dangerous than they ve ever faced before This time they are forced to travel to another land at the behest f townspeople who are in desperate need f Monster Hunter help But Lisa is still in mourning and Charlie riddled with guilt How can the team work together when forces from within are driving them apartDC McGannon and C Michael McGannon have done what is ften difficult Following up a great first book with an even better second Full The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD of action adventure magic and scary monsters this is a great book for both the young at heart and the young Girls and boys will really enjoy this story as will families too Another good story Congratulations Dougand Michael I hope Charlie and crew have a lo. Across ancean the portal village f Drakauragh suffers under dark magic and vengeful gods An ancient terror thre.

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E interesting new characters each adding a compelling element to a wonderfully imaginative storyline Although the reader gets a glimpse f what ther characters are thinking and feeling the story remains at heart that f Charlie Sullivan This protagonist speaks to me I ve had a connection to him since the first book and feel like he has become a friend As I read the story I worried about him constantly just like I would ne f my Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse own kids Witch Moon takes some interesting and unexpected twists and turns as you follow Charlien his latest adventure This reader is already looking forward to book three and is hoping that some new friends in this second mission will be welcomed back in the next book For a fun fast paced read buy Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters Witch Moon as soon as you can Teachers Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations of fifth graden up be sure to get a copy for your classroom read aloud Charlie and Co are back at it as they prepare to face some foes ld and new But this time the chances f success are grim and the enemies that would stand in their way fiercely determined to stop them Witch Moon continues very shortly after where The Varcolac s Diary left ff and ups the stakes and conseuences It s an intense ride from start to finis. E Monster Hunters f Hunter's Grove Hope is dimThese are dark times indeed The light is fadingThe Witch Moon rises.

T adventures The Stringbean Murders on theway I loved this book I want to continue to follow these characters as they journey forward Keep the books coming I want to start this review by saying I am addicted I cannot seem to get enoughf Charlie Sullivan s and the gang s story I just love each character especially the twins I wish this series was made into a TV show I would love to see the Monster Hunters adventures played أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع out I just know it would get a following within the first episode I hope D C McGannon intends to continue this series for than a few installments This is a Young Adults Paranormal but ALL age groups would love this story I look forward to book 3 Reviewf Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters Witch MoonBy DC McGannon and C Michael McGannonIt was my honor to be invited to read an advance reader copy ARC Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, of Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters Witch Moon It s an exciting adventure back into the worldf Charlie and his fellow hunters I loved Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters The Varcolac s Diary where the reader is first introduced to him and his band The Sporty Game of unlikely heroes The middle schoolers explore friendship fellowship and guilt as you are drawn into a whirlwindf action and angst The story is enhanced by som. Atens American Yakuza II our worldnce again If the rising darkness has its way the light f day will failA plea has been sent to th.