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Jonathon Goodman gives short vignettes about true crime while traveling around the United States by train None of the stories are in depth and that s part of what makes this book so good Very easy to put down and pick right back up More of a travel book than a collection of true crime stories The British author zigzags across the country to. A witty and informative look at classic American murder casesOn a 6000 mile train trip across the North American continent rom New York City to the West Coast then back to New York over a southern route prizewinning English crime historian Jonathan Goodman visited a number of sites where notorious murders occurred the Kingsbury Run torso murders in Cleveland; the murder by thrill killers Leopold and Loeb the St Valentine's Day Massacre and the

N which I would have expected to be right up his alley especially after his discussion of the Cleveland Torso Murderer He does give a clear sense of how the various cities impressed him leaves us with some colorful portraits of local characters and provides nicely compressed mini hiostories of all sorts of crimes Absolutely hilarious in spots. Ks to Murder is witty and informative and enriches these classic American murder cases by placing them within their original settings Goodman also plays them against their locations as they are today resulting in a series of character sketches both contemporary and historical As a travel book it presents the seasoned reflections of a cultivated English writer on American manners and morals observed during his serendipitous transcontinental journe.

See the places where Pandaimonion famous old crimes occurred so he can get aeel or the settings He is not interested in anything that happened recently he goes to Denver to discuss the Isabelle Patterson case not JonBenet Ramsey and visits Atlanta without ever mentioning Wayne Williams Strangely he also visits New Orleans without mentioning the Axe Ma. Scapades of Al Capone in Chicago; the Henwood VonPhul Springer affair in Denver; the murders of Marian Williams and Blanche Lamont in the Emmanuel Baptist Church in San Francisco; and Kate Townsend's murder in New Orleans Goodman masterfully uses two literary genres that reach back into the nineteenth century the true crime essay athered by Thomas De uincy and travel reports popularized by Charles Dickens and Mark TwainAs a true crime book Trac.

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Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this nameJonathan Goodman was one of Britain's leading historian of crime The American critic and historian Jacues Barzun described him as the greatest living master of the true crime literature and Julian Symons another big name in true crime thought of him as the premier investigator of crime pastHis career a